5 Steps to Improve Your Focus

You’ve been there, right? You’re trying to get something done but you just can’t concentrate. Your mind continuously wanders to everything except the one project that you’re working on. How do you get your head back in the game so that you can accomplish whatever it is you have set out to do?

You’ve been there, right? You’re trying to get something done but you just can’t concentrate. Your mind continuously wanders to everything except the one project that you’re working on. How do you get your head back in the game so that you can accomplish whatever it is you have set out to do? Follow these 5 steps to improve your focus.

Focus is one of those things that can either make or break a project. If you have absolute undeterred focus, you can create masterpieces, works of art and beautiful creations. You get more done in less time and often have absolutely stellar results.

However, if you find your ability to pay attention to what you’re doing is compromised, you might as well throw in the towel and call it a day. You most likely won’t complete your project, and, if you do it will probably look like a third grader finished it for you because your attention to detail is gone.

How do you improve your focus when your mind wants to take a vacation? Try these five simple steps:

What is robbing you of your ability to concentrate?

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What seems to be distracting you? Is it a fight you had with your guy last night or are you worried about some test results that you’re due to find out any day? No matter what the cause, the first thing you need to do is isolate what thoughts or feelings are taking all your energy.

Maybe it’s something as simple as the fact that you’re dreading doing the task at hand so you’re thinking of everything else you’d rather be doing. If that’s the case, acknowledging it is the first line in defense when it comes to dealing with the hurdle and being able to move past it.

Focus is all about taking control of your busy mind and forcing it to concentrate on something. And each time you take control you make the choice to choose focus over multi-tasking.

Made the choice? Here are some other tips that will help you boost your ability to concentrate and knock down distractions.

Is it something you need to address right now?

If you have something else taking up your mental energy, you need to make a decision as to whether it is something you need to address right now or if it can wait until later. If there could be negative consequences by letting it go any longer, then take care of it. You’ll never be able to focus until it’s off your plate anyway.

However, if it can wait, write it down so you don’t forget about it. Go back to the task at hand. You’ll feel better knowing it won’t fall off your radar because you’ve set yourself a small reminder and can thoroughly focus on what you’re trying to get done at the moment.

If you’ve isolated the reason by the lack of focus as procrastinates, then maybe you need to remind yourself how good you’ll feel when you can wipe the project off your to-do list. Yes, you may have to set some other things aside initially. Once you have the task complete, you’ll be able to fully enjoy other things that you have going on.

Set a time limit

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Give yourself a time frame to work on whatever you have to do and you’ll be more inclined to focus. If it’s a longer term project, break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. If you need a couple hour blocks over the course of a few days, for instance, that seems a lot easier to commit to than devoting one or two full days and letting other things take the back burner.

Setting a limit also helps remind you that there is an end in sight. After all, it’s easier to endure the things we don’t like to do if we know that they’re short term.

Organization is paramount to saving time. When your time is organized, it means that you can seamlessly slot things into your day, which then means you can effectively get all the things you need done. Here are 10 tips to help you maximize your time.

Cut your distractions

Improve your focus by cutting your distractions. Nothing can rob your focus like chaos happening all around you. Whether you have screaming kids running around or the television or radio blaring, changes are good that you’re going to make mistakes if you don’t put yourself in an environment when you can concentrate.

If possible, get a sitter for the kids when you’re working on something that takes your complete attention. Or, if they’re older, ask them not to disturb you. This may be a good time to present them with a new movie that they can sit and watch quietly while you get some much needed peace.

Turn off your electronics. Yes, it may seem nice to have background noise and some people even prefer it, but at least try to work in complete silence. You may find that you’re better able to keep your head in the game if you aren’t sidelined by “breaking news” or catchy jingles coming at you via radio and television.

This is especially true when it comes to you social media. Yes, it may be enticing to check your cell phone and see who called or texted, but the reality is that the world won’t end if you don’t reply within the first five seconds after receipt of the communication. Remember that not too long ago the world survived just fine without these devices.

Let go of your unwavering desire to check your email, Facebook or Twitter account every five minutes. You’ll immediately feel more focused. You can catch up on the latest gossip later…when you have more time because you’ve completed your project.

Don’t just think about what you have to do. Do it!

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Yes, this decision is a great way to improve your focus. This is the single most important step that moves you forward and gets you closer to completion of whatever you’re working on. You can’t finish a project until after you start it.

Not totally sure what to do? You’ll get a clearer picture when you step in and at least do something. You’ll start to see many problems as they present themselves and you can handle them accordingly. Even if you had a complete plan in place prior to initiation, you’ll often find that it has to be readjusted as you go. That’s because very few plans are perfect at the outset.

Follow these five simple steps. You’ll soon find yourself not only getting your projects done, but doing them in a manner that is more effective and efficient. You’ll be able to cross items off your to-do list at such a rapid pace that you’ll wonder what took you so long to master the art of focus!

Extra tip-  Boost your Memory

Remember that in order for you to get your focus and memory to become better, you should continue to keep your brain active. Your ability to concentrate and to recall things from memory are directly linked. Being able to concentrate better on your tasks enables you to recall things faster and better.

Stress and having too many things on your plate can cause you to lose focus anytime and make it difficult for you to remember even the simplest things. Here’s how to stop that.

How do you manage to improve your focus? Share your experiences.

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