How to Still Look Hot While Pregnant

Find outfits that will make you feel feminine and attractive every day while you're waiting for your bundle of joy. Yes, you can still look hot while pregnant, and here's how.

A lot of people would say that pregnancy, especially in the late stages, is not a point in life when a woman feels sexy. The weight gain, the minor pains, the swollen feet. But being sexy comes from the inside, and this is a point in your life when you should feel the most special. Anyone can put on a hot outfit and feel sexy, but you’re now in a very special feminine state and you should celebrate it, and flaunt the curves that come with it. Thin girls should have a blast while being pregnant, because they will suddenly have curves, boobs and a booty that they can show off.

A friend of mine who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last year was feeling like a million bucks in her late pregnancy. She was usually very thin, almost boyish, but all of a sudden there was this booty, these new, full boobs and the cute pop-up belly! The outfits she wore were super trendy and hot, too. These are the days for celebrating your new body while preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

While your self-esteem and empowerment come from the inside, there will be days when you look at your body and don’t feel especially attractive. Not everyone has the pregnancy (or delivery, for that matter) of a Hollywood movie, so here’s how to get through those days and still feel good about yourself and your looks. We’ve divided these outfits by features you want to show off or hide, depending on your mood. When you’re pregnant, comfort is also one of the things you should be focusing on, so no tight, uncomfortable clothes or shoes will do.

What’s awesome about these outfits is that they are effortless and always stylish! We’ve found inspiration in awesome celebrity maternity outfits, basic, cute accessories, so don’t believe anyone that says pregnancy fashion is just leggings and tunics. These are combos that you can just throw on in a jiffy and you’ll be cute and sexy in no time!

Show Off Your Legs

While you’re still in the early stages of pregnancy, you can still experiment with short dresses and “tricky” shoes. A cute, flowing dress with a sensible neckline is always stylish and hot. If you don’t want to go for full color, have fun with a printed dress! Little ruffled sleeves will cover any problem areas of your upper arms, and draw attention to your neckline.

Wear your hair down in flowing waves, and accessorize with metallic jewelry and shoes. Kourtney Kardashian rocks a lovely plum colored dress and skyscraper heels. If you can still pull off high heels, why not? If you’d rather not, get kitten heels, ballerinas or flat sandals.

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Outfit Combination

  • Quba Grecian chiffon dress (
  • YSL Mary Jane pumps (
  • Nordstrom bead necklace (

Show Off Your Cleavage (And Hide Your Legs)

If you’re having lower body issues, a gorgeous maxi dress is the perfect choice. The biggest fashion houses are doing wonderful maxi dresses, both maternity and regular, and it was one of this summer’s must- haves. Adriana Lima shows us a maxi dress on the red carpet – it hides your lower body, while still giving you a chance to show off some cleavage. The maxi dress is also great for hiding your feet, or the super comfy shoes you will be wearing underneath.

Accessorize with a chunky bracelet in any material. Adriana is wearing a metallic one, but depending on the color and pattern of the dress you choose, you can also go for wooden or Indian style bracelet. Ethnic jewelry goes great with these. Let this be your staple outfit for any special occasion. A good long dress is a great basic whether you’re pregnant or not! Add a simple, elegant clutch for a party, dinner or anything else that requires dressing up.

Pregnant Adriana Lima Outfit Combination

  • Black Grecian maxi dress (
  • Gold paved stone stretch bracelet (
  • Repetto gold leather ballerina flats (
  • Clare Vivier foldover clutch (

Be Comfy But Stylish

We’re used to seeing supermodel Giselle Bundschen almost naked, but here she covers up her tiny belly in a rock chick outfit. If you want to show off your rock chick side, go for simple black leggings, a printed shirt, and a cute leather jacket. Put on your favorite leather boots or booties for a cool look that’s still sexy, yet casual and always chic.

If you’re not comfortable wearing leggings that make you self-conscious about your butt, this outfit also works with jeans in any color. Try a darker wash, black or even funky- colored jeans that are hip this season. Make sure the material isn’t too rigid since you don’t want pressure on your lower abdomen, so go for low-cut jeans with a lot of stretch or jeggings.

Add some killer eyewear if it’s sunny outside. A word about sunglasses. There are certain shapes, like the Ray Ban Wayfarers shown in the pic, that make any face look awesome. This shape looks good on everyone, but you can pick any type of sunnies that look great on your face. I think this is important for girls who think that their face looks too puffy during pregnancy, so this will draw attention to your upper face and make you less self-conscious.

Pregnant Giselle Bundschen Outfit Combination

  • Debardeur Kate Moss shirt (
  • Warehouse faux leather jacket (
  • Current/Elliot skinny jeans (
  • Maison Martin Margiela boots (
  • Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses in black (

Show Off Everything!

The female body during pregnancy is just awesome, according to most men. Maybe you feel like your belly is too big or you notice some stretch marks, but your partner will only see curves, smooth skin and the future mommy of his child. Make him feel special too by finding the perfect lingerie that will accentuate your curves. Don’t go for anything vulgar or over the top, just find simple, sexy pieces that will push up anything that needs pushing up and show that cute belly.

Milla Jovovich posted some private snaps of her pregnant in lingerie, and this shape is perfect. A cute bra that gives good support, and hipster undies with lace that will make your bum look perky and attractive. Experiment with fabrics and colors to find that perfect pair.

Pregnant Milla Jovovich Lingerie Combination

  • CK Purple stretch-satin hipster briefs (
  • Marie Meili 2 pack red and black lace briefs (
  • Monroe underwired black bra (
  • Monroe soft bra in pink (

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