Why Men Like Older Women: 10 Reasons Explain It All

Discover the reasons why men like older women and why they find them sexier than the younger ones. Here are the top 10. Use them to your advantage!

You might think that being a cheeky, younger woman would be more attractive to men than a woman who has been around the mill, but there is definitely something about the older women that drives men wild.

If you know the secrets, though, you won’t have to be an older woman to appeal to a man’s craving for sexual and emotional maturity…On the other hand, if you are insecure about dating the younger guy, maybe our top 10 reasons will explain to you better why men like older women (and they do, A LOT).

1) Older women are in control of their hormones


Obviously, we are not talking about women going through the menopause, but the older woman is less likely to have the irrational emotional outbursts of a younger girlfriend.

This means less emotional pressure on the guy because he can rely on his older woman to be responsible for her own feelings. This is why men are attracted to younger women who are mature for their age.

No guy wants to feel responsible for a girl’s emotions, it takes the fun and sexiness out of the relationship and makes things feel less equal.

Younger women advice: Don’t be emotionally vulnerable, be in control of your mood swings.

2) Older women know what they are doing in bed

Practice makes perfect and the allure of an older woman is that she has a few sexual tricks up her sleeve!

There is more of a guarantee too that she is in touch with her sexuality and knows exactly how her body works, which makes it easier for a guy to please her under the sheets.

Younger women advice: Get to know your body and your orgasms, masturbate lots, and read!

3) Older women aren’t obsessed with having a perfect model-thin body


Men are attracted to the real curves of an older woman. These are women who are confident with the way their bodies have been built. Many of them have already had children and so they are not obsessed with perfection.

They know they have flaws, they also know that this doesn’t affect the pleasure they can give or receive.

Younger women advice: Stop trying to look like a stick-insect, be proud of your womanly features.

4) Older women aren’t over-eager to tag a man as her ‘boyfriend’

When there is less pressure of commitment a man can focus on enjoying himself.

An older woman is more likely to have had many long-term relationships in her past, and so she is less likely to want to jump straight into another! Who wants to go through all of that emotional hassle again and again?

Younger women advice: Enjoy what is in front of you and stop trying to define your relationship! Go with the flow.

5) Older women are more independent


She probably has her own successful career or a family to look after… Basically, she has her own life.

A guy will find it appealing that a woman doesn’t ‘need’ him. An older woman isn’t going to let her life revolve around a younger guy, she has her own priorities, but he is a welcome addition to it.

Younger women: Stop focussing on him and focus on YOU!

6) Older women know how to show authority

Men like the fact that an older woman isn’t going to let him walk all over her. She knows what she wants, she knows where and how she wants it. When a woman takes control, she is sexy!

Younger women advice: Where is your confidence? If you want something, stop moaning to your girlfriends, and go out there and make it happen!

7) Older women appreciate their younger lovers rather than nag them

He may be dating a mother, but she has had enough of nagging her own kids, she’s not going to want to add another to her list!

Besides she has more important things to be thinking about when she is with her younger lover, like all of the great sex they are having! Younger men do have more stamina after all…

Younger women advice: Stop complaining about what you don’t have and appreciate what you do have. Then more will come…

8) An older woman has her own money, possibly her own car, and her own house

There are no expectations placed on the younger man because she pretty much has everything she needs in life. She’s not likely to want to move in with him, and won’t be relying on him for everything. It is an equal playing field.

Younger women advice: Stop expecting too much from your man. Look after your own needs and you will be a much sexier prospect.

9) Older women have experience


Older women have experience in love, life, relationships, career… you name it. That makes for some intelligent, interesting and stimulating conversation! Guys love to be challenged in a debate, it leads to steamy power-play sex!

Younger women advice: You may or not have your own wealth of experience to draw from, but you do have a choice as to how you come across, so don’t be naive, don’t be a pushover, hold your ground and your opinion.

He will respect you for it.

10) Older women are less selfish in bed

Perhaps it has something to do with having had more lovers, or perhaps it is to do with wanting to give more because they are grateful for the attention they are getting from this hot young stud. Who knows?

But there is a myth out there that has all men salivating at the thought. Older women give better blowjobs! Just thought you should know that…

Younger women advice: Enthusiasm girls! Show him what you’ve got, enjoy every minute of it, make him feel awesome and he won’t care how old you are.

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Scarlett Robinson

I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • “Guys love to be challenged in a debate”

    NO, we don´t. Especially by woman. If we want debate, we have male friends for this, not a girl.

  • All the assumptions that this article mentioned are inherently false, because it cannot be generalized that a woman who is older is also more mature.
    Men like younger women, because they are more fertile and the chances that the younger woman is going to give birth to a healthy offspring is much higher.
    Women like older men, because older men tend to have a strong livelihood, which are essentially for childbearing.
    And why is this whole thing is concentrated on having children? Because they give your life so much meaning that lasts for the third of your life. Unfortunately this is so underrated in our culture.
    Have fun. Have sex. Have babies. :)
    That’s that.

  • Honestly, from my point of view you sound very sexist. Women have their own opinions, and are entitled to challenge a man on his. If my girlfriend didn’t agree on one of my opinions then, yes, sometimes we’d argue about it. Does it matter that she’s female? No. Does it matter she’s not one of my “guy friends?” No. All that matters to me is that she has an opinion, and that she values it enough to challenge my own. My mother and father challenge each other opinions or facts stated wrongly all the time. They’ve been married for 35 years and they don’t mind. My father is a very laid back guy and he has never minded my mother’s opinion at all. They usually have silly little fights about nothing, something, or everything. But they truly love each other. The love is what should matter. If it’s my sister and I, yet again I don’t care that she’s female, it matters that she knows what she’s talking about. A female coworker and I are going rounds? All that matters there is that she knows what she’s talking about and have facts to back it up. You never should care if she’s female. You should care that she’s smart and passionate. Her gender shouldn’t matter. Her mind should.