Drive Your Guy Completely Wild With the Male G-Spot

A little back-door stimulation will make your man lose his mind with wave after wave of intense, toe-curling, mind-numbing pleasure. That’s what the male G-spot is all about.

Ladies, let me be honest with you. What you’re about to read isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not for women who pride themselves on being demure in the boudoir. This act of sexual pleasure is meant for those who want to have your man screaming your name in pleasure.

I myself have reserved this particular trick for only those men I have deemed worthy. In other words, if he’s given me the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life, then I’ll return the favor.

This is the way you do it.

The Male G-Spot?

The male G-spot is all about trust and intimacy.

I’m sure the very first question on your mind is, “What is the male G-spot?” Good question.

The male G-spot is the sexual equivalent of the female G-spot. It’s in a hard-to-reach place, it’s often considered a myth and it’s loaded with stimuli.

It is not a myth, however. The male G-spot is very real indeed. Maybe you know it by its everyday name: the prostate gland.

I’m sure you’ve heard your man complain about having his prostate checked, but don’t let that deter you. Having a prostate exam is no more sexually stimulating than having a pap, ladies, but you still let him play down there, right? It’s the same concept.

The prostate is a very sensitive gland this is easily accessible in different ways. By stimulating this gland, you will help your man achieve a longer erection and a much stronger orgasm. The prostate has many more nerve endings in it than the head of his penis, which is why it’s so pleasurable for him when you stimulate it.

Where Do I Find It?

The prostate is located inside your man’s body under his bladder. It is most easily accessible through his anus.

I know he’ll hesitate. That’s an uncomfortable area for a lot of guys to think of sexually. It’s an uncomfortable area for many women to consider in a sexual manner as well!

But you shouldn’t let its location cause you hesitation. The male G-spot is one of the most erotically tantalizing places on your man’s body.

X Marks the Spot

The easiest and best way to find the male G-spot is to insert your finger inside his anus. Once the tip is about two inches deep, press against the the side facing his bladder. You’re looking for a small lump, about the size of a walnut. Once you’ve found it you’ll feel it right away.

Before you begin, a few rules. I’m sure there are places on your body where you’re hesitant to let him touch, so be conscious that he’ll probably be hesitant as well. Make sure your man is already sexually stimulated and ready to go before you attempt to find his G-spot.

Once you’re sure he’s in the mood (you’ll know when), use your forefinger and gently circle the outside of his anus. The best time to do this is when you’re giving him killer oral sex (he won’t be able to resist the sensation of this orgasmic mix). He’ll be much more relaxed and open to whatever pleasure you’re going to give him next. And definitely add some lube.

If he doesn’t tense up and try to stop you when you begin to touch his anus, then it’s safe to insert your finger.

Before you do, you need to make sure your fingernails are cut short. I mean it. You don’t want to scratch him on the inside. That could be painful. Worse, it could cause a serious infection. The inside of your anus has very thin skin and a lot of bacteria. Safety first!

Second, you must use lubrication. I recommend that you keep a little bit of lube by your bed. You never know when you might need it, right? Nothing breaks the mood like getting up to fetch the lube out of the hall closet, so keep it close by.

Want to know a good trick?

Get some flavored lubrication and use it on him when you’re giving him oral sex. You can slip a little bit on your finger in anticipation of G-spot stimulation. It’s secret and convenient, and most importantly it doesn’t break the mood!

Now that you’re ready, and you’re already giving him oral pleasure, slowly slide your lubricated finger into his anus. I’d suggest the pinky finger, but that’s awkward. Use your index finger.

If he begins to squirm and push you away, stop what you’re doing and ask him gently for his permission. Tell him you want to please him, tell him it won’t hurt, and tell him you will stop immediately whenever he asks. This is one of those things you might have to sweet-talk him into.

Once he agrees, you can continue your slow exploration.

Slide your finger along the inner wall with your fingertip facing his bladder. When you feel the little lump you’ve found your spot.

Ways to convince him

Now, you might have a hard time to convince him to try this. But here are a few ways to ease him into it (he’ll thank you later).

The sexiest way to do it is to first get him rock hard. Tease him with a few dirty words throughout the day with some mental foreplay. Then, before you get sexual… get him have a long, warm bath. This will get him to relax. You can even give him a sensual oil massage to turn him on. Now you move onto driving him wild with your tongue — your secret weapon of mass orgasmic eruptions. This is how you ease him into it.

