Steamy Foreplay: Prepare Him for the Best Sex He’s Ever Had

Bring your guy to his hardest climax yet with these steamy foreplay tips; he will always think of you as the best sex he’s ever had.

Amazing sex and earth-shattering orgasms don’t just happen. You have to build up the sexual anticipation, tease and tantalize him, and feed his imagination. If you want average sex, lay back and enjoy yourself; but if you want amazing sex, follow these sex tips for steamy foreplay and take control…

It all starts with a suggestion…

You can warm him up first with a little mental stimulation. Find a way to insert the idea of sex into his head, way before you intend to take him to the bedroom! Do it before he leaves to go to work in the morning by hinting that you’re going underwear shopping, and that you’re after something sexy. He will have a sexy image of you in his head all day, and be looking forward to coming home so that he can undress you.

What kind of sex do you want to have?

Foreplay is not only about arousal; it also sets the tone for the kind of sex you are going to have. Are you feeling kinky or sensual? Naughty or nice? If you decide on what kind of sex you want to enjoy with your boyfriend beforehand by going with how you are feeling, then you are more likely to be able to get yourself, and him, into the right mindset for it before the foreplay even starts!

If you are out on a date, for example, and you know that you want to prepare him for some very steamy and passionate sex later on, then why not use your body language on the date to transfer your sexual mood over to him, so that when things get physical he won’t be taken aback by your assertiveness, instead he will already be anticipating it?

Play with the way you look at him; are you looking smitten or hungry? What are your hands doing? Are they tenderly stroking the inside of his thigh as you sit next to him sipping on wine, or are your red painted nails gently raking the back of his hand to illustrate your desire to get him on his own?

How to arouse his desire for you

They say amazing sex happens when you focus on your own pleasure and your own climax, but I beg to differ. When you eagerly give a guy what he wants in the bedroom, and go out of your way to turn him on, he will feed off your desire and you will feed off the desire you have created in him.

Want to know how to arouse his desire for you? It’s easy, just show him what he wants to see and tell him what he wants to hear. Do it all with genuine enthusiasm and he will be turned on not only by your confidence but also by your uninhibited desire for him! Every man likes to have his ego stroked.

Turn yourself on at the same time…

looking each other

Turning yourself on at the same time as you turn him on during foreplay will give your guy less to think about so that he can focus on receiving pleasure and building up to his earth shattering climax.

Why not watch a sexy film together, or put on some sexy music while you are both cooking in the kitchen? If you are already in the bedroom, maybe you could get out one of your erotic novels and read it to him?

Awaken his senses with a sensual massage

A great way to relax your boyfriend and bring his awareness to all the different parts of his body that are linked to his sexual arousal is to give him a long sensual massage.

I don’t mean the kind that will put him to sleep, though!  Focus on feather light touches in areas he is not used to being touched like the backs of his knees and ankles, and mix it with some deep sensual shoulder and back rubbing.

Keep him awake by introducing different props to give him a variety of exciting sensations, awakening all his senses and creating a sense of sexual anticipation. You can play with different temperatures too; ice cubes are great for making sure he doesn’t fall asleep!

Don’t forget to use your own body as a sexual tease as well, helping to build the sexual anticipation by brushing against his back with your hair, or squeezing the muscles in your thighs and grinding into him with your crotch as you get deeper into the massage to illustrate the fact that you are getting just as turned on as he is!

TIP: Give him a head massage for some real sexy stimulation. Use your fingertips to knead into his scalp, behind his ears, across his head and down the back of his neck. The head is a wonderfully large erogenous zone with plenty of nerve endings that link to all areas of the body. Or you can buy a head massager specially designed to probe the right spots and give him an orgasmic experience. Your man will think he has died and gone to heaven if you get one of these!

Tease his c*ck with your mouth

When you go down on him, and this should definitely be part of your foreplay seduction, bring him slowly to the brink of pleasure, but never all the way. If you want the amazing blowjob and sex and you want to give your man the best orgasm he has ever experienced, you must make him wait as long as possible for his final satisfaction.

So pay close attention to his body language, and when he starts to get too excited, bring him back down by spreading and shifting your attention to his balls, thighs, and then come up for a passionate snog. He will be going crazy!

Dare to go where no girl has gone before…

I have a secret to tell you… Did you know that there is one guaranteed way to make your man come harder than he ever has climaxed before? Not many men get to experience such an intense orgasm because not many women are keen on the idea of this little secret; but if you want to see you man lose control, try it with him at least once.

Slide your lubricated finger in and out of his anus during oral sex or penetration, wiggle it around a bit, and watch him enter a realm of pleasure that isn’t even on this planet.

You might be looking a bit horrified right now, but that is where your man’s G Spot is I’m afraid, and it’s not as bad as it sounds anyway. If you are concerned, make sure he is fresh out of the shower.

Don’t just shove your finger in unannounced though, because he might not like it at all! A lot of men don’t like the idea of having anything in their ass. But if you’re guy is up for it, you could end up being the girl who literally moves the earth for him.


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