How to Feel Pretty: 10 Ways to Feel Amazing About Yourself

You are beautiful! You are pretty! For those days when you’re struggling to remember that, here’s exactly how to feel pretty and make yourself shine.

As we’re constantly bombarded with glossy magazine images of the ‘perfect’ woman it’s easy to let your self-confidence and sense of self-prettiness slip; however, that doesn’t have to be the case. You are beautiful, it’s just a case of remembering that. Here’s how to feel pretty and amazing about yourself all the time!

#1 Focus on what’s Inside

Feeling pretty starts with thinking pretty, which is why you should start each day by reminding yourself that you are awesome. I don’t just mean looks either. Remind yourself of your talents, achievements, and all the good things in your life. Remind yourself that you’re a good person and people love you. Once you start feeling beautiful on the outside, I promise you that it will start to show on the outside.

#2 Say “Thank You”

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For most people, when we get a compliment, we tend to deflect it instead of just accepting it. For example, I bet that more than once when someone’s complimented you on your outfit, you’ve blushed and mentioned how it doesn’t fit right, criticizing yourself instead of accepting the compliment. That’s something that needs to stop now.

The next time you get a compliment, simply smile and say, “Thank you.” No criticism is necessary. You’ll be amazed by how good it makes you feel.

#3 Stand Tall

It’s a little known fact that standing (and sitting) tall can instantly make you look slimmer and proud, and as a result you’ll be filled with confidence. By elongating your back, pushing back your shoulders and holding your head high, you instantly make yourself look like own the room.

One thing you might not have known is that standing tall also sends good signals to your brain. When you stand tall, the message your brain gets is “I feel good about myself”– something that will influence your mood and make you feel pretty.

#4 Make the Most of Mornings

Try waking yourself up early enough every morning to allow yourself plenty of time to jump in the shower, do your hair how you want, and choose an outfit you really love. By spending a little time on yourself before you start each day, you’ll be able to head out into the world more confident than ever.

#5 Find Something You Love About Yourself

Instead of zeroing in on the negatives when you look in the mirror, take a look at the positives for a change. Focus on things you love about yourself – be it your smile, your eyes, or your legs – and tell yourself how awesome they make you. By embracing all the things you love about yourself, you’ll find it much easier to admire the things you perceive as flaws, too.

#6 Eat the Rainbow

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To make yourself feel pretty (and healthy!) inside and out, be sure to eat a rainbow of colored fruit and veg. The health benefits this will provide will make you feel insanely pretty and, as soon as you start eating a natural, healthy diet, you’ll find yourself thinking more positively, too.

#7 Work Out

While working out may make you feel sweaty at first, it’s guaranteed to make you look and feel amazing for the rest of the day. Not only does working out help to make you leaner and healthier, it also brings a glow to your skin and a positivity to your mind that will help you shine with prettiness. A morning workout before you hit the shower is the best option – then you’re set up for the whole day.

#8 Reality Check

For the most part, we’re completely bombarded by images of ‘perfect’ women, size zeroes, and women so ‘pretty’ they could give Barbie® a run for her money. News flash: Those women don’t live in the same reality we do. It’s simply not realistic to want to look like them: They have personal trainers, insane diets and photoshop, and in some cases it’s less than healthy to aim for that.

As soon as you do a reality check and realize that you don’t actually have to look like a poster girl, you’ll find it much easier to see the beauty in yourself and feel pretty.

#9 Pamper Yourself

I’ve tried to stay away from advising you layer yourselves in makeup and nice clothes to make yourself feel pretty (beauty is about how you feel on the inside, after all), but every now and again when you really need a boost it wouldn’t hurt to indulge a little. Sometimes just hitting the spa for a day or wearing a new outfit can be all you need to boost your confidence and make you glow a little.

#10 Smile!

carefree woman stands with her hands out embracing the sunshine at the beach

Last but not least, remember to smile! We all know that a smiling face is more attractive than an unsmiling one so be sure to make the most of that fact. Plus, in a similar way to how standing tall influences our brain, smiling makes us feel happier all round and you’re much more likely to feel pretty when you’re happy. Say cheese!

So there you have it: 10 awesome ways to make yourself feel pretty. Now all that’s left to do is follow through on steps 1-10 and you’ll soon find yourself filled with confidence and feeling prettier than ever. And remember: You are beautiful!

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