Finding Love On Dating Apps: 13 Tips For More Matches

Beyoncé helped daters swipe “to the left, to the left” on dating apps. If you’re trying to leave a mark and get even more right swipes, check out these tips.

When you’re signing up for dating apps, you might quickly realize how superficial the whole process is.

All you’re given is six photos and a few characters to write something about yourself.

The real question is how to maximize your options when it seems like your chance to express yourself is minimal?

The point is to show off the best assets of your physical being and character in the most tasteful and appealing way as possible.

If you’re looking for an increase in matches on dating apps, check out our tips below!

Don’t be afraid of a selfie


In recent years, there has been a stigma placed on selfies. Something about them seems shallow and superficial to a lot of people, but how else are we supposed to get a picture of ourselves on a good day?

When it comes to dating apps, don’t be afraid to lead with a selfie and make sure it’s your best one.

When you think about the inner workings of dating apps, the most you see at first glance is a picture, their name, and their age.

Clearly, there isn’t much you can do in the name and age department, but you can work wonders with your picture.

Natural lighting always works best so step out into the sun to get a beautiful glow on your skin!

Don’t be afraid to work your angles and if a straightforward picture seems more suited for your LinkedIn than your Bumble account, a slight tilt to the head will make it appear more natural.

Keep your basic info concise

Dating apps are a lot like Twitter, you only get a certain amount of space to express yourself. With that being said, try to get your basic information out quickly and shortly.

All of your potential matches are immediately given your name and age, so there’s no bother adding that. If you want, you can share where you work and what you do.

You might like to share your alma mater and you can do that with a quick “PSU ’15.” And if you’re wondering about whether they would know which university that is, don’t.

If you guys match, that could be a quick talking point!

Keep away from the “duck face”


In the days of Myspace, the “duck face” might’ve been a cool thing, but we’ve finally put it to rest!

When you’re thinking about adding your pictures to your dating app profiles, stay away from the duck face!

You’ll find that “duck face” pictures incite many eye rolls and can even make you look juvenile.

For your pictures, a smile is the best way to go! If you’re not a big fan of showing teeth, smeyesing (smiling with your eyes) is always another go- to, and if you don’t know how to do that, tune into an episode of “America’s Next Top Model!”

Don’t shy away from humor

The thing about dating apps is that you need to leave a mark in a few quick seconds, because on average, that’s how much time most people will spend analyzing your profile.

Don’t be afraid to use humor in your profile! If you love Chinese food, using something like “Can be won over with shrimp fried rice and general tso chicken” is a great way to include your favorite food with a sense of humor.

Limit your number of selfies

While including a selfie as your opening picture is a great idea, you can definitely have too many selfies.

On Tinder, you’re only given 6 pictures and if 4 of them are selfies, you run the risk of appearing a little self-absorbed!

No one is telling you to ditch your selfies, but try limited them to two! Plus, you’ve got to show the other facets of your character with the remaining pictures!

Include your favorite hobbies


A great way for your potential matches to quickly get to know you is through your hobbies.

While you can quickly share this through a series of phrases like “volleyball player/dog lady,” you can also choose to share it through your pictures.

If you have an epic photo of you spiking a volleyball, not only will it show your hobby, but your athleticism.

While you’re taking walk with your dog(s), snap a quick picture of you and your favorite pups.

Show off your assets tastefully


One thing to be cautious about when using dating apps is the vibe that you put out there.

While you might be looking for a serious relationship, we can guarantee that there are going to be a few people who are simply looking for a fling.

Unfortunately, things like cleavage and tight-fitting clothes sometimes give off a “vibe” that the woman isn’t looking for a serious relationship.

I’m curious as to where this trend came from, but nevertheless, just be aware of exactly how you’re showing off your assets and what it might mean to men who share this mentality.

Don’t be shallow

Let’s face it! Dating apps are shallow! You’re given pictures of a person and a short bio and are forced to decide if you’d like to pursue something with them.

My tip for getting more matches is to try not to be “too shallow.” I stand at a taller than average 5’9” and there were times during my quest that I swiped left on a potential match because he didn’t “look” like he passed my requirement of being over 6’2”.

When it comes to dating apps, we don’t have the luxury of being able to stand next to the person, and you shouldn’t miss out on matching with a nice and tall man because he doesn’t look tall.

Include epic traveling pictures


One thing you’ll notice is that most of the society likes to travel, so definitely try to include an epic traveling picture!

You might’ve been cruising to the Caribbean, looking up at the Eiffel Tower, or walking along the Great Wall of China.

Including one of these pictures definitely makes you appear “cooler” and worldlier!

Plus, it shows that you enjoy a good time and that your potential match can expect to have a good time with you!

Snap a picture with your friends


Another thing you can do for your dating profile is to add a picture of you and your friends.

Not only can an abundance of selfies make you appear self-absorbed, but it can also make you seem like a loner.

For picture ideas with your closest peers, opt for a snapshot of a girls’ night out or a vacation you all took together!

Choose one casual and dressed up picture


One of the stigmas about dating apps is that it creates a fanciful version of who a person actually is.

Everyone knows that the members are carefully choosing their best photos in order to secure the most matches.

In order to keep your profile rawer and completely true to yourself, include a casual and dressed up picture.


This way, your potential matches have the opportunity to see you in your common or not so common wardrobe, whether you prefer to dress down or up.

Leave your match “an opener”

This tip definitely plays into the humor of your profile as well. Building on another tip from earlier, you can use your interests to help smooth the transition into a conversation.

You might be getting enough matches, but you might not have enough people reaching out to you.

If you’re a fan of both Chinese food and Mexican food, you can tweak our earlier statement to say “Can be won over with general tso chicken or tacos.”

To finish off your profile, you can leave a simple opener such as “Chinese or Mexican food?”

If you want to add in a bit of humor, you could write something along the lines of “Actively seeking opinions in the superiority of Chinese or Mexican food.”

And if you’d like to be a bit cheekier, add “Swipe right to share your opinion and possibly a meal.”

Be yourself

Our last and final tip when it comes to dating apps is to be you! With shows like “Catfish,” we’re all aware that it’s exceedingly easy to become someone you’re not on the Internet.

If you’re looking for something real that will last, make sure your images and words are completely true to who you are! Just be yourself and the matches will follow!

Are you trying your hand at dating apps this year? In the comments, let us know some of the dating apps you’re using and which techniques you use for the most matches!

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