Romantic Gifts For Boyfriend: 10 Gifts He’ll Actually Like

Gifting your boyfriend with something romantic could be hard, especially when you want him to like it! If you need a few ideas check out our little guide!

When it comes to romantic gifts for women, a lot of the time we’re easier to search for. Many of us are happy with a beautiful bouquet of roses or even a simple box of chocolate. Men aren’t as easy as us!

If you search the web for ideas, you might find people who tell you to write him ‘open when’ letters and give you tons of DIY things to create. Sure, he’ll think they’re cute initially but shortly after, he’ll wonder exactly why you decided to gift him with it.

If you want to give your man a romantic gift that he’ll definitely like, check out our list below!

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #1: Picture


For the simplest and possibly the easiest gift you could give your boyfriend, gift him with a couple picture! Not only is it inexpensive if you’re on a major budget, but it’s still sweet and sentimental.

You and your boyfriend might be the type to slay a photo shoot, or you might have a cute, spontaneous shot from an event you attended together. Whichever couple you are, he would definitely appreciate a picture of him and his favorite girl.

The simplicity of this gift also enhances the number of places he can put the picture. He could place it on his bedside table or he could put in on the mantle in his living room. If he wants to show you off to his coworkers, it will work perfectly on his work desk.

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #2: Boxers

If you’ve ever seen a Calvin Klein ad, you’ll know why buying him boxers could be the best gift. One, it’ll definitely be something that he needs, and two, it will be something that you’ll appreciate seeing him wear. Now that you’ve bought him the boxers, you can control when they get to come off!

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #3: Breakfast in bed

Couple having breakfast in bed

Everyone knows the best way to start off the morning, and after that, you might gift him with a little breakfast in bed. Not only will it be sensual and romantic, but you both can replenish your energy!

You could also go simple like in this picture. Croissants, fruit, and a little champagne can go a long way. If you want to put a little more work into it, check out this perfect breakfast in bed recipe below.

Red Velvet Pancakes (Courtesy of the Food Network)

To surprise your boyfriend with a delicious breakfast, you can try making him red velvet pancakes, and the whole process will only take a half an hour!

You’ll first start by whisking cream cheese (4 oz.), sour cream (1/4 cup), milk (3 Tbsp.), and icing sugar (2 Tbsp.) into a bowl.

Then sift flour (2 cups), cocoa powder (1 Tbsp.), baking soda (1/2 Tsp.), baking powder (1/2 Tsp.), and salt (1/2 Tsp.) into another bowl. You’ll then beat two eggs and granulated sugar (3/4 cup) together before adding in the buttermilk (1 ¼ cups), melted butter (1/2 cup), food coloring (2 Tsp.), vanilla (1 Tsp.), and apple cider vinegar (1 Tsp.).

After this, you can add this mixture to the flour mixture and then you’re ready to make your pancakes. Proceed by lightly coating the nonstick pan with butter and then pour your batter in for your desired size and shape. When you’re finished making your pancakes, you can drizzle them with the cream cheese mixture you made in the first step!

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #4: Dinner

The later companion to breakfast in bed, you can always gift your boyfriend with a romantic dinner. If you want to set the mood, you can always light a few candles, put on a little background music, and bring out the wine glasses.

For some of the best dinner wines, go with light red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp white wine like Sauvignon Blanc. If you’d rather enjoy your wine with dessert, you can always opt for dessert wines like Moscato or Riesling.

Before you get to dessert, you might want to focus on the actual meal. For some romantic dinner ideas, keep your eyes peeled out for our tips on the best romantic dinners to make for your boyfriend.

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #5: Massage

Why not start off a sexy and sensual night with a massage? Instead of sending your boyfriend to get a massage at a spa, this time you’ll be playing the masseuse. Not only will this give your man a chance to relax, but it’ll give you a little personal time to get closer. Similar to setting the mood for dinner, you can start this gift by placing some rose petals around the room and you can’t forget about the candles.

For this carnal massage, candles will work in more ways than you think. Not only can you use them for the perfect lighting, but some candles have more than one use! Brands like Lelo have their own candles that turn to body oil when melted, and you definitely can’t skip out on that for this gift!

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #6: Sexy cookbook

the seduction cookbook

You might like to cook and your man might like to eat. Or you might like to eat and your man might love to cook. Whichever situation it is, gifting your boyfriend with a sexy cookbook is something you should definitely consider. While there are great cookbooks out there about “cooking yourself sexy,” that’s not the idea we’re going for.

There are a few sexy cookbooks out there where they’ll open up the world of food to you and your boyfriend. Whether they’re showing you the best aphrodisiacs or playful ways to keep it spicy in the kitchen, this is one gift your boyfriend can appreciate…or even eat off of you!

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #7: Sexy subscription box

You’ve probably heard of subscription boxes for beauty products and even perfume, but have you heard of sexy subscription boxes? Instead of gifting your boyfriend with a subscription for cologne, try gifting him with an adult box.

Subscriptions like The Fantasy Box are crafted for couples to use together. While many of these boxes will come with body oils and blindfolds, many of them are catered towards women. If you can’t find the perfect one for him or both of you, you can always gift him with being able to use the products on you.

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #8: Vacation

Woman wanting her man to follow her in vacation or honeymoon to beach by the ocean

If your man is a hard worker, you can definitely add a vacation to the list of gifts. You might decide to take him on a regular trip or to a romantic city or resort. Regardless of the locale, you can always make it a romantic situation in the room. There’s something about hotels and resorts that make couples extra frisky, so you can definitely take advantage of that feeling for a few days!

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #9: Naughty Coupons

You might be feeling extra adventurous, and if you are, gifting your boyfriend with naughty coupons might be his favorite gift yet! Although there are some sets that you can actually go out and purchase, this is one DIY gift that he definitely wouldn’t mind receiving.

There are tons of ideas to choose from like fulfilling his favorite fantasy or choosing the sex position of his choice. And if you’re feeling particularly giving, you can leave a few blank and he can choose what kind of coupon he wants to cash in.

Romantic gifts for boyfriend #10: Lingerie

Gifting your man with lingerie might seem like a cop-out, but it’s something he’s sure to love! Some men have their preferences and he might like to see you in either silk, satin, or lace. Whatever he prefers, you can definitely turn this into a gift. Showing up in a sexy lingerie set might seem like the gift to him, but what happens after you allow him to remove it will be the best part!

Are you feeling particularly giving yet! Sometimes it seems like men and romance just don’t mix, but with these sexy romantic gifts, we’re sure you’re bound to find something your boyfriend will love!

In the comments below, tell us some of your ideas of romantic gifts to give your boyfriends!

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