The Shocking Truth Nobody Told You About Tampons

Science finds regular tampons have cancer causing toxins for our woohas, but have no fear: Period Panties, DivaCups and Lunapads are here!

Women’s personal hygiene is evolving thanks to scientists who have scrupulously analyzed the chemicals and fibers of our pads and tampons.

Just because we are used to buying the cheapest or smallest products we can find, doesn’t mean that we can’t change our habits.

Don’t you want to know exactly what you are putting into your body? This is a women’s empowerment issue that is highly understated and needs to be brought to the table.

Tampons contain toxins that are harmful to your body

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The truth is, the vagina is a highly absorbent area and it’s not a good idea to expose it to pesticide residues, dyes and dioxins. You wouldn’t put bleach in your mouth, so why are we putting it in our sensitive and permeable skin membranes?

Tampons and pads that are non-organic contain cotton fiber that is grown with toxic pesticides and an herbicide called Diuron, which has been called a carcinogenic by the EPA.

They also contain chlorine dioxide, which has dioxin and has been found to cause birth defects and cancer. Regular tampons also contain rayon, a highly absorbent fiber, which can dry out the naturally protective lining of the vagina, which is made of mucous. Some tampons even contain dyes.

Organic tampons don’t use bleach or chlorine

We have other options though. Organic tampons made by companies such as Seventh Generation, Maxim, Kali Boxes, Natracare, and Honest do not use chlorine-bleach.

Honest’s tampons are hypo-allergenic, pH compatible and organic. They are made without adhesives, glues, propylene, phthalates, fragrances or polyester.

You can have your tampons delivered to you monthly, too, so you don’t even have to think about buying them. They are still affordable, and you can find them at local health food stores as well as on their websites.

We understand that not all of us live near a health food store or can afford $35 a month for tampon delivery. Walgreens and Target carry the seventh generation tampons for anywhere from about $4-7.

New period panties offer an alternative


You may have seen the new ‘Period Panties’ that are being talked about on Facebook. THINX has invented wearable panties that are highly absorbent and thin.

They say that you can wear them all day, feel dry and still move without worrying about leaks. Their website has pictures of women doing yoga in them! Think about how much less trash you will generate too. It’s good for you and the environment.

Washable pads and the DivaCup

We also are now seeing washable pads from Lunapads, which give you a week supply. They have different options for different types of panties and they have different thicknesses and sizes for when your flow is heavy or light.

This sounds like another safer option than conventional chlorine-bleach pads and tampons! They have cute colors and aren’t huge, so it won’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper. They use natural organic fibers so your skin can still breathe.


There are also menstrual cups like the DivaCup. You insert it by following their simple instructions and it can be washed for reuse. It requires washing at least twice daily, but could be a safer and healthier option than conventional plugs.

Check out this video, which shows how to use it. Once you take away the mystery around it, it’s not much different than a tampon. They say it offers 12 hours of leak protection. However, reviews say the DivaCup is not recommended for women with bacterial vaginosis.

What are we willing to spend our money on?

For a moment, let’s look at how deeply ingrained our spending habits can be. We will spend $35 to get our nails done, but gripe about tampons that cost a little bit more than usual.

We have to value our health above all because it is the one thing we need before everything else! Don’t let your mind stop you from protecting your body ladies.

Many women like to act like our period doesn’t exist, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of; we need to shed light on these products and make safe decisions. As parents, we also need to know about this to make sure our children are safe.

Sounds like these could be fun and thoughtful stocking stuffers or gifts for your girlfriends. Let’s get the conversation going about this because we care what goes into our body as food so we should also be cognizant of our purchases for our period.

The only way to change demand in the market is to have informed consumers. Of course, conventional products are going to make them as cheap as possible because they are mass producing them.

Do you think they are concerned about your vaginal and reproductive health? Let’s be safe and choose the companies that have stepped up to the plate and shown us they care.

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