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How To Make A Guy Want You Over Text

Apart from the obvious “I want you” messages, it is important to know how to make a guy want you over text without coming off as a bit desperate or clingy.


The Art Of Romantic Texting

Dating these days isn’t just about meeting up for dates and calling each other; a big part of the communication now happens via text. So, how do you become...


Cell Phone Etiquette for the Modern Girl

It’s an essential tool of communication in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow basic etiquette when using our phones. Here’s how to be a...


SMS: It’s not You It’s Me

If you got dumped over text, I bet you felt, among other things, angry, confused, sad, betrayed and discussed. Getting dumped by a text message will almost...


Best Tips for Texting After a Date

The short messaging service – or as you know it SMS – has taken over as the absolute most popular form of communication that’s basically appropriate even when...