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Sex in the Shower: Slippery, Sudsy, Sexy Fun

Are you looking for an exciting new place to have sex? Why not get dirty while you’re getting clean? Here are the ins and outs of sex in the shower.

Sex. Sometimes it’s all we can think about. When we get a new lover it’s definitely all we think about, and when we’ve been with the same comfortable person for a long enough time we try to think of new ways to enjoy it.

Bedroom sex inevitably becomes a little boring after a while for new lovers and old lovers alike.

That’s why you should take a risk and try something new! Instead of your usual lovemaking in the comfort of your snuggly warm bed, why not venture into the wet and wild? One of the most erotic and tantalizing places to have sex is in the shower.

Why It’s Fun

Beautiful young loving couple hugging while standing in shower
Shower sex offers complete sensory overload. And it feels a little naughty, too.

Sex in the shower is great for many reasons. For one thing, there are so many sensations happening to you at once that your senses are in overload. Also, when you have sex in the shower you feel as if you’re doing something naughty…and that’s always a plus.

Anytime you have sex in a non-traditional place it feels just a little dirtier than bedroom sex, doesn’t it? Shower sex is no different. Not only do you get the thrill of watching your lover wet and naked, but you get to rub that naked body against yours in the process.

Admit it, who doesn’t enjoy seeing her man naked and wet? Even wrapped in a towel with dripping hair, your man is a sexy sight to behold, isn’t he?

Sex in the shower is fun because it’s thrilling. It’s new, it’s adventurous, and it feels like you’re enjoying a long-hidden secret fantasy.

When to Try It

There are plenty of reasons why you should give shower sex a try, but the real magic is when you try it.

Sex in the shower is more than just a fun romp when you’re already in the mood, it’s also a great place to be when you’re not supposed to be having sex.

For example, the shower is an amazing place to have sex when you’re on your period. Yes, ladies, there are benefits to having sex when it’s that time of the month, and believe it or not most men don’t really mind it.

Sex during your period helps relieve tension. It helps ease cramps. And it definitely keeps your crazy down. But nobody wants to ruin a perfectly good set of sheets just to get laid. Bloodstains are forever.

Having sex in the shower isn’t only fun, it eliminates the need to replace your linens. You’re naked, you’re right beside the soap and everything will wash down the drain. It’s the perfect place to relieve your PMS.

The shower is also a great place to have sex when you’re running late for work but you want to slip in a quickie (no pun intended). We all know that we need a shower after sex to wash off all that sweat and orgasm, right? Instead of wasting time by having sex and then taking a shower, just have sex in the shower. It’s much faster and it satisfies that urgent desire.

The Soapy Work Up

Shower sex doesn’t have to be ordinary sex. There’s a lot you can do with running water and a bar of soap. One of the most sensual benefits of sex in the shower is the work-up.

If you really want to get your lover stimulated, take the opportunity to wash him down. Gently caress his skin with the slippery soap. Run your fingers teasingly over his wet body. He won’t be able to resist you for very long, I guarantee it.

Getting clean is half the fun of getting dirty, because soaping him up is the foreplay. Think of all the places you can caress when your hand is covered in silky soap bubbles.

Standing Up, Facing Each Other

Loving affectionate nude heterosexual couple in shower hugging
There's something special about feeling your lover's west, slippery body sliding against yours.

One of the downfalls to shower sex is that it’s often difficult to find a good position. You can’t lie down and there really isn’t much room for maneuverability.

If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who is about the same height as you, then your shower sexcapades will be much easier.

One of the best positions for shower sex is facing each other. Have your partner press your back up against the shower wall as he faces you and then enjoy some of the best sex of your life!

If he’s too tall for ease of entry, you may just have to stand on your tip-toes.

Standing Up and Facing the Wall

Of course, you don’t have to face each other. If you turn and face the wall, your man can enter you from behind. You’ll experience an entirely different set of pleasures.

There are two ways to make this move work. You can either face the wall directly under the shower head and let the warm water rush over your skin as you and your lover are getting it on, or you could face the wall beside the shower head.

Each has its advantages. For example, if you’re directly under the shower you will experience all kinds of titillating sensations. You get to enjoy the full experience of the cool air, the warm water and your lover’s hands…not to mention what you’re feeling deep inside!

The downside is that being directly under the shower head can make you feel as if you’re drowning. The sensations may be overwhelming. You could find it hard to catch your breath.

The wall next to the shower offers many of the same benefits, plus the reassurance that you can easily shift your position and be directly under the flowing water if you get chilled.

It is doubtful you’ll get chilled.

Standing on the Edge of the Tub

If there’s a significant difference in height between you and your lover, then you could always try standing on the edge of the tub and bending your knees so that your pelvis is at the same level as his.

This is an advanced move. You must have strong knees and a very good sense of balance to make this work, and you have to be very careful not to slip.

I also recommend having your lover support you by holding your ass in his hands. Honestly, are you going to complain?

Bent Over

sexy young woman under water
Warm water pounding onto your skin and your man pounding into you from behind. Shower sex is a recipe for world-rocking orgasms.

One of the best shower positions is bent over. It works whether you and your lover have a height difference or you’re basically the same size.

Bent-over is basically doggy-style on your feet. All you have to do is bend over and brace your hands on the edge of the tub. Spread your legs and your guy will do the rest.

There are many reasons this position works so well. First, it allows him easy access. Second, there’s a lot less chance of slipping and falling, so you can devote more attention to sensation and wriggling around. Finally, it’s a deep-penetration position which gives him more depth and angle for your pleasure.

Licking It Off

Even if you can’t find a comfortable position, the shower is a great place for foreplay before you finish things off in bed. Aside from soaping each other up and down, there’s also the very sensual act of washing each other’s hair.

I know it doesn’t sound very sexy, but trust me, it feels sexy. Having your lover tenderly wash your hair is one of the most sensually pleasing experiences you’ll ever have. If you’ve never tried it, now’s the time.

Oral sex is great in the shower too. You can drive your man absolutely wild with passion if you give him a blow job under the running shower water. Men always love to see women naked and wet, but seeing you naked and wet with his penis in your mouth…well, that just about tops it all.

Remember that it’s as blessed to receive as to give. Let him return the favor by performing oral sex as you stand under the hot running water. Feel the intense pleasure of his mouth filled with warm water and licking you at the same time. You’ve never felt anything better!

Safety Precautions

Shower sex can be dangerous. If you aren’t careful you could very easily slip and hurt yourself. Before you have sex in the shower you do need to take precautions. The most important thing you can do is make sure you’re sturdy and secure.

Aside from being in a good sexual position that avoids slippage, you should add security to your shower. Here are some items to consider:

Suction cups: Believe it or not, there are specially made suction cups that are intended for use with shower sex. These stick to your wall at the height of your choosing, giving you handles to hold onto and brace yourself with. It’s not only safe, but it’s also kind of sexy!

Bath mat: The most important thing you can have in your tub (regardless of whether or not you’re having sex there) is a bath mat. Everybody needs a bath mat! If you intend on having sex in the shower, you especially need a bath mat. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive; it just has to keep you from slipping. I bought mine for five dollars. You can also buy those little stick-on ducks or butterflies. Use whatever you must, but make sure there’s something in your tub to prevent slippage.

Shower sex is fun, it’s exotic, it’s erotic and it will give you all the thrills you could ever imagine. It’s also very convenient for quick sex or that-time-of-the-month sex. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s time to get a little dirty as you get clean?

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