5 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You’re never going to be anyone else, and no one else is ever going to be you. We all know this, so why do we keep comparing ourselves to others? Here’s how to stop doing so.

It is a very unhealthy habit that can trick you into disliking yourself and thinking your life is not as great as it actually is. Here are five foolproof ways to break this habit. Believe me, they work.

Social Media: Stop Looking at it!


I personally believe that social media, especially Instagram, is detrimental to girls’ self-confidence. Anyone can portray their life as “perfect” on it. Whether it is the perfect lifestyle, self-image, relationship, etc… It is so easy to get caught up in someone else’s profile, stalk it endlessly and wish you had their life. We have all been there at least once, but it is time to stop that.

If you catch yourself doing that, put your phone down or exit the page immediately. It will do you no good to look at another person’s life or portrayal of their life. In fact, it is very unhealthy to do so.

That may not even be reality you are looking at. No one shares their true selves on social media. What you do in the real world matters so much more than how someone portrays themselves on social media.

Show Your Stuff

What is your hobby or your passion—or even your career if you are at that point in life. If you know the answer, focus on that. Focus on doing well in that, or even doing it just for fun.

Love to do something, but haven’t immersed yourself in it for a while? Do it. Doing things you enjoy that you do well will help you focus more on yourself.

There is also nothing wrong with showing off and getting some recognition! Be proud of your work, and know that what you did, no one else could do with the same je ne sais quoi as you!

Become “Self-Absorbed”


It is okay to love yourself. Repeat after me: It is okay to love myself.

More than okay even; it is a wonderful thing. Focus on bettering yourself and having a healthy mind that allows you to love yourself. Knowing that you are great, beautiful and have something to offer this world that no one else does is one way you can stop comparing yourself to others.

Instead of absorbing yourself in other people’s lives, become a little bit absorbed with yourself.

Want to change something about your life to better yourself and make you feel more confident? Do it. Whether it has something to do with your physical or mental health, no time is better than now. Fall in love with yourself.

Be Grateful

Chances are, you have a lot going for you.

Even if you feel like the universe is knocking you down, think of all of the things you are grateful for.

If you find yourself looking at someone else and thinking of all the things they have and you don’t, pause and take a step back. Think of all of the things you are grateful to have in your life. Make a list of all of those things. You can make that list on your phone and open it up every time you catch yourself comparing yourself to somebody else.

I also recommend volunteering at a shelter, hospital or something like that. I have volunteered at a hospital and it really put a lot of things into perspective for me about how many amazing aspects there are to my life that some of the people in the hospital did not have.

Being grateful for all of the things you do have and not being angry about what you do not have, or what someone else may have, is one way to stop comparing yourself to others. Chances are, you have something they do not.

Be the Truest Form of Yourself


Trying to imitate or copy what others do show that you may compare yourself to them. Focus on yourself, your true style, your true personality and what makes YOU happy—not what makes anyone else happy. Do not be afraid to show any of that either.

Be fearless because, no matter what you do, someone is going to judge.

Everyone is always going to have an opinion, so why not be who you truly are and not a version of yourself that makes you unhappy?

Either way, someone will have an opinion, so be who you truly want to be. No matter what, you will always be happiest and most confident if you are yourself, and other people will see that. Soon enough, people may catch themselves comparing themselves to you.

Is there anything you have done to stop comparing yourself to others? Please share your ideas below! Your input could really help someone out.

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