How to Find a Job You Love in 3 Enjoyable Steps

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" is my favorite quote by Confucius. It has a powerful mood-uplifting effect and reveals the fundamental truth we are unaware of most of the time.

Discovering how to find a job you love is actually about discovering the real you. Let’s get you through these three fun steps toward whatever makes your heart dance. A dream job is not about prestige or money, but about passion, and everyone is passionate about something. You are not an exception. You’ll be the next big thing on the job market, just do some soul searching before the job searching.

Step 1: Obsession Session

To realize what you really want calls for self-analysis, and this is going to be a process. Start by catching yourself deeply immersed into some matter. When talking to friends, stop to capture the moment when they can’t have their say because you’re in the middle of a monologue about a certain topic.

Likewise, stop that cursor the moment you become aware of your endless surfing, clicking dozens upon dozens links on a topic, totally losing the sense of time. Do this up to a month, writing down all the fields and subjects you spent your time and energy on effortlessly.

Step 2: Monetization Potential Estimate

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Once you have your favorite activity and topic list, you’ll notice it comes down to a couple of strongest interests, surprisingly not always your hobbies and what you had already known you loved. Sometimes new situations and people trigger a spark we weren’t aware we had within us.

Analyze what got you all excited to determine if it can be turned into a profession. Almost always it can, even if we’re talking about playing video games. Ever heard of test players who actively participate in improving a newly developed game? Yes, these guys get paid to play awesome games and record their comments and suggestions about them.

What should matter to you is determining what it takes to turn your passion into a profitable job. How much time, training and financial investments does it take? Can you afford it? Is there a simple way? Once again, there usually is. We’re lucky to live in the internet era when we can blog about anything with minimal investments and still earn money from it.

Blogging is just one option. Web research will show you how to find a job you love much faster than traditional career couching and counseling. You can subscribe to countless free yet quality online courses for almost anything you can think of, from dog training to pottery.

Speaking of which, I have a friend who was an anonymous and struggling pottery maker before going online. She made an international network of friends from the same field, read all about the new design tendencies and finally uploaded photos of her stunning products. Needless to say, they sold out like hot cakes. It was a natural, seamless process because the girl was just following her heart enjoying every single moment of her work.

Remember, while it’s important to have a general idea if doing your favorite thing can eventually pay off, it’s even more important to know that you will prosper financially if you become one of the best professionals within a field.

If you’re the best local babysitter because you adore kids, moms will literally fight over your time schedule not asking about the price. If you’re a hair stylist, and your clients notice you’re really passionate about it, bringing the latest work shops and trade fairs knowledge onto their heads, their hairdos will be recommending you all around, the time slots will be filled weeks in advance and you’ll just set your prices.

Sadly, we often overlook these common sense truths because they seem too obvious, but this is because they are so natural.

Step 3: Friends and Family Interview

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To get you where you want to be professionally and financially, we want to make sure you can become one of the best pros in a field or a market niche. As people are never objective and fully aware of their own abilities, a little help from your friends will do the trick.

You don’t have to reveal to them you’re on this big quest for a perfect job. Ask them subtly about what they noticed you were best at over time. It may be public speaking if you inspired them many times, or life coaching if you kept helping them go through the rough times. Also, don’t be surprised if they realized you could be a successful party and wedding planner.

Your parents, siblings and childhood friends are precious source of listing things you always used to do when you were a kid. Too often the education process and work drill take us away from our true calling and we forget essential things about ourselves.

I used to bring stray animals home, bathe them and feed them. Thanks to my family members reminding me about it, I recently joined an animal rights organization. I don’t even need any money, I’m part time volunteering because every saved kitty or dog life makes my existence more meaningful. This gives me additional energy for my other activities.

Just stick to your dreams, even if you dream big. Be your true self, practice what you’re good at to become the best pro and a job you love will be the logical consequence. You won’t even have to look for it.

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