The Art Of Romantic Texting

Dating these days isn’t just about meeting up for dates and calling each other; a big part of the communication now happens via text. So, how do you become great at romantic texting?

You’ve been on a first date. Nervously, you await the text that should follow it within 48 hours if it was a good date. Of course, the odd one out won’t text you within 48 hours—he will call you instead.

Or, he will contact you much later than 48 hours later even if he’s crazy about you, as there’s always someone who breaks the rules. However, most men will text you at some point—and you have to reply.

As your relationship evolves, the texts will become flirtatious, romantic and even hot. So, how do you become great at texting someone you’re dating? And, how can you make it a bit more romantic? Read on to learn about the art of the romantic text.

When to text

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We often hear that women should play hard to get and not text a guy too often. Is that true? After all, you want to be romantic, not come across as a desperate woman who appears to be a corny and amorous fool.

I always say that it’s not about playing hard to get, but rather about showing the guy that you have a life. If you stop whatever you are doing every time he texts you just to reply, he will think that you have no life—especially if you’ve just met him.

Why would you prioritize his texts over chatting with the friends you’re out with or finishing a task at work? Are you willing to jeopardize friends or your your career for a man you’ve just met?

A man wants a woman with standards. He wants to feel that he was chosen for his great qualities, not that you threw yourself at the first guy who paid you some attention.

That’s why you should always wait to reply to a text until you have a minute. Wait until you get home from your night out with your friends; wait until your lunch break at work; wait until you finish at the gym; wait until you have eaten dinner, etc. Put yourself and your life first, in other words.

Once you start talking to him when you are free, however, you can keep up the conversation until you have something else you need to attend to in your life. Make sure that he’s not always the one ending the conversation.

Having a life that you enjoy and care about makes you attractive. Showing that you won’t just date anyone makes you attractive. So, ensure that that comes across by waiting until you are free to text rather than making yourself free for him. This also applies to date nights.

The one time you break this rule? He really needs to know if you will be free at 7pm for the movie he’s booking.

The challenge and the tease

When being romantic, it sounds a bit funny to be talking about challenging and teasing, doesn’t it? However, it’s part of the game of flirting!

Men love a challenge! Dangle a carrot in front of his nose, and he will go after it. That’s why, when he asks you out for a date, sometimes you respond with a challenge. For example, “Hi babe. How about I take you on a date on Friday?” “Depends. Will you take me on an extraordinary date? ;)”

Another example of a teasing challenge would be: “Will I get to see you tonight? :)” “Maybe. I’m dressed in my finest executive dress today, so I can only see gentlemen. Will you be a gentleman tonight?” Then, you can play with the idea of what a gentleman does, when he responds that he will certainly be a gentleman. During the date, tease him to hold doors for you, pour drinks for you, etc.


Teasing also comes in the form of innuendo. Now, you can’t take this too far as we’re discussing romance, not sexting, but it certainly doesn’t hurt every so often to refer to showers, beds and hot tubs—in passing, of course. Likewise, you just bought some grapes; don’t you just love how juicy they are, and the taste of them on your lips?

He’s teaching a seminar. Oh my, you used to be such a great student. You look forward to hearing what he can teach you on the next date. You promise to be a really good student.

Isn’t it just so hot today? It’s so hot even a dress is too warm.

Basically, the idea is to make him think of something—like your lips, you naked, your kisses or you in your finest lingerie—without actually talking about it. And as it’s romance we’re talking about, it’s best to squeeze it into a romantic context.

For example: “Wow these grapes I got are sooooo good. They really taste like summer—I love that taste on my lips :) Can’t wait to see you tonight for sunset and wine! Another taste I like on my lips.” That’s filled with innuendo, but you’re talking about a romantic date at sunset and the taste of summer.

Romantic good morning and good night texts

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Is there anything better than starting or ending the day with a text from someone you have a crush on or love? I think not—save for actually having them there, that is. Below are some examples of great good night and good morning texts:

  • Morning gorgeous. It’s snowing. Care for hot cocoa and snuggles later? :)
  • Good morning sunshine! I can only imagine how gorgeous you look as you’re waking up. :)
  • Here’s a good morning kiss for you. Mwah.
  • Every morning, when I wake up, I think of you. :)
  • I love the way you always smile in the morning. I know you’re doing it right now. :)
  • Can I have a good night kiss before I fall asleep?
  • I’m off to dreamland. Can you promise I’ll dream of you?
  • Sweet dreams. Make sure they’re filled with all the things you love. And me. Just a little bit of me… ;)

Romantic I miss you texts

You’re away for the weekend, a week, a month or even just a few hours. Here are some romantic texts to let him know you miss him:

  • I was just thinking about your smile. I miss it.
  • You know, being away from you is quite nice because I get to miss you and I know I will be so happy when I see you.
  • I know you miss me because I can’t sleep, so I must be awake in your dreams. ;)
  • I miss you, but I’m smiling because I have someone to miss.
  • They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I think they’re right.
  • I can’t wait to see you tonight.

Romantic texts in general

Just want to send a random romantic text? Here are some ideas for you:

  • I’m supposed to be working/studying right now, but all I can think about is kissing you. Bad?
  • You know, I really like your smile. The way one side of your mouth curves slightly more than the other. It’s charming.
  •  I think you’re the most dashing gentleman I’ve ever met.
  • You know you’re really quite irresistible, don’t you?
  • Our song is playing on the radio. It always makes me smile.
  • You know what I’m thinking right now? You + Me + a bottle of wine tonight.
  • I love the way you always hold my and when we’re out. That’s all.
  • You know one thing I admire about you? The way you handle people. (This might not be romantic, but trust me on this: men love compliments as much as you do. And remembering to give them can make your relationship that much better.)

Poems, sonnets and lyrics

Of course, if you want to take it to the next level, you can either pen your own poems or find someone to do the work for you. You can play fun little games, sending each other songs that remind you of each other, too.

Poems almost feel like a forgotten art, and it can be nice to make it come alive again—not all poems are corny. Just think about Dead Poets Society and the poem “Invictus,” which got Nelson Mandela through jail and inspired him to keep fighting.

Men are often as romantic as women, although they might express it differently. They want to flirt, be teased, challenged, complimented and treasured. As long as you stay away from over the top sentimental texts, he will love getting romantic texts from you. Romance isn’t just about the flowers and flowery words; it’s just as much about knowing you’re appreciated.

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