6 Reasons Why Women Like Us Want to be Ravaged

Being ravaged represents supreme desire. It’s desire, it’s longing and it’s control or the lack of it. It’s hot and it’s horny. So, what is it that drives our desire to be ravaged?

There are definitely times when we need to be handled with tender love and care and treated gently.

It’s no secret that we all appreciate a little TLC, but it seems that, given half the chance and—at least sometimes—secretly, many of us crave a certain kind of unbridled passion that is red hot and rocking. That’s passion at its absolute best and perhaps it’s not such a mystery when you read the top six reasons why women like us want to be ravaged.

Is it pure lust or a desperate passion? Do we even realize that sheet-clawing, bodice-ripping, unbridled passion can be breathtaking and most definitely worth the effort? From my small survey, I discovered six reasons why women want to be ravaged.

Being ravaged represents supreme desire. It shouts out very loudly, “I can’t wait any longer, and I have to have you now.” It’s desire. It’s longing. It’s control or the lack of it. It’s hot and it’s horny. Show me a person who doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of those passions and I’ll show you a person who is definitely missing out!

It probably starts with a little bit of wicked imagination… When you see that attractive man on the street, in a bar or even in the supermarket and there is just something about his shirt pulling tight across his chest, something in the way that he looked at you just a little too long, those long eyelashes, that full mouth and immediately you think of his arms wrapped around you, holding you tightly, making you feel wanted!

1. It’s such an aphrodisiac.

Young people kissing outdoors

Being in the company of someone who you know feels passionately about you can be such an aphrodisiac. When your lover tells you that he just can’t wait any longer to touch you or that he simply must kiss your lips or stroke your neck, the passion can be so hot that it almost burns.

2. Men are visual creatures.

Ladies, realize that men are extremely visual creatures and most men seem to love the look and feel of silk lingerie, lace stockings, basques, corsets and, of course, high heels.

Perhaps it’s the thought of being ravaged that makes us want to dress to thrill and if we have it, we will most definitely want to flaunt it. If it ratchets up his temperature and he shows it, we will love wearing sexy lingerie to really push him over the edge and into ravage mode.

3. You can’t wait and won’t wait.

boy and girl sitting on wooden floor near the rumpled bed opposite the window

I want you. I can’t wait to get my hands on you. You drive me crazy—all great verbal expressions of unfulfilled lust.

Sometimes that kind of verbal longing can just fan the flames of a great passion and when he adds some of those passionate actions, the whole thing can develop into a blaze. What follows then is the sheet-clawing, bodice-ripping, unbridled passion that is absolutely breathtaking and something you will want to experience again and again.

4. It stirs a feeling of being wanted and desired.

Being ravaged makes a woman feel wanted and desired. We all long to be wanted, so to be told via actions and not just words that you are wanted is an incredible feeling. Not only does it feel good in instant stimulation terms, it is also amazing for the ego and will definitely boost even the least confident person and put the proverbial spring back into anyone’s step.

5. This is what bliss is.

You know the feeling of excitement when you’re looking forward to going on holiday?

Remember also the feeling and sensation of relaxing, unwinding and acclimating yourself in your holiday destination?

Being ravaged is just as good—if not better—than that feeling. This is especially true if you are ravaged often because being ravaged is certainly as good as going on holiday; you may come back completely worn out but you will feel refreshed and want to do it all over again as soon as you get the chance.

6. Don’t kiss and tell.

Fashion photo of sexy young brunet lovers they are hugging and kissing on a bad at home

Being ravaged can make you feel so hot and horny that it is something that you really wish you could share.

You’d love to show off your lover and tell your friends everything, what he does to you and how much he wants you because you know, without a doubt, that they would be so very jealous. But, as much as you want to, you don’t share anything with them because you just don’t kiss and tell.

So, if you’ve never been ravaged, you simply haven’t lived.

To make sure that you get your share, why not tell your man that you like the sound and thought of being ravaged by him—or better still: introduce him to YouQueen and show him this article!

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  • I believe the word you are looking for is “ravish.”

    “Ravage is what syphilis does to you.