Pampering And Preparing: How To Get Ready For A Date

Date night. Those two words can bring out a lot of panic and excitement in a girl. Don't worry! We'll teach you how to get ready for a date like a pro!

There are many reasons as to why one may have a special date night planned – it can be a first date, blind date, double date, anniversary dinner, holiday, birthday, or a “just because” date night.

Regardless of the occasion, it is always a good idea to prepare for your special night. For many busy couples, the opportunity to have a special date night can be very far and few.

Here are some ways to pamper yourself to have a date night to remember.

1. Regardless of your day, make sure you’re prepared


Of course, we would all love to be able to lounge around and relax and have all the hours in the world to get ready before we go on a date. For some of us, we may be lucky enough to have a free day before the special night, and I will touch on that.

But for many women, date night may come after a long day of work. If you are going on your date right after work or having a crazy day running around, do not panic.

You still can have every opportunity to prepare yourself and make yourself look and feel wonderful. The night before or the morning of your big date, pack a small bag to bring with you on the go of everything you may need for the night ahead of you.

Pack a change of clothing, hair products, perfume, deodorant, extra makeup, whatever you may need to get yourself ready. There have been plenty of times where I have come to work in my uniform and left looking like a completely different person due to getting ready in the locker room right after to go out.

Do not panic- you still have every opportunity to make yourself look and feel your best even if you are exhausted from a long day.

Date night should be something you look forward to after a stressful, busy. One tip that I have for having your makeup look great for date night, especially if you don’t have time to redo it is to wear a setting spray so that your makeup stays all day and night. My favorite is All Nighter from Urban Decay.

Also, if you think that your date may end up in bed, it is always useful to have deodorant and perfume with you and if you can purchase them, some scented vaginal wipes- they will restore all freshness down there.

If you are at work all day and then are worried you may not look your best for date night- do not worry. Just pack yourself up a bag of all the products you may need and you will be good as gold.

2. Go the extra mile

If you have the time during the day, there is nothing wrong with doing a little something extra for yourself before your big date.

Woman Making a Bubble Bath

I have a friend that always takes a bath whenever she has a date that night, and she will use a bath bomb to pamper herself and make her skin feel smooth and smell nice.

Do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel extra special- especially if the date is an anniversary or a special occasion.

Get your nails done, get a facial or massage, even go and get your makeup professionally done at Sephora or get your hair blown out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself.

It is also important to feel your best health wise. On a day when I know that I have a date later on that night, I try to stay away from all foods or drinks that may make me feel bloated or not feel so great.

This is absolutely not me telling you to not eat the day of a special date- just try to do things to make yourself feel as healthy and good as possible.

You deserve to feel your absolute best. Also, don’t just do it to impress whomever you are going out with- pamper yourself because you deserve it, every woman deserves some pampering and self-love.

3. Have set plans

girly planner

Nothing can cause anxiety unlike not knowing exactly what is going on the night of a big date. Of course, it can be very romantic when your date takes care of everything and surprises you.

But the whole point is that there is set plans, even if you don’t know them, and only they do. There have been one too many times where I have had plans for a date, and because they are not set in stone, they go awry.

This especially goes if you are headed to a nice restaurant- always make reservations. There is nothing worse than going out somewhere and having to wait an hour or more for a table.

No matter what the date is- dinner, movies, ice skating, a show, etc… always have some kind of set plan and make sure you and your date agree on it.

Of course, as women, sometimes we can take a little longer getting ready than expected- but it is better to be fashionably late than to be confused about whether your plans are set in stone or not.

4. Don’t put any pressure on yourself

Beautiful girl looking in the mirrorPampering And Preparing: How To Get Ready For A Date

I feel as though this especially goes if you are going on a first date- try to not have any super high expectations, then you may wind up being disappointed.

Be open to the person that you are going on the date with, and also just be yourself. The person you are on the date with wants to be there with you because they genuinely like you. Laugh, have fun, enjoy delicious food if you are at a restaurant.

Also, wherever the night takes you, just go with it. Yes, it can be good in the beginning to have set plans, but it is always fun as well when the night ends in a spontaneous way.

Go wherever the night takes you. Some of the most fun dates I have had have ended in my car, with me just talking to the person I hung out with for hours and hours. Not all date nights have to be extremely fancy or expensive either.

No matter what, if you are with someone you connect with, that is all that truly matters. In terms of also not putting pressure on yourself, this also goes for anything sexual as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a first date with someone, or on the five year anniversary with your significant other. If you do not want to do anything sexual, do not put pressure on yourself. It goes the other way as well, if you feel as though you want to have sex by the end of the night, go for it.

Having sex with someone on the first date does not make you a slut, and not having sex doesn’t make you a prude. If you feel as though that would be a great addition to date night, by all means, go for it. But at the same time, if you do not want to, never feel pressure to. It is your body.

No matter how your night goes, just remember to have a good time. Date nights can be far and few for some people, so try to have the best time you possibly can with someone that you genuinely want to spend the night with.

Ladies, next time you have a date, do all you can to make yourself feel amazing beforehand, you deserve to. Do you have any other tips on preparing yourself for a big date night? If so, leave a comment below! Help a fellow sister out.

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