8 Signs You Have Found The Love Of Your Life

When we are in a relationship, we might sit and think about whether this person is “the one.” Here are eight signs that prove that he truly is mister right!

It’s totally acceptable to think about whether the person you are dating is really your soulmate and “the one.” While you two might get along very well, there’s no telling whether you will least forever as a couple.

Perhaps you like to go out and have fun together, but when it comes to serious issues like commitment, trust, and responsibility, they fall short.

Perhaps you two are absolutely perfect together, but still, you can’t help but wonder if you should marry this person.

Marriage can be super scary, and even committing to a long-term relationship can be equally as frightening. Maybe all throughout college, you had hookups and flings because you were afraid of getting too attached to a guy.

Now that you’ve found someone that has completely stolen your heart, you overanalyze everything and can’t help but wonder if he truly loves you. These x signs can help you see if he does or doesn’t.

If he does these eight things, he’s truly the love of your life and soulmate. If they don’t sound familiar, it might mean that your boyfriend is lusting over you, or is just enamored with you. Read on to find out!

1. He texts you in the morning

man texting

Even though it’s a very small gesture, taking the time to text you in the morning is one of the sweetest things a guy can do.

It shows that he was thinking about you first thing in the morning and can’t wait to talk to you, and it also shows that he’s doing something he knows will make you happy.

Every woman loves to get a text from her boyfriend in the morning asking how they are, as it shows she was on his mind, and that she is at the top of his priorities.

While he could just wait to talk to her later in the day after he’s taken care of other things or wait for her to text, he took the initiative to do it and so early, proving that he is willing to put her first.

2. He is always willing to listen when you’re upset

One of the most telling signs about whether a relationship is based on true love or just lust is when it comes to being able to talk about your feelings.

If something is going on at home or at work and you are able to tell your boyfriend and have him support you and make sure you are okay, that is real love.

A boyfriend that brushed off your problems only talks about himself, or calls you “whiney” is not someone you want to stay with. This is especially true if you are always willing to drop things and listen to him.

Your feelings matter, and if you need someone to be able to lean on, he cannot get mad at you for that. You deserve to have a loving and reliable partner.

3. He’s willing to give up “guy’s night”

Young guys holding glasses talking at beach

It’s totally cool if your boyfriend wants to go hang out with the guys, but if you’ve got something on your mind that you want to talk about, are sick and would like to see him, or need help with something (or just want to see him!), it’s a sweet gesture for him to give up his “guy’s night” for you.

Maybe you have a really big event coming up and he had something planned with the boys for that night, but knows how much it means to you and gives it up, that shows he truly cares about you.

He knows where his priorities are, and has you at the top.

4. He always encourages and supports you

A good boyfriend who truly cares about his girl will always encourage and support her in her goals and dreams. He won’t try and break her down out of jealousy, but will rather tell her she can do anything she wants.

While you’re independent and strong yourself, it never hurts to have a partner who is willing to stick with you when it comes to your achievements. He will be proud of you and encourage you to keep going.

5. He always answers your texts back

Beautiful hispanic woman texting on a cell phone

This is a really small gesture as well, but a guy who texts back is one who respects you and your time and isn’t willing to make you wait for whenever he feels like getting around to texting you.

It’s common courtesy to respond to someone, so if your boy just texts whenever it’s convenient for him, that might not be a good sign, especially if he says he’s “too busy.”

Texts take a few seconds to type out and send, and no one is that busy. If he takes a while because he’s in a meeting or busy taking care of something, that’s totally understandable, but if he cares about you and your feelings, he’ll explain why he took so long.

6. He’s honest about everything

A good man will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts you. If he is late coming home one day, he’ll tell you exactly why. If he is unhappy in the relationship, he will tell you because he feels it is better to end the relationship than cheat on you.

He’ll tell you when you’re being dramatic, and he’ll tell you when you need to cool down. The good thing about his honesty is that you can build a meaningful relationship that is full of trust, and when he says he loves you, you know he really means it.

7. He’s willing to talk things out

Happy young couple talking and drinking coffee near the window in cafe

A boyfriend that really cares about his girl will always try and talk things out before getting into an argument. He knows that arguing won’t solve the issue, but talking about things will be able to find a solution or compromise.

He will never hit you, call you names, or put you down, but rather try and fix things in a calm matter because it means a lot to him. He also doesn’t just walk away when things get tough, but rather, stays to try and work things out. No relationship is perfect and he realizes it takes work.

8. He will help you when you need it

If you’re sick or super-stressed and need a hand with a chore or errand, your boyfriend will step in if he truly cares. He realizes that you need help and is totally willing to be there.

These “acts of service” are actually one of the five love languages, and are a huge sign that your partner truly loves you. Sometimes something as simple as helping out with an errand shows so much love a person has for another.

If these signs sound really familiar, congratulations! Chances are the person you are with truly loves you and is there for you.

If your current partner doesn’t do these things, it might be a sign that the love you have is great right now but might fizzle.

Real love means being there for each other and putting in work, and if you feel like your boyfriend doesn’t so that, he might not be the one.