15 Websites You Can’t Afford not to Know About

From cute and calm, personal management and organizational sites to the ones that help you manage your online presence and safety, these 15 sites are true jewels of the web.

In the past 15 to 20 years, the internet has grown to such an extent that anyone can now run a site—even if you’re technologically challenged like me!

While this may be great in many ways, it does also mean that the sheer number of sites available now is rather overwhelming. It’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for—and just as easy to miss truly great sites! We’re here to help you out with these 15 sites that you can’t afford not to know about.

1. calm.com


In today’s fast-paced and digital world, it’s easier than ever to feel overwhelmed and stressed. It’s somewhat ironic that the very cause of our stress can also offer a solution to it with relaxation site calm.com.

Take a break from the chaos around you and enjoy some soothing ambient music and white noise. 2, 10 and 20 minute sessions are available as is a mobile app, which can be used for meditation. The Guided Calm function is extremely effective and you’ll find yourself relaxing as the narrator helps you to unwind.

2. coffitivity.com

Similar to calm.com, coffitivity.com offers the ambient background noises of a coffee shop to block out those distracting sounds around you in the office. Most of us know that our environment greatly affects our productivity and creativity, and there’s a reason that coffee shops are a popular location for working and studying.

Drown out your colleagues’ incessant chatter or negativity and relax in the ambience of light chatter and a productive atmosphere. You can even choose the type of coffee shop you’d like to experience aurally.

3. 8tracks.com


In the mood for a certain music genre, but can’t decide what you want to listen to? Or, perhaps you just want some mood music or background noise while doing something else. Either way, 8tracks.com has you covered.

You can choose your music based on the keywords you enter. For example, if you enter “romantic”, the site will pull up thousands of playlists created by other users from which you can choose. You can also enter specific artists, genres or simply random keywords. Then, sit back and let 8tracks.com work its magic.

4. canistreamit.com

Expats and TV junkies in particular will love this site! I’m always looking for ways to stream my favorite TV shows and movies since Netflix is not available where I live. Canistreamit.com is a search engine that searches through various other sites, including Netflix, to find suitable matches to your search. It’s completely legal, user-friendly and provides details on the cost of streaming as well as when it will be available for download.

5. videograbby.com

I have my brother to thank for this gem! As a teacher, I regularly use YouTube videos in lessons. Unfortunately, the internet connection in the classrooms is not always as accommodating and YouTube content can disappear faster than candy at Halloween. Videograbby.com lets you download the video files as a video or audio file. It’s a great resource for teachers and bloggers as well as anyone else looking to get videos online. As for the legality of it: that’s a different kettle of fish entirely.

6. printfriendly.com


Incredibly, many sites are still rather printer unfriendly. Sure, the information is easily available and you can always copy and paste things into a MS Word document, but sometimes it’s more time-consuming that the content is worth. Enter printfriendly.com.

As you would expect with a name like printfriendly, the site lets you to enter the URL of the page you want to print then works its magic to produce a well-formatted page that is ready to print. You can also save the print-friendly file to PDF or email it from the site.

7. attackofthecute.com

Most of us have a friend or colleague who persists in sharing emails of cute animals that articulate what we cannot. For some, we secretly enjoy these emails and/or Facebook posts although we’d never admit it to anyone. Attackofthecute.com is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a site brimming with cute animal memes, grinning kittens and puppies with eyes to melt even the iciest hearts. The site also allows you to share photos of your own animals if you think that they’re cuter than those on offer.

8. twofoods.com


If you’re particularly food conscious and always want to know the nutritional information and kilojoules in the food you eat, you’ll love twofoods.com! The site lets you compare and contrast two food choices by providing the nutritional information of both options.

This includes the kilojoule, protein, carbohydrate and fat content of each food. It’s a great tool to help you choose healthier foods without having to eliminate the foods you love—although you may seriously reconsider some of the things you eat when you see the information laid bare!

9. supercook.com

Fancy a home-cooked meal, but not much of a chef? Supercook.com is the solution. Even the sparsest kitchens will find a meal option on this site, which offers recipe suggestions based on the ingredients you enter.

It allows for recipes that require minimal ingredients and even generates a shopping list for things you may need to complete the recipe you’re interested in. So, even if your cupboards and fridge contain little more than half a jar of pickles, some peanut butter, pasta and cheese, you’re sure to find something appealing on this site.

10. fitocracy.com

Stay motivated in your exercise routine by turning it into a game that you share with similarly-motivated people. Fitocracy.com offers access to forums, motivation and fitness advice as well as the option to pay for an online coach to guide you in maximizing your training and diet based on the equipment you have available to you and your budget. It’s great for anyone who needs the support of others to stay motivated in their fitness program, but lacks a gym buddy.

11. wherecoolthingshappen.com


Take a break from the humdrum of selfies, baby photos and carelessly shared memes with all-round awesome site, wherecoolthingshappen.com. You’ll find a wide range of content on this site with incredible images ranging from travel to history, food, architecture, art and more. If you’re in need of inspiration and generally mesmerizing images to boost your mood for the day, you won’t be disappointed by this site.

12. factslides.com

Fancy yourself a trivia champ who actively participates in trivia nights? Perhaps you just have time to kill and enjoy reading random facts. Either way, factslides.com is sure to keep you scrolling through everything from general knowledge to lesser known, but interesting facts. For example, did you know that Norwegians use “Texas” as slang for “crazy”, or that 24 girls born in the US in 2014 were named “Goddess”? Find these and other titillating facts on factslides!

13. canva.com


Want to add a professional touch to your presentations or social posts, but lack an artistic eye? Look no further than canva.com! Not only is this site incredibly easy to use, but it allows users to create their own designs entirely or customize one of the stunning pre-made designs on offer. You’re just a few clicks from having an amazing, custom template for cards, invitations, posters, blogs and more.

14. haveibeenpwned.com

Online security is something we’re all aware of, but we don’t always know what to do when we suspect one of our accounts has been hacked. Haveibeenpwned.com, by Troy Hunt, is a fabulous tool that helps you to determine if your account has actually been compromised.

It checks your email address against data breaches and identifies where and what (if any) information has been leaked. This includes usernames, passwords and password hints among other details.

15. justdelete.me

Finally, he things we share online and the sites we subscribe to change as we mature, but deleting these old accounts is often easier said than done. Justdelete.me allows you to do exactly this.

This gem offers simple, time-saving guides to deleting accounts and information on hundreds of popular websites. It also ranks the ease of the removals and even provides direct links to the account-settings pages. While not all sites allow you to delete accounts entirely, it’s usually possible to deactivate them at the very least. Justdelete.me offers tips for these “impossible” sites, too.

Which of these sites will you be testing? Let us know, and feel free to share those internet gems that you’ve discovered!

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