Top 4 Spices That Are Good for Your Health

Spices don’t just make your food taste better, they can also be extremely good for your health. People have discovered benefits of spices a long time ago. Use those discoveries and learn how to get the best out of the spices. Here are top 4 spices that are good for your health.

1. Black Pepper

Black pepper in wooden scoop

It is the inevitable spice in almost every meal, but did you know that black pepper is also very good for your health? Two teaspoons of black pepper contain 12% of daily dose of manganese, 9% of vitamin K, 7% of iron and 2.5% of copper.

Black pepper improves the production of hydrochloric acid and therefore improves your digestion. It helps your stomach digest and it helps the food pass through your intestines. Hydrochloric acid also decreases the production of gas in your intestines and the possibility of feeling bloated after a big meal.

Black pepper also helps you get rid of the toxins from your body by promoting sweating and urination. Furthermore, it has great antioxidant and antibacterial effect. The skin of the peppercorn stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, which leads to more effective weight loss.

2. Ginger

Ginger root and spice closeup on wooden table

Ginger is a true multitasker among spices. Ginger tea can help you with nausea and stomach cramps, as well as headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis and muscle soreness.

Ginger tea and ginger syrup can be of a great help when it comes to coughing and even asthma attacks. Hot ginger tea soothes your airways and lets you breathe easier. It reduces the need to cough. It is also said to be very beneficial when it comes to lowering your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.

Ginger is a very versatile spice and you can use it in drinks, meat dishes and sweets as well. Include it in your diet and enjoy all the health benefits it brings.

3. Chili Peppers

woman holding red hot chili pepper

You may have heard people saying that red hot chili peppers are good for your health. Well, guess what? They were completely right. Chili peppers bring a lot of health benefits.

The main reason chili peppers are good for your health is called capsaicin. It is the ingredient that is responsible for the “hotness” of the peppers and it is said to have strong anti-carcinogenic powers. Furthermore, chili peppers are used to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and clear congestion caused by a cold.

4. Cinnamon

cinnamon spice

When I was a kid, one of the common medicines against coughing was a teaspoon of honey mixed with some ground cinnamon. Cinnamon has been used as a healing spice throughout India and Asia for centuries.

Cinnamon has also been proven to lower your blood sugar and normalize your cholesterol levels. It has strong detoxifying abilities and improves your brain function. Its strong antiseptic properties can do wonders when it comes to bladder infections. In fact, a cup of strong cinnamon tea is even said to be able to completely relieve you from the infection, if taken in first 24 hours.

These are all spices most of us use often, but we are not very aware of their benefits to our health. Now that you know, include these spices into your diet and let them do good for you.

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