8 Reasons To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

All relationships have bad patches, so when's the breaking point? Since answers vary, we expose the valid reasons to break up. The answers inside will shock you.

Neil Sedaka sings a song called “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” and in many relationships, the song rings true. What reasons are good reasons to call it quits? Answers vary from the mentally and physically destructive to the downright silly. To sort things out, this article will list the best reasons to break up with your boyfriend.


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A worthy inclusion, infidelity, or cheating, is a definite deal breaker. Seeing your man with another person is heartbreaking, and the man seeing you cheat on him is equally devastating. The main reasons to break up are distrust and near-impossible forgiveness.

Relationships rarely work out due to those reasons. Therefore, cut your boyfriend or husband loose if this occurs. You deserve better. If the man is cheating with your friend, dump your friend too.

Cheating thoughts discuss fantasizing about sex with anyone but the boyfriend or husband. While not acting on impulse, thoughts are similar to infidelity. If you wish you were with someone else, end the relationship now. When you think about having sex with someone else, it will eventually turn into a reality, and that hurts everyone involved.


Cheating fits into this category too, but we are talking about different types of betrayal. The main reasons to break up over betrayal include spilling secrets, lying, and gossiping. No one likes being oblivious.

No one likes family, friends, and co-workers knowing about personal or relationship-related secrets. Lastly, no one likes hurtful conversations discussed behind your back. This ruins all three situations.


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Physical and mental abuse are very good reasons to break up the relationship. The relationship vibe is already toxic and no amount of begging or wishing will change it. The person can care less about your feelings or cooperation and won't change due to it.

You can't heal if you remain. Therefore, cut the cord. A chance for happiness is only possible when you say no and leave the relationship. This legitimate excuse works for boyfriends, husbands, and male/female friends.


It's understandable when two people can't see eye-to-eye on everything. Arguments occur because differing viewpoints respond to the same situation. In time, the arguments should lessen and understanding should replace it.

Not all relationships reach that point. If the arguing worsens or is never-ending, it is a deal breaker, especially in long-term relationships. Continued arguments turn stressful and draining for physical and mental health to endure.

An argument where there's a one-upmanship point system is another reason to abandon the relationship. Those arguments become a contest, and when mudslinging gets in the way, no one wins.


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Distance can turn into reasons to break up all three relationships. The constant worry of whether the boyfriend/husband is faithful becomes too much for any relationship to survive. A friend moving away is tough because that's one less association.

Besides, it's hard to endure a relationship where one person resides in a different city, state, country, or continent. With social media becoming second nature in our lives, it's not enough to save any distant relationship. The same is true for friends: social media chats isn't the same as hanging in person.


If the reasons to break up include knowing in your gut the relationship won't last, it's a great reason to end it. While the significant other doesn't understand, you do. As a result, staying in a failing relationship becomes a chore.

Relationships overstaying its welcome are draining. Believers are holding out for a solution by forcing themselves to remain in a doomed relationship. The resolution never came and (to their shock) it will never come.

Regardless, the situations insinuate the relationship is over, so cut out boyfriends, husbands, and male/female friends who encourage those behaviors.

All the wrong reasons

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Explain to yourself “why is this man your boyfriend or husband?” Unacceptable reasons to break up are “I don't want to remain single,” “My family/friends like them,” “I don't know,” and “It's a business arrangement.”

Wealth and sex are additional unacceptable reasons. The answers must be more concrete. His personality and his hobbies should stand out more than those excuses. If it doesn't, it is time to bail.

This fits with friends as well. Why are you with this person? The answer must have a meaning. If you can't name a single reason, cut this person out. If you can't answer the question with no other phrase besides ‘school friends,' maybe it is time to get new friends.


When one party gives and the other party takes, it won't last. A person will take so much before they reach their limit. The person who won't give in is selfish; the excessive giver is generous.

Nonetheless, generosity and selfishness mix like oil and vinegar. The draining and time-consuming relationship consists of one person who doesn't show gratitude in return.

Unfortunately, this situation isn't fixable. Consequently, it ruins friendships, couples, and marriages. Therefore, generosity is one of many valid reasons to break up with the users who take advantage of kindness.

For relationships failing in a different category, does it mean you or the person possess a diva-like attitude? The answer depends on how serious you or the person is about the issue.

Sometimes the reasons to break up are petty ones in the significant other's eyes, and sometimes it isn't. Nonetheless, it is serious to you and the husband or boyfriend must respect it. Treat it as a serious issue and work through this dilemma.

Moreover, you must respect their serious issues in return. In fact, these aforementioned reasons speak to men too. If men suspect these reasons in you, they won't stay.

In conclusion, these reasons to break up a relationship top most relationship endings. You should hold your head high in hopes a worthy match will arrive. Everyone deserves happiness from someone, so never settle for less.

What are your reasons to break up with your boyfriend? Is the breakup justifiable? Comment below and let our readers decide if the breakup is reasonable or harsh. After commenting, share this information on all social media accounts to display breakup awareness.

Even if you don't comment, sharing this information on social media will benefit somebody. We only hope that you take a good look at yourself, the significant other, and the relationship objectively before applying one of these heartbreaking reasons to break up.

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