Single On New Year’s Eve: 10 Ways To Find Love In 2017

New Years’ Eve doesn’t seem like a romantic holiday until you’re missing a midnight kiss. If you’re single on New Year’s Eve, check out our tips for finding love in 2017.

Not everyone views New Years’ Eve as a romantic holiday, especially when you compare it to Valentine’s Day. The fact of the matter is that while most of the day might not be romantic, the closer you get to midnight, the more romantic the night becomes.

You’ll see couples start to get closer with plans of spending the last few minutes of the year with their loved one, shortly before they share a kiss at the stroke of midnight.

You might find yourself single on New Years’ Eve and have no one to share a midnight kiss with. If you’re ending 2016 single, that doesn’t mean you have to end the following year the same way! Love might find you in 2017 and check out some of our tips for how!

Attend a sports game

blurred background of sports arena crowd

If you’re a sports fan, heading to a game could be a great way to meet someone! Not only this, but you’ll definitely have a great time!

Regardless of whether you like football, basketball, or baseball, you might find and bond with a fanatic just like yourself. If there’s no bonding going on during the game, be sure to hit the surrounding bars after. You’ll probably find a few stragglers who wanted to enjoy a drink after the game.

Go places alone

Have you ever heard that nothing good ever comes out of being in your comfort zone? Get out of your comfort zone and start doing things alone! Often times we’ll use our friends as our crutch, but if you’re single on New Years’ Eve, make one of your resolutions to go out on your own!

Although it might seem intimidating, you’ll feel as if it’s necessary to start up conversations and who knows where that will lead? Having dinner alone might seem daunting and too lonely, but you can definitely opt for the easier outings like the mall or the movies!

Happy Hour

Going out for drinks might feel like the last thing on your list, but it is one thing that is sure to help you meet people and possibly the one. If you’re a professional, Friday and Saturday nights might be dedicated to relaxing rather than drinking over the long work week. The best way to be social and enjoy a drink or two is by hitting up a happy hour!

While people of all (legal) ages can appreciate happy hour, it’s crafted for the workers who need a drink after dealing with their job for the past 8 hours. Instead of starting your commute home, go to happy hour! Here, you’ll find tons of eligible bachelors (hopefully) who look amazing in their work suits. Why not strike up a conversation over wine and spirits?

Take a class

Faculty of arts

You might’ve recently graduated with a bachelor’s, masters, or even doctorate degree, so taking a class might be the last thing on your mind. We’re not talking about classes that will put you on Dean’s list. These are classes where you can guarantee that you’ll have fun. If you’ve got free time, signing up for a class is a great way to meet someone with similar likes.

For the artistic types, there are tons of painting or pottery classes to choose from. For the readers, you can find a book club and meet someone that shares a love of literature. There are tons of classes out there, and who knows, maybe you’ll meet your midnight kiss for next New Years’ Eve.

Attend your friend’s birthday parties

If you’re single on New Years’ Eve, one thing to start making a priority is to attend all of your friends’ birthday parties. While some people still view birthday parties as a bit elementary, they are a great source for letting off some steam and hanging around people you actually like!

While these parties definitely give you some time away from your co-workers, it gives you a chance to meet those of your friend. Instead of wondering about which attendant is most likely your type, you can get the inside scoop!

Attend open mic night/karaoke

Taking a class might be ideal for the art and literature types, but if you love music, attend an open mic night or karaoke bar in the coming year! Open mic nights are great for scoping out talented musicians or for finding friendly (and attractive) faces who appreciate the music! For an added plus, open mic nights are usually filled with low lighting and soft music, so the mood is already being set for your potential love connection!

Open mic nights might seem daunting, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be a serious musician. If you’re still trying to bless a crowd with your talented vocals, hit up a karaoke bar! Get your best friends together and head to the stage for a performance of “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. I can tell you from experience that your performance will get quite a few people looking your way!

Ditch clubs for lounges

You might be single on New Years’ Eve and wonder exactly why when you frequent clubs with plenty of men. Our advice is to stop going to them! If you haven’t already noticed, many clubs are filled with loud music and men who are looking to possibly grope you for the rest of the night. While that might be your thing, going to a lounge might be the better location for your love connection.

Similar to clubs, you also find drinks and music at a lounge, but you’ll also find the ability to hold a conversation! Instead of the bass pounding in your chest and the noise filling your ears, you’ll have the chance to speak to a potential date while you’re dressed to the nines.

Join a gym

smiling man and woman with protein shake bottle and towel talking in gym

With this plan, you can knock out a resolution! Every new year, thousands, if not millions, of people make the resolution to go to the gym and start getting in shape. While the gym is a great way to shed some pounds and get toned, you can also use the opportunity to meet someone.

By keeping your eyes open at the gym, you’ll be able to make a connection with someone who’s also on a fitness journey which could also help keep you motivated throughout yours!

One tip is to try going at the same time every day. When you see the same person in passing, eventually you start sharing smiles and “hellos.” This could lead to a few short conversations and maybe even a date! With this plan, you’ll be well on your way to having the body and relationship you want by the next New Year!

Sign up for a dating website

Often times, dating websites get a bad rap. If regular dating isn’t working for you, why not try one of the numerous sites that have worked for thousands of people? There’s a certain taboo for apps like Tinder which is thought to be a “hookup” app, but looking at the ads and commercial for eHarmony and Match might make you wonder why you haven’t given it a chance.

Don’t be scared to sign up for a dating website! For all you know, your future midnight kiss and future spouse could be there looking for you!

Agree to a blind date

Regular and online dating might not be working for you. If you feel like you’re out of options, turn to the people who know you the best – your friends! They know your personality and your taste, so why not ask them to set you up on a blind date? Although it might be nerve-racking, stepping out of your comfort zone and accepting a blind date might be the key to not being single on New Years’ Eve.

Just because you don’t have a date this New Years’ Eve doesn’t mean you won’t next year! Put yourself out there and step out of your comfort zone, and if you’re lucky, your future date, boyfriend, or even husband could fall right into your lap!

In the comments, let us know what you’ll be doing to find love in 2017!

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