How Colors Shape Your Mood

Having a bad day? Don't worry, ladies! Colors are here to save your day, believe it or not.

We all have those days when our shoes’ heels just do not seem to behave in accord with our wishes, our lipstick smudges and dainty garments tear. Before we realize it, our day is ruined along with our killer outfit and gorgeous makeup, leaving us feeling undesirable, insecure and tired. The question now is: Is there a way to reverse the effect and brighten our day despite the visible damages on our appearance?

Ready to rock the world?


To feel better when you’re in a bad mood, the determination to thrive and inner strength are essential. It is never wrong to reach for the boldest color on our palette—red. Like all vibrant and powerful colors, red accentuates power, encourages us to take action and brushes off that which drags us down. This explains why professionals often wear red in competitions and why it’s one of the colors used for emergency vehicles and equipment.

Red taps into our psychological well-being and whispers boldness to us, resulting in a good day regardless of what our hair, bags or clothes say. With this knowledge, and in the words of Coco Chanel, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack!”

Need an energy pump?

orange fashion

Orange has similar energies as red, yet differs in slight ways. Instead of boldness—or arrogance as some people may view it—orange promotes energy and action without visible fierceness and the slight sensuality that red advocates.

Sportswear companies generally make good use of this color’s psychological toll upon us and stock sportswear in oranges and other vibrant colors such as electric green and shocking pink. A stroll through H&M, particularly in the sports section, shows just how popular this color is.

So, the next time you’re struggling to motivate yourself through a cardio session at the gym, try adding a little orange to your outfit to trick your brain into feeling energized. A dash of orange will go a long way to renewing your determination and energy to that final push.

Kick stress to the curb.

green home decor

Not only does green soothes the nerves, but it builds harmony if used as a dominant color in the home. This is why so many people advise looking at something green—whether it’s the cover of a book or a scene in nature—before leaping into a hectic day of work. Green not only calms our nerves literally and figuratively, but helps to revitalize us when chaos ensues. This is why walking through a park can be so relaxing.

However, beware of vibrant neon greens as they function more like red and promote passion and vigor rather than relaxation.

Show them who’s boss.


Due to its intensity yet simultaneous reserved qualities, blue is a popular color choice for business outfits and conferences. The color is associated with calmness and formality, which is why it’s a good choice for work attire or formal events.

However, be careful when using blue for your walls at home because darker hues promote pessimism rather than calm and tranquility. This is why we use the expression “feeling blue” to describe the feeling of being down and despondent.

Epitomizing black beauty.


Last but not least is black. In the immortal words of Ted Grant, “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”

Colors distract people from seeing people’s true self, but black allows one’s true form to be reserved while sensual, powerful while silent and definite while conservative. To put it simply, it is everything and suits every occasion, be it a casual date night or a red carpet event.

Therefore, if you want to fit in at a high class restaurant for dinner after a casual work day, without the trouble of changing clothes, a simple little black dress will make you feel well-dressed and elegant while still being conservative.

Different moods are evoked by different colors that appeal to our various emotions. Next time your friend rings you up for a makeover or you have no time to change your clothes after work for a date night, fear not—you already know exactly what to do.

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