How to Make Time Only for You in 6 Easy Steps

Most of us complain about the lack of time for ourselves, and for good reason. A working mom is, I believe, a person with the least free time on the planet. But fear not - there’s something you can do about it.

I know, most of you are probably thinking something like “yeah right, I don’t even have the time to plan some “me” time, let alone actually use it.” Well then – please move along because you are simply too lazy to do something about your life.

However, if you would like to learn something useful and have a chance to enjoy some time only for yourself – check out these 6 easy steps on how to do it.

1. You Deserve It

The first thing you need to remember about making the time for yourself is that you absolutely deserve it. Yes, your job, your husband and your kids matter, but you matter too. You’re not anyone’s slave and no one has the right to deny you some time you’ll spend on yourself.

As soon as you realize this, you’ll find it much easier to plan some “you” time. Think of it as a thing you need to do in order to stay normal and sane. No one can be a super woman forever. So, slow down and make some time for yourself.

2. Declare It

Find your inner strength and declare to your family that you’ve decided to take some time for yourself. Explain that you need this time and don’t back down. If you’ve taught your husband that you’re the one that does all the chores, he probably won’t be thrilled about this. Nevertheless, he will survive, your kids (if you have them) will survive, and your job will survive as well. The world will continue spinning if you take a couple of hours off.

3. Make a Schedule

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Ok, as good as running away to a spa sounds, you can’t really do this. You’ll need to make a good and clear schedule and stick to it in order to make some time only for you.

It’s best to do this together with your family. Count in the time you spend at work and the time you absolutely need to spend in the house. Look for gaps and save those to do something for yourself.

If you can spare an hour after work, use it to have a short walk or a coffee, and a cookie with your colleague in a nearby coffee shop. Get to know the neighborhood of your office and see if you can steal some time for a massage or a pilates class after work. All these things will help you to come home as a happier and a more relaxed person.

4. Embrace Services

A lot of women think that they need to work, cook and clean all by themselves. Well, that is quite wrong. First of all, if there are people you’re sharing your home with – they need to take part in doing the chores as well. Second of all – there is a great thing called “the service.”

You can call someone to clean your house instead of you. You can hire a nanny to get your kids from school. You can even hire someone to do your groceries. Yes, it costs money, but how much do you value your peace and sanity?

Instead of doing a bunch of chores every day after work, ask your husband to do the laundry, and the nanny to pick up the kids. You could then prepare a nice dinner for your family. Get rid of the prejudices that no one can do your chores as good as you can, and remember that you earn your money in order to be able to afford some things for yourself. Investing in a service to help you around the house might just be a perfect idea. Save your energy for your family, not for a bunch of chores.

5. Screen Your Calls and Turn the Chat off

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You know how there are people that simply like to kill some time by killing your time as well? You must have at least one friend who is capable of talking to you on the phone or chat for hours without saying anything that really matters. Well, step away from those people.

Start screening all your calls and keep your chat off or in “invisible.” You are not anyone’s “talk friend on duty” and you absolutely don’t need to answer every call. So next time, instead of spending half an hour on the phone with the annoying friend – enjoy a hot and a calming bath.

6. Decide Between Small and Big Vacations

Same things don’t work for all of us. This is why you need to decide how you will plan the time for yourself. You can either take half an hour each day (no, it is not too much, it’s just 30 minutes) or a whole day during the weekend.

This all depends on both how you like to take your breaks, and how you can fit the time for yourself in your general schedule. In any case, try to take at least one hour a week to do something you like. It will make you a happier and more satisfied person.

You could use your short breaks to take a bath, have a quick manicure, or coffee with a friend. If you however decide for one longer break – well the possibilities are pretty much endless. Ask your parents to watch the kids and treat yourself with a whole Saturday at a spa, or anything else that will make you feel good. Give yourself a chance, every now and then, to remember who you were before you became a mom.

All the ladies that don’t have kids, and are simply overwhelmed with their jobs have even more choices. Basically, the only thing you need to understand is that your job is not the most important thing in your life – you are. Take whatever it is you love to do, and do it at least once a month. Not only that you will feel better, you will also be a better employee – it is a win-win situation.

So, it’s not that hard, is it? There are no excuses ladies. Just as our men take the time to watch the game, we are entitled to take some time to go to a spa or go shopping. Claim your time and use it in the best possible way.

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