How to Always Be on Time in 5 Simple Steps

When you are a business woman, being late is not considered a good quality. After all, time is money. Learn how to always be on time with these 5 simple steps.

1. Forget About the Snooze Button

I know way too many people who wake up in the morning with the snooze button. As you may assume, I also know way too many people who are always late. If you don’t want to be one of them, forget about the snooze button.

You might ask yourself what is such a big deal with snoozing. You set your alarm to go off several minutes early and snooze until it’s time to get up. Well, the problem is that you start acting like a sloth from the start, and you stretch yourself and your work the whole day. This of course means that you will be late the whole day.

2. Wake up 15 Minutes Earlier

Additional 15 minutes of sleep don’t mean much; additional 15 minutes for getting ready can mean a lot. Wake up 15 minutes earlier.

Let’s see – fifteen minutes is enough for a quick shower and a coffee. It’s also enough to put on your makeup and do your hair. You can have a normal breakfast in fifteen minutes. See the difference it makes? It’s worth sacrificing those fifteen minutes of sleep.

3. Prepare Yourself the Evening Before

Don’t ever allow yourself to stand in front of a closet in the morning wondering what you are going to wear for work today. Prepare your clothes the evening before.

Find an outfit combination and think about what you want with your hair and make up. Iron your clothes if necessary and hang them so they don’t wrinkle until the next day. If your hair needs to be washed, don’t leave it for the morning. Try to leave as little work as possible for the next day. It would be ideal if you could just get dressed, eat, put your makeup on, do your hair and be ready to go.

4. Use Public Transportation

girl looking at her watch on train station

If you don’t need to go to work by your own car, use public transportation. Not only that it is cheaper and that you don’t need to drive, you can also get to work a lot faster.

Morning traffic is a mess, you will probably get stuck somewhere on the road in your car or in a cab. Going by subway decreases your chances to be late to a minimum. Choose public transportation that has its own path and will not be in the same crowd as the cars. So, subway and cable cars are the best choices.

5. Leave the House 15 Minutes Earlier

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people that live closest to work are usually the ones that are late. This is because they think they are close and need just a little time to get there. Well, wrong!

Yes, you might be on a 15 minute drive from your work, but don’t forget that those fifteen minutes are the most crowded fifteen minutes of the morning rush hour. To avoid this, leave the house 15 minutes earlier to give yourself enough time. It’s always better to be 10 minutes early than to be 10 minutes late.

Being on time is not really that hard. As long as you follow these 5 simple steps, you will never be late for work again. As a result, you will be more professional and less stressed out. Worth it, right?

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