Kill Your Insecurities with These 4 Empowering Self-Esteem Activities

You hate being the center of attention and feel like everyone is silently watching and judging you? These empowering activities will help improve your self-esteem!

Pop quiz: You’re at a friend’s wedding and during the speeches, someone yells out that you should get up and say something. What’s your first reaction?

Is it:

  • A: Oh my gawd. Heck no! I wonder if I can slip out the back door while nobody is looking …
  • B: Brilliant! *Cracks knuckles and gets up.* I have just the one-liner for this very occasion.

If you’re more interested in checking out the exit signs than heading towards the front of the room, then it’s time you took charge of your insecurity and started living the full, confident and assured life you were destined – and deserve – to have.

Thankfully, just like there’s boot camp training to fix your wobbly butt and cooking classes to handle your kitchen competence, there are activities you can try in order to improve self-esteem if you’re feeling insecure.

1. Get a professional glamour photo-shoot done

Now before you roll your eyes and think “never going to happen”, stick with me.

I know that right now, the last thing you probably would want to do if you’re feeling insecure is to get a bunch of photos taken of yourself. But, there’s a reason people get glamour photos done: quite simply because you look absolutely incredible and it is such a fun, confidence-boosting thing to do.

Not only will your photographer know which angles are flattering and how to make you look your best, but the whole experience of going outside of your comfort zone and trying something new will have you feeling amazing.

You’ll also have some stunning photos to keep that remind you how truly beautiful you really are.

2. Try speed dating


Again, this might seem a little out there for my shy gals, but it’s a must-have on your empowerment hit list. This is because flirting with a stranger gives us a kind of unseen energy. We’re a braver, friendlier and a more confident version of us.

Best of all, if you say something silly or if it doesn’t go well, you only have to spend a minute together and then you’ll never see him again! Think of it like the training ground for your self-esteem, a sure-fire way to push out your insecurities and have you feeling sensual and radiant once again.

3. Mindfulness meditation


This type of meditation – used by Buddhists to help contribute to their calm, cool, nothing-ever-phases-me attitude – is said to help boost your self-esteem by allowing you to accept yourself.

By being mindful of all of the positive and negative things you say to yourself that impact your emotions, you can distance yourself from the problem and look at it from a new perspective. It helps you understand that you’re feeling insecure because of what’s going on upstairs – in your mind, and not out in the real world.

4. Take up a girls-only dance class


Finally, I’d like you try out a women-only dance class. You can usually find these at your local community college or women’s gym, and they’re absolutely sublime for building up your confidence and helping you get over your insecurities.

Joining a beginner’s class, where everybody is at the same level of (in)competence, will help you feel more at ease and learn to enjoy being in the moment more.

You’ll also develop a new skill if you stick to it and have something to feel proud of. Besides, who doesn’t love having some awesome moves on the dance floor? I’d say it’s a life skill we all need to develop!

And remember, if the idea of doing something makes you feel uncomfortable, it is probably a sign that you should give it a go.

A lot of the time, we feel insecure because we have an idea in our minds that we aren’t good enough. That we aren’t pretty, funny, smart or talented enough.

And sometimes, scratch that – all the time, this assumption needs to be kicked in the butt and sent packing. Because you are smart enough. You’re gorgeous, talented, witty and heartbreakingly funny! So embrace it. Embrace you. And learn to let the rest go.

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