How to Make Your Paycheck Last a Month – 10 Tips

Most of us are facing one same problem – our money runs out at the end of the month. There are unpaid bills, things we couldn’t afford and there’s no more money. And then again, there are people who make it, even with less money. So, how do they do it?

It’s not really as hard as you think. Your paycheck can last a month too, but you’ll have to make some changes in your life. Here’s how to achieve it.

1. Bills First

Always pay your bills and your rent first. You can survive without other things, but not paying your rent can lead to you being kicked out of your home, and not paying the bills on time leads to penalties for being late.

The best idea is to make the money for your rent and bills will be automatically drown from your bank account every month. That way, your bills will always be paid, and you don’t even have to bother yourself to think about it.

2. Returning Things on Time

Just as being late with your bills adds up to the money you need to pay every month, being late with returning books or videos does the same. You may think it’s not really that much money, but once you sum it up – it turns out to be more than you thought.

Always return books and movies on time. Write down everything you rent and put it on a visible place or even better, program your phone to remind you to return what you’ve rented.

3. Shopping by List

Shopping List

Every time you go shopping, make a list of things you need. Carry this list with you and stick to it. If it’s not on the list – it’s not going to be bought – period!

This can really save you a lot of money and give you that extra kick you need for your paycheck to last a month. Try it – you’ll see what I’m talking about.

4. Brands

Do you really need to buy Evian water? Do all of your clothes really need to be a certain brand? The truth is –they don’t! As soon as you cut down the brands, you’ll start having more money. Think about that next time you reach for your credit card to pay an insane amount of money on a pair of shoes.

5. No Credit Cards

The best way to save money each month is to cancel your credit cards. As simple as that – no credit cards – no buying stuff you can’t afford. Only carry cash with you and buy only things you can pay for immediately. Forget about checks too – they drain your money in a same way credit cards do.

6. Get Rid of Bad Habits

Young woman smoke in park

Did you know that smoking can cost you thousands of dollars every year? Literary! Is that really worth it?

Let me cut to the chase here – quit smoking! It’s 21st century and you’ve heard how bad smoking is for your health, so really you can’t act like it’s ok that you still smoke. Do your body and your wallet a favor and get rid of this nasty habit.

7. Stop Buying Drinks

Buying a bottle of water or a can of soda every day at work can really add up to your monthly expenses. Why wouldn’t you buy an aluminum flask instead and carry water or green tea for example from home?

If your tap water is safe to drink, there is no need to spend money on bottled water. Freshly squeezed juices are always better than those you buy from a store and they cost a lot less.

8. Easy on Eating Out and Ordering In

Seriously, cooking is not rocket science. I know people who can’t walk a straight line but still can cook. So can you.

Think of it this way – when you eat out or order in, you’re not only paying for the food, but as well for the service, for a paycheck of people who work there, for taxes and some extra money for the owner to earn. Instead of doing that, try cooking your own food. It’s much cheaper and much healthier. You can find a lot of great recipes in our food section.

9. Plan Your Holidays Wisely

Happy woman in hat showing flight tickets

Most of us give a lot of money on holidays. We usually pay for our holiday for months after it’s over. However, you can save some money on this too.

Embrace first and last minute offers. This can really save you some serious money. Always check more than just one offer for your holiday destination and see where you can save an extra buck.

10. Take The Chargers out of Sockets

A charger that is still plugged in, even though it’s not charging anything, uses some energy. It’s not much, but little by little it pumps your monthly electricity bill. So, unplug all the chargers as soon as they’re done charging.

So, what do you think now? When you have these 10 tips – can your paycheck last for a month? I bet it can!

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