Wedding Present Ideas

You are bound to spend hours and days thinking of just the right wedding present for your friends. You are on a tight budget but you want your gift to be special and different. You are in the right place because here you may find some ideas for a unique wedding present.

Your good friend is getting married and you hate those generic presents. You want to personalize your present and you want to get them something they will cherish. You have a certain budget but don’t want to get them a salad chopper.

Well, you are in the right place because I will show you how to get an original, personalized yet not expensive wedding present.

Idea 1 – Personalized Picture Frames

I know it is the 21st century and digital frames are in almost every home but digital frames have one fault: they are all more or less alike. Go with old school wooden photo frame and paint it, incrust it or whatever you feel like doing. Make 2 or 3 of these and pair them with hand painted jewelry box. Of course, you should paint and incrust them all to mach. If you have my painting skills you can pay some local artist to do it, in which case you should design it. Design should compliment their taste rather than yours because this present will end up in their home.

Idea 2 – Dinner Plates that Have no Price

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We all have an old grandma’s dinner set that we haven’t used for ages. If you don’t have something like that in your house go to an antique store and buy some. Make patterns or paint them free hand. Every plate should have a different picture but the same color scheme.

You can go further and get their pictures printed on the plates and bowls. Your friend will cherish those plates more than any other dish in their house.

Idea 3 – Patchwork Blanket

Imagine newlyweds, curled on a couch, snuggling. That love scene deserves a love blanket. Use old fabrics you have and old t-shirts. Before you cut the T-shirts print the lovebird’s pictures on them. On some of the fabrics or T-shirts print dates that have some significance to them; their first date, first travel, engagement day and wedding day. Make patchwork blanket out of it.

Make sure all materials can be washed at the same temperature and that they are color proof. They will love it!

So, you see, all you need is some skill or a talented helper. Best presents are those that will always remind us that someone loves us.

Whenever they look at your present they will know that you’ve put some effort to make it original, that you were thinking of their love and future home while doing it and that you wanted to make their lives a bit more romantic.

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