While going deeper than Atlantis, you start massaging around his anus and further turning him on. You’ll notice how his erection is growing ever stronger. Slow down, so he doesn’t have to fight the urge of orgasming right then and there… and that’s when you start playing around with inserting a finger, gently, easing him into it. All the while caressing his iron-strong piece with your god blessed other hand. He’ll feel like he’s in another world — and you’re just getting started.

How to Stimulate the Male G-Spot

Once you’ve found his G-spot, all you need to do is gently caress it back and forth. Slowly rub your finger along the inside wall, stroking his prostate up and down with minimal pressure. If you really want to get him going, use the same rhythm you’re using as you give him oral sex.

If your man is not comfortable with penetration, that’s not the end of the world. Do you know that spot between his testicles and his anus, that little area underneath his scrotum? That’s another way to stimulate his prostate. That particular area – the perineum – is one of the most sensitive places on a man’s body. All of the nerve endings from his prostate gland can be stimulated from this area because of the way the nerves are connected.

If you gently stroke it back and forth, tease it with your fingertip, or even lick it with your tongue (he’ll marry you), you’re going to give him almost the same amount of pleasure you would if you were stimulating his G-spot from the inside.

Happy Endings

Drive him wild with a little backdoor stimulation and he is sure to return the favor.

So what happens when you’ve finally stimulated that spot?

Your man loses his mind, that’s what.

The prostate has so many sexual nerves in it that it’s unlike anything your guy has experienced before. It is the equivalent of the female G-spot. His orgasm will be much more intense and satisfying!

And if you play with it the right way, the prostate gland can be an excellent way to keep your man erect for a longer period of time.

Toys That Will Help

One of the most common toys for prostate stimulation is the anal plug. You’ve probably seen them before…but do you really know what these toys are all about?

The anal plug does two things. First, they are stretchers that can be used in preparation for first-time anal sex, making penetration easier and more comfortable. Second, the plug presses against his G-spot, forcing a constant erection.

That’s right, it’s stimulates the prostate gland.

If you’re going to get an anal plug to help keep his erection going, then start small. Always start small. That’s important.

If you’re not going to go that route, don’t worry. There are other toys to play with. For example, did you know that you can use a small vibrator to stimulate his G-spot? Oh yeah, most definitely. You don’t even have to insert it!

Of course, you can insert it if he’s up for it. There are many smaller dildos and vibrators on the market that are actually intended for anal stimulation. If you’re going to use a dildo or vibrator, you need to use it properly, however.

Always lubricate and keep it clean

Always lubricate! I can’t stress that enough. It’s really important.

And keep it clean. Wash your toys after each orifice – especially if you’re sharing them.

If you’re inserting a vibrator, it’s best to use the lowest setting first. Don’t start with high speed – that could be painful for him. Lubricate the toy well, insert it slowly and gently, and then turn on the vibrations. If he finds it too uncomfortable, turn off the vibration and just gently slide the tip of the toy against his G-spot.

Anal beads are great for G-spot stimulation too. Seriously, anal beads are mind-blowingly pleasurable for men and women, so you might want to let him demonstrate on you first.

You’ve got to use lube with beads too. Insert the beads slowly and gradually into his anus, then do what you must to get him to the brink of orgasm. As his orgasm arrives, very slowly pull the beads out. This will stimulate is prostate gland over and over as he cums.

It’s a pleasure unlike any other

Many men are unaware that they can use their prostate for sexual stimulation and gratification. And many women are too afraid to try it.

Don’t be afraid to give your man the pleasure he deserves. The male G-spot is the one place on a man’s body that is guaranteed to make him orgasm like never before. Don’t believe me? Try it!

How to find and stimulate your G spot?

Your G Spot is practically invisible unless your body is in a sexual state of anticipation – you have to be turned on!

 Many women don’t begin to enjoy G Spot pleasure until later on in life. The reason for this is that as a woman gets older, her Oestrogen levels decrease, which means that the walls of her vagina get thinner, allowing more access to G Spot stimulation.

Here is how to find and stimulate your G spot, too.

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  • I dont identify with either girl or guy btw so wherever that´s shown it´s incorrect. I just wanna tell you that “sweettalking him into” and “once he´s up for it” are both kinda rapey, ask him gently if he doesnt want to. dont. simple as that. just as you should be with him about things you´re uncomfy with. it´s important. it´s called `consent`incase you wanna look it up.. …