How to Increase Your Productivity

Do you fight distraction on a daily basis? Or are you constantly trying to focus but its just not working? Well, If there’s one thing that I don’t like its being unproductive. Considering there’s never enough hours in the day, what’s worse than looking back and realizing you’ve accomplished nothing or very little. Luckily I’ve found some ways to fix this issue. They helped me on my pursuit to productivity so I’m sure they’ll help you too!

1. The Internet

Young woman working with computer in cafe

Though a very important part of today’s society, it’s very easy to get misguided onto time-consuming sites such as Facebook and similar. I know I could spend hours on Facebook aimlessly messaging friends and checking up on Twitter for others. However is this really the most productive thing you could be doing in that moment. Probably not! Close the window and start doing something that you’ve put on your to-do list and get on with it! If you don’t need the Internet then don’t allow it to sit in front of you, trust me the urge is immense. Try working on one task at a time and soon you’ll be finished off with many.

2. To-do Lists

A small notebook with a to do list and a pen

Now we’re all victims of this. Creating numerous to-do lists whilst saying ‘ I need to do this and that’ though it might make you feel productive, you’ve essentially done very little other than write a few things down.  However, making such lists is a great start. In fact it can get your head around to realizing what needs to be done. Though how many of you actually get around to checking that list again and completing it? That’s right. So when making these lists try to keep them simple and to the point. Possibly setting a due date for each task, as doing this will help you prioritize the urgency of the tasks needed to be completed. Once you’ve done this GO AND DO THEM! Start with the first one and make your way through. By focusing on each task as it is presented to you, time will pass quickly but your to-do list will soon be completed as well!

3. Just Go on and Do It!

That’s right, the hardest thing to do is start a task. The problem I face is that when something is hard, it tends to become less appealing and I push it aside. Don’t do this! The moment you start you’ll realize how easy it is, and once you gain momentum you’ll be on your way to finishing so much faster. It’s a tried and tested folks and I assure you it’s true.

4. Find a System That Works for You

Woman checking bills at home

If you’re doing many tasks but never seem to get them done efficiently chances are you’re working under the wrong system. Stop and try to find an alternative method of working. Everyone is different but if you step back and consider the way you are working and change a few minor details you will notice the difference.

5. Defeat Distraction

Being human, we get bored quickly. So, when you have a pile of work to get through but simply can’t hold on to the focus you need to act fast to keep up the good work. I simply go to a new environment. If I feel that I’m losing concentration the best way can be to change your surrounding. Go to another room, or sit in a different chair. Whatever works for you, it will get you back on track and working efficiently.

There you have it, we all have different ways in approaching this so I would love to know ways in which you try to stay productive!

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Zoe is a small town girl who has a passion for writing. She loves animals, reading books and making memories with her friends. Her goal is to take the most out of life.


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  • Great tips, I think the to-do list thing definitely works! Nice site by the way!!!!! L+:)))) XO XO XO

  • Ok, #3 is SOOOOOO friggin easy but SOOOOOOO friggin hard! I suffer MAJORLY from Analysis Paralysis (which a friend just diagnosed lol) so I’ll make the lists and then think about them while Facebooking and/or finding amazing sites like this one! Blarg.

    Ok, and have you heard of the 45/15 rule? It has been SUPER effective for me in productivity. Work on one PROJECT, phone off, email close, door closed, for 45 minutes. Then use the 15 to check email, return missed calls, go to the bathroom. It’s great.