A Short Guide to Walking Like a Model on High Heels

While watching Fashion TV or any fashion show, you see young, confident women walking around in sky high heels, like they were born in them. But, all of them were taught how to pose, how to look like they got the power, how to look elegant while presenting the latest collections.

As someone who used to be a model, I am going to try to explain few things and help you get that supermodel walk that stops the traffic.

Practice Makes Perfect

First, you need to know that to achieve the catwalk confidence you need a lot of practice. It is like learning to apply eyeliner. You got it wrong for like dozen times, until you got the perfect look. Do not practice walking in new high heels, but start with 2-3 inches. Stand up straight, through your shoulders a bit forward, do not lean back. You can use the oldest trick: try walking around the house with a book on your head. It will make you accomplish balance and you can do it barefoot, at least at the beginning.


The choice of shoes is the most important lesson. While models have to know how to walk in smaller sizes, in tight or too wide shoes, you don’t have to go through all that pain. When you are trying out shoes, put one foot in front of the other and try walking like that. If you feel cozy and you don’t have a feeling that you might fall, you are on the right track.

If you have wide feet, don’t bother trying out pointy shoes.

Although the shoes are supposed to be pretty and seductive, you must put your health in front of everything else. If you are size 7, you just cannot wear a pair of 6 ½. If you cannot find the right size, don’t bother, it wasn’t meant to be. Of course, not all shoe sizes are the same, so if you are at the store, you can try them on. Shopping online can be tricky, so find your favorite online shops and stick to them.

Don’t aim too high.

High Heels 10

Even though super high heels are trendy, it doesn’t mean you have to break a hip while trying to fit among trendsetters. Not all of us have Victoria Beckham’s feet, so if you want a high heel, find the ones with platforms. Ten inches are simply too much, they can look trashy and we don’t want that. Once again, just because the shoes are pretty it doesn’t mean they are the ones. Same rule can be applied to other things in life, starting with men.

Now that you found which shoe styles fits you, it is time to walk. Imagine that your living room is a runway, so focus on one spot and make sure that your head stays still. Your arms have to be relaxed, just like the rest of your body. It all comes down to looking natural, so do not march or make weird movements like you are making fun of someone. Put some music on and follow the beat. Steps cannot be too short or too big. Simply follow the music and pretend that you are presenting a new collection from Donna Karan or Marc Jacobs. These designers always choose the best walkers among models, their designs are wearable, so it is easier to identify with them.

Work those hips!

Don’t over do it, but make sure to notify everyone around that you are proud to have curves and that you are lucky to be a woman. Slowly moving the hips, you are showing your sexy side, even in flats. It is all about looking confident and natural, being aware of yourself and following your own rhythm. Once you are satisfied with your walk, it is time to take it out on the streets.

Sure, walking like a model is fun, but you also need to practice face expressions. That is a whole different story, but there is a reason why some people always look good on pictures, while others look like caricatures. While I do believe that some are more photogenic then others, there are some things that you can learn, like how to smile and whatever you do, do not pout. It is not natural, it is not attractive, it is just silly. But, that is a whole different story.

Cover photo: www.celebitchy.com

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I love music, fashion, old movies, because they can inspire, show you the light and give you much needed hope. I do believe that laughter is the best medicine and one should always try to be the best version of themselves.


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  • my friends and family always say to try out modelling because apparently i “have the body” and i would be so interested in that but the only thing holding me back is my stage fright! haha im only 15 though but practicing this walk is something i loveeee to do in my room whenever im bored

  • Girl I also love modeling becoz I’m tall , pretty and ppl say I mst do modeling……I also hve stage fright….bt I started modeling in class in front of my classmates and frnds at home…..quess wat it worked try it u’ll see