10 Things That Don’t Necessarily Mean He Likes You

Yes, it sucks, but just because a guy treats you a certain way doesn’t mean that he likes you. Here are 10 things that don’t necessarily mean he likes you.

There are certain ways to tell that a guy likes you. Or at least, that’s what society and your BFFs tell you. You figure that if he talks to you a lot, pays attention to you and even pays you a compliment every once in a while, then he’s probably crushing pretty hard.

But what if everything that you thought you knew about what it’s like when a guy likes you is actually kind of wrong? What if you don’t always know how someone feels about you?

Unfortunately, dating can be super complicated and this is one of those times. Here are 10 things that don’t necessarily mean he likes you. Hopefully, this will clear a few things up and stop you from getting totally disappointed when a love connection doesn’t exactly work out.

1) He texts you a lot

man texting

When a guy likes you, he’s going to text you. And he’s going to text you a lot. Right?

Well, maybe. But not necessarily. If a guy is texting you a ton, from morning to noon until night, he might honestly just be bored. He might hate his job. He might be looking for a new friend. He might be super clingy and need tons of attention at all times.

These are all potential reasons and none of them necessarily mean that he has a crush on you.

This has a lot more to do with him than you so don’t feel bad if the guy who’s texting constantly doesn’t end up as your boyfriend. The thing is that based on texting alone, you can’t really tell how someone feels about you.

2) He tells you everything about himself and his life

This has to mean that he’s got a thing for you, right? Why would he tell you all about his parents’ divorce and his best friend’s latest breakup and how unhappy he is at his job if he didn’t think of you in a romantic way? There would be no other explanation, right?

This is one of the 10 things that don’t necessarily mean that he likes you. He could honestly just be a super friendly guy. He could just think that you’re a really good listener. He could feel comfortable with you and want to share.

But these things don’t have anything to do with wanting to date you.

There’s another possibility here and it’s that he might tell everyone these things. It can be hard to accept since you want to feel like your crush is opening up to you and you alone, but this does happen.

3) He invites you to hang out with his friends

Group of friends relaxing and playing cards together

If a guy wants you to go to his best friend’s birthday party that totally counts as a date, right? If he invites you to his Friday night movie plans he must want you to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, those things don’t mean that at all.

He could just think that you’re a good friend and that you would get along with the crew that he usually hangs around with. He could even think that you would be a good match for one of his friends and he could be trying to play matchmaker.

There’s really no way of knowing why he’s asking you to hang out with his buddies.

He might just want to be a nice person. He might have no ulterior motive or agenda at all and you just have to take his invites at face value.

4) He remembers things that you have said

This is a tough one. You’re often told that if a guy remembers things that you have said to him, then he is completely in love with you and is dreaming about sharing his life with you.

It’s really frustrating when this happens and then you don’t end up dating the guy because you’re super confused.

If he remembers things you have said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you. It really just means that he remembers things that you have said. Period. Plain and simple.

Not that exciting? Nope, it’s really not. But that’s life sometimes.

5) He asks how you’re doing

Young urban businessman on smart phone running in street

It’s super easy to get excited when the guy that you’ve got a thing for texts you and asks how you’re doing… or when your male coworker that you’re crushing on does the same thing. But unfortunately, this is one of the 10 things that don’t necessarily mean that he likes you.

So why does he ask how you’re doing? Because he’s nice. Because he’s friendly. Because he’s being polite and literally just asking. Again, sometimes you have to take something at face value and not overthink it.

6) He wants to hang out a lot

Yeah, you want to spend a lot of time with someone that you like, but when things never go in a romantic direction, then you can’t say that this guy likes you.

7) He gets to know your friends and family

woman meeting boyfriends parents

The thing is that while it may seem that a guy getting to know your friends and family means that he likes you, that’s just not the case. Sure, when you’re in a new relationship, it’s a pretty big deal to meet each other’s friends and family.

That means that you’re heading in the right direction (aka you’re moving toward a serious, committed relationship). You just don’t do that if you’re not interested in being with each other for real.

But when a guy meets your best friends and even your parents and you’re not even dating? Then this isn’t really a big step at all and it doesn’t mean that he likes you.

It probably just means that he wants to be friends. And that you have the best friends and family ever (but hey, you already knew that).

8) He laughs a lot in your company

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out how someone feels about you, and when a guy is always laughing hysterically when you’re together, you usually think that he likes you.

After all, laughter is a good sign, right? Isn’t it a form of flirting? Don’t you laugh more in your crush’s presence than when you’re around anyone else?

Just because he laughs a lot when the two of you hang out honestly doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that he thinks you’re pretty funny.

Yes, this is hard to accept. Yes, this really sucks. But isn’t it so much worse to keep believing that someone thinks of you in a romantic way when they don’t?

9) You think that you have chemistry

Smiling cute couple discussing together with arms around

This is the hardest thing to deal with. When you think that you have chemistry with someone, it seems super obvious to you. It feels like a fact that can’t possibly be denied.

If you feel something on a date or even when hanging out with someone in a more platonic setting, they have to feel it too, don’t they? How could they not?

Remember this: just because you think that you have chemistry with a guy doesn’t mean that he feels the same way. You may think that chemistry is never one-sided but it’s totally possible that it is.

Not everyone that you like likes you back, just like you don’t always like someone that feels something for you. It’s just the way that it goes sometimes.

10) He asks you on a second date

Another really tough situation to be in but one that is super common, especially in the age of online dating.

If he asks you on a second date, he likes you, right? What else could this mean? Would he really want to see you again if he didn’t?

When he asks you on a second date, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you. He could be still feeling things out. He could have no idea how he feels. He could even just want to prove to his buddies that he can get a second date.

That’s a shame but it has nothing to do with you. You’re awesome and you deserve to wait to find someone who likes you back.

The hardest thing about dating is wondering if someone that you like feels the same way about you.

Sometimes it’s incredibly obvious and other times, you’re racking your brain trying to read the signs. These 10 signs that he doesn’t necessarily like you should help clear things up.

Have you ever thought that someone liked you and then learned that you were wrong? What do you think proves that a guy has a crush on you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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