7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Falling More In Love With You Each Day

When we have a new boyfriend, we know he is into us, but what about signs that prove he is starting to fall in love with us? Here are 7 to look out for!

You’ve been eyeing this guy for a long time now, and you two finally start dating. Every time you are together, it’s so much fun, and when you kiss, it’s like fireworks. You’re pretty sure he’s into you, but he hasn’t made you his girlfriends yet. Does he like you?

Then, as you continue to date, he eventually tells you that he wants to be official and exclusive, and your heart sings. You’re so excited! Now that you two have been dating for a little while you’re wondering, “How do I know he is in love with me?”

There is a big difference between being enamored with someone and truly loving them. While you feel yourself becoming head over heels for your boyfriend, you want to know if the feelings are mutual. Does he love you equally as much?

Here are seven signs that prove yes, he totally does!

He’s always willing to listen

couple talking in a coffee shop

When a boyfriend brushes off your stories, whether they are about something positive and negative, it’s not a good look. When a guy really loves his girlfriend, he will always be willing to listen to her, and won’t interrupt to talk about himself or say he has something better to do.

In fact, he will even go a step further to ask her how her day was, or follow up on something she told him earlier, without her even having to bring it up.

For example, if you tell him about something that happened at work, he’ll bring it up later on and ask how it went. This shows he is truly always listening to you and genuinely cares about events happening in your life!

He makes excuses to talk to you

A guy who’s in love will always try and find a way to talk to his girl. Whether he starts calling you more often, making excuses to talk in person or send cute text messages throughout the day, he will make the effort to want to chat.

This means that you’re always on his mind and that he enjoys talking to you, which is a great sign for a successful relationship.

Sure, two people who have an exciting relationship full of passionate sex and fun dates can last for a while, but the two who can communicate and connect on a deeper level are the two that will work for the long term.

He always wants to see you

man and woman on a date

When a guy is truly in love, he will make every excuse in the book to see you. He needs to copy your notes, he needs help with something, he needs to tell you an important story, and the list goes on!

Don’t get annoyed when he starts wanting to spend more time together, it just means that he loves being around you and enjoys the time you two share together.

Another really big sign that he loves you is that the “dates” you go on become more ordinary. Maybe you two just go get a cup of coffee, see a movie, or just get fast food.

It’s not about the experience itself, but about just getting to spend time with you. It doesn’t matter what you two go and do, anything would make him happy.

This is the sure sign of a man in love, especially when he starts to choose spending time with you over spending time with his friends!

He invites you to meet his friends

This is a really big step. Everyone has a group of people that they are close to, and when they bring you around their friends, it’s a big deal.

It means that they are not just “hiding” you away and keeping you to themselves.

He wants to bring you around your friends and show you off and wants them to know that he is proudly taken. If your boyfriend is always keeping you away from his social circle, that’s not a good sign.

He might be hiding you because there is another girl or fears that his friends might say something about him that you shouldn’t hear. He might not even have told them about you at all, which is also worrisome. A guy who is truly and loves and cares about his girlfriend wants people to know.

He talks about the future

man and woman on a date

If your boyfriend talks about a future with you, that’s a very good sign that he sees you two lasting.

If he talks about the future and only mentions himself and his goals, but does not talk about you in the future, it might mean that he only sees this as a short-term thing and it’s not true love.

Swapping “me” for “we” is a big move, and once your boyfriend starts talking about you two in the future as a couple, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Chances are he really loves you!

He’ll start talking about “when we move” or “when we have kids,” and other future events like that, which signals he wants a long-term future with you.

If he shies away from ever talking about the future or ignores you when you bring it up, chances are it’s not true love and he doesn’t see it working out for the long haul.

He always wants to make you happy

A man that’s truly in love will do anything to make his girl happy. Whether it’s helping her with dishes after she cooks, picking her up from work when her car is in the shop, or helping her with homework, a boyfriend that’s falling more and more in love will be more willing to help when he can.

This means he truly cares about you and is falling in love with you! When a guy only cares about himself and isn’t willing to help you when you need it, chances are he’s in it for the short-term and isn’t taking the relationship seriously.

When you truly love someone, you always want to help them live happier and healthier lives.

He says “I love you”

One of the biggest keys is whether or not your boyfriend says he loves you. It’s understandable to not say it in the beginning, but if it’s been a while and your boyfriend isn’t saying he loves you, there might be some deeper issue.

Why is he being so hesitant? Perhaps he doesn’t love you but it comfortable in the relationship. Perhaps he is emotionally unavailable or is having commitment issues.

Whatever the reason, if there is a lack of your boyfriend telling you he loves you, there might be something wrong.

A man who is falling more in love with his girlfriend each day will eventually tell her that he loves her. While hearing those words can be amazing, seeing our boyfriend’s actions reflect his love for us is even more rewarding and heartwarming. Look out for the signs!