Signs Of Falling Out Of Love: Is It Time To Move On?

Are you feeling less interested in your partner? If the feelings have changed, you need to know these surefire signs of falling out of love. Can you relate?

Love is a difficult concept; it’s a feeling filled with passion, romance, enthusiasm, sadness, and sometimes even frustration. And while sometimes it feels so easy to fall in love with someone, it can be just as easy to fall out of love.

But how can you know when to end the relationship and move on, or just try to rekindle the love between you and your partner? These 9 signs of falling out of love will determine where you stand in the love field.

1st sign of falling out of love: You don’t want to be around them as often

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During the hot-and-heavy stage of a relationship, you probably wanted to be around your partner literally 24/7. And while it is completely natural to want a bit more space as the relationship moves forward, there is a big difference between continuing your lives together or simply not wanting to be around them.

For instance: if you feel like giving your partner an ‘excuse’ to miss date night every single week, you may be falling out of love with them. You don’t want to be around them and the thought of it actually makes you kind of cringe.

2nd sign of falling out of love: The passion is gone

Remember those steamy make-out sessions on the couch? How about all those times when you simply couldn’t keep your hands off of each other for more than five minutes?

If the passion has become absent in your relationship and you don’t even really want to give your partner the loving that you used to, you may be falling out of love with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

However, this could also mean that the passion just needs a spark to get things going again. Before absolutely determining that you’re out of love, try rekindling the passion in your relationship to see if you see fireworks once again.

3rd sign of falling out of love: You fight constantly

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As time goes on, you and your partner are going to start arguing more- it’s really just a fact. But if you can’t seem to have a conversation for 5 minutes without arguing about something, it may be time to end the relationship and fall in love with someone else.

4th sign you’re not in love: You wouldn’t mind breaking up

It used to be hell to imagine breaking up with your partner; you really couldn’t live without them. But nowadays, your mind is starting to think it might not be a bad thing for the two of you to take a break, if not end things altogether.

My advice would be to DEFINITELY take some time off from the relationship. If, after time, you miss them and want to try it again, it will show that you may truly still love them. However, if you find yourself happier without them, then, unfortunately, you fell out of love with your mate.

5th sign: You have more negative than positive thoughts about your partner

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Think about your boyfriend or girlfriend: do you have happy, positive thoughts about them? Or are the negatives completely outweighing the positives?

If he or she is giving you more of a negative than positive vibe, you’re probably losing interest and falling out of love with them.

6th sign you don’t love your boyfriend: You avoid talking about the future

This is a BIG sign that you are not in love anymore. After all, when you are in a committed relationship with someone, you are most likely thinking of the way the two of you are going to grow and build a future together. If the future does not include your boyfriend or girlfriend, then you most likely are not serious about them and probably don’t love them.

7th sign you are falling out of love: You start checking out other men

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It is totally normal to find other people attractive, even when you’re in a deeply committed relationship. But how far does that wandering eye go nowadays?

Are you checking out every single person walking by and dreaming about taking them on a date? Being with them? Kissing them? If you’re finding yourself taking a good look at other individuals and fantasizing about them, you’re not in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend anymore.

8th sign you are not in love: You’re jealous of other couples

You see other couples at the mall, out to lunch, or simply walking down the road. They are hand-in-hand, smiling, and having a great time with each other.

You can tell they are in love and enjoying each other’s company. It doesn’t make you saw “Aww”, though; it makes you jealous. You want a relationship like that!

Finding yourself jealous of other couples? Then you’re not happy in your relationship, and probably wanting to start up a new relationship with someone new. The only reason for this is: you have fallen out of love with your significant other.

9th sign you have fallen out of love: Communicating is a chore

Talking is NOT fun and interesting anymore. Every time they text you, it feels like a chore to reply; and you may even spend a few extra minutes or hours to reply, simply because you don’t want to engage in a conversation. You miss their phone calls, and when the two of you are together it’s as awkward and boring as ever.

If you suddenly feel like talking to your partner is a chore instead of something you want to do and enjoy, then you have probably left the love train.

It’s sad to think about falling out of love with someone, but sometimes it just happens and it is beyond our control. Have you ever falling out of love with your partner? What were the signs of falling out of love that you experienced?

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