How To Actually Find A Guy When You’re Married To Work

When you’re crushing your career, something else happens: you end up married to work. Read on to find out how to find a guy when you’re married to your job.

What happens when you have it all… except for the guy? When you’re crushing your career, you’re having the time of your life working hard every day.

You love your job and can’t imagine not doing this. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, but what about the fact that you want to find love?

It’s possible to stop this and find someone. It really is. Read on to find out how to find a guy when you’re married to work.

1) Two words: online dating

online dating

If you think that you don’t have time for a relationship because you’re so busy working all the time, stop right there. It’s totally possible to be married to work and still have some love in your life. How?

Two words: online dating.

The fact that you can set up a profile on a dating website or download a dating app or two has changed the entire game. And it’s really the greatest thing ever.

You might think that you don’t even have time to fill out a bio, let alone message people or go on actual dates, but that’s where you would be wrong.

Online dating doesn’t actually take as much time as people think. You can absolutely use these tools. If you don’t meet any guys at the office and you spend most of your time working, then this is the best solution.

You don’t have to use these apps every hour of every day. That’s a one-way ticket to exhaustion and burnout and hating dating with a passion.

Pick one or two times a week to get serious about your dating life. Send some messages – don’t just wait for guys to find you first. You will find more success if you message first.

Before you know it, you will have a few first dates set up and you can start meeting more people and seeing if there’s a love connection

2) Take one weekend day off

The whole work/life balance thing may be pretty controversial. Some people think that it doesn’t exist. Others think that sometimes your life is more about work and other times, it’s all about your personal stuff.

No matter how you feel about this subject, you do have to create more space in your schedule for finding love. It’s the only way to find a guy when you’re married to work. It’s pretty much non-negotiable.

It would be better if you could take the entire weekend off because you would have time to go on dates on Saturday night (and you would also be able to actually let your hair down and chill out since you won’t be working all weekend).

If you do have to work, then take one weekend day off.

One day. That’s it. You can do this. You’ll be less stressed and you’ll want to fill up your free time… which will make you even more committed to finding a relationship. Before long, you’ll be dreaming of Sunday brunch dates with your one true love.

3) Create goals for your love life

woman writing plans

Since you’re married to work, you’re obviously great at goal setting (and crushing). Why not apply the same hard work and attitude to your love life as well?

Create some goals. These can be big, like wanting to find a life partner, husband, and father to a kid or two. You can also set yourself some goals that are pretty small, like sending out 10 messages a week to new guys or wanting to go on one first date a week.

This may seem silly and it might take some getting used to, but you will see success once you start taking this whole dating thing as seriously as you do your job.

That’s really the difference between you and girls who are in a relationship. They wanted to find love and they found it. You can totally do the same thing.

4) Get rid of the guilt

You know how moms feel guilty about taking time away from their children to get a manicure, have coffee with a friend, or even take a shower and wash their hair?

You’re going to feel guilty when you stop working 24/7 and start paying attention to your personal life. That’s just inevitable.

But don’t let the guilt stop you from finding love. If you want to stop being married to your job, this is an important step.

Get rid of the guilt and tell yourself that you deserve to be loved. You’re an amazing person and you’ve gotten so far and accomplished so much in life. Why can’t you find a partner?

If you feel bad about going on a date instead of staying late at the office on a Tuesday night, or you feel like you can’t even schedule any dates because you never know what your work schedule is like, stop right there.

Don’t let guilt ruin your chances of finding love. You’re only going to regret it later.

5) Take more risks and chances

Portrait of an attractive woman seriously listening to her boyfriend while on a date

The thing is that when you start dating, you go on a lot of first dates, and there are very few second (or even third) ones. That’s just inevitable.

You can’t like anyone and it’s rare that you’re going to want to see people again. The problem?

If you’re used to going on only first dates, you might never even consider going on second dates, and that means you never get to know any guys well enough to seriously date them.

Not all first dates are fun. Some are awkward (okay, most are awkward) and that doesn’t mean that you can’t see this guy again. Sometimes, you’re both an awesome match but are just nervous or shy or you had a tiring day at the office.

If you take more risks and chances and say yes to more second dates, you might just find yourself falling in love.

Playing it safe means keeping things the way that they are. Remember that and you can absolutely stop being married to your job and start finding love.

Finding love is never simple, and when you’re married to your job, things get even more difficult and complicated. You may think that you have to give up on the dream of finding romance and focus on your career… but you don’t have to do that at all.

These five tips should help you find love. And then you really will have it all: a job that lights you up every day and a guy who makes you happier than you ever thought was possible.

Do you feel like you’re married to your job? What are your tips to find love even when you work all the time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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