How To Make Your Crush Notice You And Ask You Out

Getting your crush to realize that you're eyeing them isn't rocket science. There are easy and doable ways. Here's how to make your crush notice you.

You've been crushing on this hot guy for some time now and you're positive as hell that you two have a huge chance at real love. But there's a problem: he doesn't seem to notice that you're a constant part of the environment where he's walking and moving around every single day.

You want him to know you exist but you're clueless on how to even get started. Don't be. Here are 10 of the easiest and most doable ways that will teach you how to make your crush notice you (and even start liking you back in no time).

Establish eye contact

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First things first. Your crush should know and see that you've noticed him and you can do that by making eye contact. It can be a bit awkward at first, especially if you're a naturally shy person but don't forget the important fact that if he doesn't notice you looking at him, chances are he won't realize that you've noticed him.

So the next time you come across each other's paths, give him that playful look and flash your beautiful and warm smile. This would make him feel like you're attempting to establish a connection.

He would then begin to notice you and he may remember you as someone warm and great to be around with. Who knows? It may be the beginning of something new and beautiful between the two of you, right?

Look your best

In today's modern dating world, looking good is not enough. You ought to look your best as often as possible so you can get your crush to notice you (and even give him enough of a push to say “Hi!”).

Now, looking your best is not about looking like you're some glammed up doll fresh from the salon. You can be beautiful without having to spend so much on glamorous stuff that you don't even need or fancy.

Just pay attention to your grooming habits. Don't go out the door without checking yourself out in front of a life-size mirror. It will help prevent a lot of mishaps that you'll have a hard time correcting once you're out of the door (You'll do well trusting us on this!).

More importantly, maintain a positive and cheerful aura, especially when your crush is within distance. By setting a positive impression, you'll help your crush see you as someone likable and fun to be around with.

Get to know what interests him

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Since we now live in a fast-paced and technology-driven world, there are endless ways to find out about what your crush's interests are. No, you don't need to stalk him but you can use technology to your advantage.

Chances are both of you have a social networking account so you can start by sending him a friend request on Facebook and/or following him on Instagram or Twitter. Once you're already acquainted online, you can start digging deeper.

With each post, tweet, and/or share, you'll be able to see what he's all about. You can use this information then in starting a small talk with him the next time your paths cross. Just remember to keep it natural and never bombard him with too much info so he won't think that you've researched and kind of stalked him online.

Doing so can ruin your chances of establishing a connection with your crush and that's the last thing you want to happen after you've gotten this far.

Give small talk a shot

Let's face it. Not everyone is good at small talk and if you happen to be a shy person, this can be a challenge for you in making your crush notice you. Even so, you must know that there are huge perks in attempting small talk with your crush.

First, he won't only notice you; It will be a great start to knowing each other on a personal level. Secondly, he'll see that you're not just about looks (granted that you nailed advice number two above).

He'll see you as someone worth spending time with and will try to get to know you. Once he recognizes these truths, it will open a door so you two can be closer to each other and who knows where it will lead you both, right?

Lastly, you'll be able to gauge this early whether there's a chance that he'll be into you (if he's not yet into you) or if he's someone who's just being polite but isn't really interested at all. It will save you from investing too much into something that's not going to be worth investing time and emotions on, anyway.


Multi-ethnic millennial couple flirting while having a drink on rooftop terrasse at sunset

The art of flirtation is a hard one to master but if you want your crush to notice you, you should give it a try. You don't have to be a master of seduction so you can have him bound at your spell. All you have to do is flirt in ways you're confident with.

The key here is to maintain balance. You don't want to be too flirty and end up looking like a desperate girl (because you're not and you can't afford to be). Just give these basics a shot so you can make your crush notice you.

Try giving him fleeting glances. Don't stare. Touch him lightly to see if he's comfortable with being touched. Tease him when you're in the middle of a relaxed conversation. Give him sincere compliments. By doing any or a combination of these, you'll surely make your crush notice you.

Your crush will notice you if you spread the word

Oh, yes! You think he's cute and awesome and you've liked him for ages. The question is, does he know that? If he doesn't, it's high time you let him know the fact that you've got butterflies in your stomach whenever your paths cross.

You can do that in two not-so-easy but definitely worth-a-try ways. First, if you've got common friends, be sure to kind of mention how you think he's a catch. Make sure your common friends understand that you're saying it not because you just think so but because you like him.

It's crucial that they read your message correctly. Lastly, tell it to him straight. Yes, it would be all kinds of scary but getting it out early can help you two get to where you need to be (if he feels the same way about you).

If he doesn't, well who says you can't start as friends and maybe move to the next level in the future, right? You're a strong and independent woman and making the first move will only make you more of the boss that you already are so own it, girl!

There are guys who are just clueless despite all the efforts you've exerted in making him see that you like him and you crush may be one of them. To avoid wasting each other's time, just tell him you like him. This way, he doesn't have to keep guessing and he can start making the next move. Good luck!

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