10 Reasons Every Woman Needs Adult Coloring Books

Get in touch with your inner child with beautiful adult coloring books, and relax without the hangover. Read on what are the benefits of coloring that every woman should enjoy in.

Adult coloring books can actually make you more productive and improve your life! These books are the hottest trend for good reasons, and you don’t want to miss out.

The inspiration of the world of the arts speaks in the language of emotions, which is the basis for all of our decisions and even affects our health. We can’t ignore the incredible power of emotions in our lives, and these books actually help to generate positive emotions that are invaluable.

Here are more reasons you should stop everything, and buy some adult coloring books right now! There’s even a cool coloring app called Colorfy that is very similar to coloring therapy books.

1. They inspire your creative side


Sometimes solving problems in our lives doesn’t require going by the book. Many times, we need to think outside of the box and reinvent ourselves by thinking non-linearly.

You may see solutions to problems, realize a more positive way of looking at things or just notice where you’re wasting energy. Creativity is the source of generating income and getting in touch with what you want to bring into your life.

Maybe it will inspire you to make your home more pleasant and bring in positive artwork or happy colors. It’s said that people who have more color in their life are happier because colors evoke emotion.

2. They calm your nerves

They are called therapy books for a reason. Restful relaxation is invaluable for our nervous system, which needs to reboot from driving, working with technology and being bombarded by group texts (you know what I mean).

Taking a break from technology allows us to ground and center ourselves and get in touch with what is important to us. The therapeutic effect of using the right side of the brain is great for lowering anxiety.

3. They can relax you without creating a hangover


Instead of reaching for that glass of vino, why not switch it out for a cheaper option. It has a great return on investment because you’ll sleep well and feel great the next day.

Imagine just putting on some good music, brewing a cup of tea and coloring with your bestie (which could even be your dog). You’ll be relaxed and in a good mood, ready for the next day.

4. It can help to balance hormones

When you relax, you will be able to diminish the cortisol levels in your body. Just slowing down will let your brain waves moves from the alpha brainwave state into the the beta brainwave state.

Taking time to relax, especially before bed, can even improve the deepness of your sleep so that you feel more rested and refreshed in the morning. Stress and caffeine put our minds on overdrive and often make us feel burnt out and exhausted. In order to recharge, we need to get into a state where we aren’t feeling pressured or stressed.

5. It teaches us how to slow down


We know that our attention span is constantly dwindling because we scroll through Facebook and Instagram mindlessly, reading the beginnings of titles and overload on half bits of information. We need something to increase our attention span.

You can put on an audio book or nature music and really just allow yourself to stop. Believe it or not, we have to learn how to slow down—especially because school teaches us to rush so much. So, if you’re trying to improve your ability to focus, pick up an adult coloring book.

6. It will give you time to listen to your intuition

When we slow down, we can actually check in with our emotions and see how we are doing. We can feel into situations and see what is best for us and what’s not serving us. We need time to process our emotions—especially in today’s fast-paced world where the pressure to do more is always looming.

7. It’s a fun social activity


You can’t go wrong with whipping out some coloring books to get the conversations to open up. Everyone can color, so it’s an inclusive event. This is great for getting people together who may have different life views or be different ages. It can be a bonding ritual.

8. It’s one of the cheapest ways to relax

Many of us would love to get a massage every week, but that can become pretty expensive. Even the dollar store is now selling adult coloring books. The books are so intricate that they take a while to color, so they last a long time, too.

9. It will help you to feel more positive

The images themselves are uplifting and beautiful, which will help you to feel good. Art therapy is used to help children overcome trauma, and many of us still need to heal from things that we experienced as children. Many of the pictures are of animals and nature, which will remind you of the peacefulness in nature.

10. They make great gifts


When you’re done, you can give the pictures to people to uplift their day. Having beautiful and colorful artwork and images can help people feel happier. Positive images elicit positive emotions. It’s also nice to give women blank coloring books because it’s like giving them hours upon hours of relaxation.

There are multiple coloring books in the top 15 bestsellers of all books on Amazon right now. Also, there are groups popping up where people are meeting up to do adult coloring. They are even being used experimentally for PTSD.

Of course, we can’t expect them to be a magic pill, and we need to look at our whole lifestyle and make sure we are living healthily and doing things to think positively. Pairing color therapy with counselling is a great idea as well.

It’s no surprise that these books are now being used for business executives for creativity. What do you think about adult coloring books?

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