6 Great Tips to Throw a Bachelorette Party

Why should guys have all the fun? Girls should have parties before they get married too. Although bachelor parties are more popular than bachelorette parties, if you’re going to be a maid of honor here’s how to throw a great bachelorette party. Bring it on!

1. Make it a Surprise

The bride would usually expect a simple night out with her girlfriends before she gets married. A couple of drinks in a bar and maybe some dancing after that. Make it all better and throw a surprise party for the future bride.

Gather all her friends and invite them to her favorite bar. If you can afford it, you can even rent the bar for the night, just for you. Pick up the future bride and just tell her that you’re going for a couple of cocktails. Then take her to the bar where the surprise party is waiting.

2. Make it All About Her

This is a party for the future bride and it needs to be all about her. Make sure you have the bar serving her favorite drinks and to bring some of her favorite food. You can also decorate the place the way she likes it and find her favorite music.

You need to make her feel special. She needs to know that her friends are thinking about her and that she is not going to lose them by getting married. Remember, it’s all about her. No judgments, no discussions, no arguments; only fun!

3. Get a Karaoke Machine

woman singing at party
There are people who love and people who hate karaoke. Since it’s usually the girls that love it, find a karaoke machine for the bachelorette party.

Again, make sure that bride’s favorite songs are in there. It would also be a great idea to have some songs that remind her of great times she spent with her friends. Find a song that means something for the two of you and invite her to sing it together. Even if none of you can sing – don’t worry, after a couple of cocktails no one will really care.

4. To Hire a Stripper or Not

Strippers are pretty much a must on a bachelor party, but still negotiable on bachelorette parties. The future bride might not be into this idea completely. Even if you know that she usually is into something like this, she might not like that all of her friends know about that.

It could be a bit tricky if you’re planning the whole party as a surprise to find out if the bride would like a male stripper or not. Nevertheless, do your best to find out. If in the end you don’t succeed, I’d say it’s better to forget about the whole thing than to make her feel uncomfortable. After all, you can always hit a strip club at the end of the night if it turns out to be something that the bride really wanted.

5. Bring a Camera

You will want memories of that night and so the bride. Make sure that you have a camera with you, capture every important moment and maybe even make a couple of video clips.

However, wait until the next day at least to check all the pictures and the videos before you give them to the bride. You might have captured a couple of moments no one would really like to remember. Make sure to delete those and give the bride only the good memories.

6. Get Her Home in Decent Time

As great as partying can be, your friend is still getting married tomorrow. She needs to be there on time and to look at her best. Plan the party in a way that you get the bride home to have some decent sleep before the wedding and to have enough time to get ready.

No matter how great the party was, if you get her to be late for her own wedding, she will probably be upset with you more than she will be thankful for the party.

Now that you have these 6 tips, you can throw the best bachelorette party for your friend. Make it a night to remember.

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