How To Get Him To Break Up With His Girlfriend

Yes, it is kinda controversial to fall in love with someone else's boyfriend. But, all is fair in love and war, so, it's time to start your battle!

While it’s not an ideal scenario, pursuing a taken man is more commonplace nowadays.

You may think it’s a long, difficult, complicated process to nab the man of your dreams from his significant other, but it’s actually not.

Granted, it is a difficult, sensitive situation and you need to be very careful when choosing your strategy.

You can’t be overly sexual, but you can’t be overly prudish either. It needs to be the right balance of seduction and psychological tactics.

The following tips are guaranteed to place your mark on your target and make him yours.

Look your best

A trendy couple is walking in the city center

This is a crucial point because men are definitely visual creatures.

Simply put, a man will not pursue anything if he sees a girl who isn’t put together nicely. Now, this does not give you license to reveal as much skin as you can.

Men prefer a classy lady who dresses appropriately with maybe a little skin showing.

Men love a mystery. In the days of the Geisha, it was found that the men of Japan were more attracted to the subtly revealed skin of the neck and wrists through the Geisha’s kimono and gestures instead of the painted, nearly nude prostitutes who also trolled the streets near the okiyas.

Take the cue from the Geisha and be subtle. You will be glad you did.

Also, being presentable doesn’t mean that you have to wear luxury, brand name items.

There are plenty of stores in the mall (and online) you can shop at where you can find trendy and fashionable items without breaking the bank.

Please dress for your body type as well. You don’t need to be a size zero to look like a goddess.

You can still get a man’s attention if you wear something flattering to whatever figure you may have. Men love women of all shapes and sizes.

The same thing goes for hairstyles. Sure, it’s great to put your hair up into some pulled back, complicated style, but it makes you seem too severe and intimidating to your prey.

Men like to play with runaway strands of hair, so don’t have it all pulled back. They also like to run their fingers through our hair.

If your hair is short, just make sure it is clean and combed. No need to spike it or curl it.

Also, keep a light hand with your cosmetics. Too much makeup will make your target think that you are desperate and he will be turned off. Men prefer a more natural look.

Use neutral tones, maybe a little mascara, bronzer, and blush. Instead of dramatic shades of lipstick, opt for a lip gloss that shimmers and catches the light in interesting ways.

It will make your lips more kissable and he will be instantly drawn to you. Plus, it’ll help you avoid the inevitable lipstick stains on your teeth.

Play the staring game

Again, men are visual creatures. Sure, you may have captured his attention with your appearance, but, you need to show him that he’s caught your eye as well.

Your stare must be subtle and mysterious. Instead of blatantly ogling him, look at him for a few seconds and then focus your attention elsewhere.

This little game of cat and mouse will keep him vying for your attention as he will feel the excitement as well. Men love peekaboo that way.

You might also want to practice your seductive stares so that when your eyes meet, he will feel the heat from your eyes as well as everywhere else.

Another handy tip is to lick the tip of your finger or casually bite your lower lip if your hands are occupied. This is a subtle clue to your target that you’d like to play.

Win the attention of his friends

Group of young beautiful people sitting in a restaurant and taking a selfie while smiling

Men are social creatures who travel in packs. The best way to attract the alpha wolf is to gain the attention and favor of the rest of the pack.

Be friendly with his friends and treat them just as well as you would treat your target.

Flirt a little, joke around and be friendly with all of them. That way, they’re sure going to curry favor with you in the long run.

Believe it or not, a man will trust the opinions of his friends and will listen to any advice they give him.

They will also notice any red flags that your intended might not, so you need to monitor your behavior and be careful around them.

A man will keep his interest piqued in a girl if his friends have a high opinion of her. Be that girl.

Bring out his protective side

There’s something in a man’s subconscious and ego that makes him enjoy being the knight in shining armor.

Now, I am not telling you to be the constant damsel in distress. Men are immediately turned off if they continually have to help a girl out.

If you need to adjust your shoe, put your hand on his arm for support. If you manage to snag him for a dance or two, stick close to him and don’t let any other man cut in.

Pretend he is your bodyguard and that it is crucial that you stick together. Be subtle about it.

By bringing out his protective side, you are showing him that he will always be a major fixture in your life and will always feel that need to be around.

Men love to be useful, especially when it revolves around women. It puffs up their ego.

Stay mysterious

There are few men that I have encountered who enjoy seeing everything a girl has to offer up front.

Men love mystery in a woman. Don’t give anything away to your intended all at once. Make him work for it.

Have the right conversations

Love couple on the street with retro scooter

When you’re talking to your target, you will need to avoid any political conversations and other topics that revolve around your future.

If you keep talking about marriage and a family, that shows a man that you are desperate and he will be immediately turned off.

When he asks you questions, make sure it all pertains to the present. What you do, what you enjoy doing, and what turns you on are what he is interested in.

Again, be mysterious and vague. He will be intrigued enough to pursue when he wants to know more about you.

The final touch

When you have to part ways (and you will at some point), you will need to leave a lasting impression in the form of a fleeting touch.

Do not pounce on your crush and stick your tongue down his throat. He will be immediately turned off and you will lose any ground you gained with him.

Instead, brush his lips with your fingertip. Give him a gentle kiss on the shell of his ear, or trail your fingertips along his jawline.

It’s these small, unexpected gestures that will keep you on his mind long after you’re gone. They are unpredictable and sensual…two things men love.

It is always risky to pursue a man who is already spoken for, but if you follow these important steps, he will be putty in your hands.

Be patient, be seductive, and be unforgettable…for he will ultimately be yours forever.

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