Guy Reveals: Things Men Hate About Women

Ever wondered what men’s pet peeves are about women? Check out this article written by a man that tells what things women do that bother men the most.

Men and women are more alike than they are different, but some women do things that drive us men insane. Our way of dealing with it is to make fun of them or tease them playfully.

As men, we love women no matter how crazy we find some of their habits. Love may even be an understatement, we absolutely adore women, but not everything about them. Their idiosyncrasies and tendencies that annoy us are often as frustrating as they are cute. Here are just some of the things men hate about women and their habits.

The Endless Shopping

man and woman shopping

When girls go shopping and we tag along, we know we’re in for an epic journey. As a guy, shopping with your girlfriend won’t just take an hour or two like we always hope it will.

Instead, it turns into a massive event sometimes involving dozens of people. She tries outfits on and sends a picture to her friends. Then she asks you what you think and no matter what you say she’ll think you don’t like it that much unless you really show enthusiasm.

As a guide to guys going shopping with your girlfriend, you can save yourself some precious time and do this when she tries something on that she says she likes:

When she comes out of the dressing room, thrust your hands out in her direction and take her into your arms and say, “That looks SO good on you. Seriously, it’s perfect. You have to get it.”

She’ll ask if you actually like it about five more times before she decides to believe you or not. You really have to win her over when she does this by looking as convincing as possible and not mentioning the fact that you are dying to leave the store. She will buy it and hopefully you can go home within four hours after that.

She’ll catch on if you do it too much though, so every once in a while when she tries something on you have to give her a blank look and say only this, “It looks good.” That way you can really sell the idea of how amazing the one you already picked for her was. Now all she needs is about sixty more texts from her girlfriends who have to like it too.

If your girlfriend is not the type to ask a bunch of her friends how it looks before buying an outfit, watch out. You could be in for a lot more shopping days ahead. If even just one of her friends says something that could be interpreted as bad about her new outfit, it’s over.

There’s still hope that she’ll wear it a few more times, but every time she is looking for something to wear and looks at it, she’ll remember what her friend said and skip over it. And then she’ll proclaim that she has nothing to wear and she needs to go shopping, again.

Putting on Their Makeup for What Feels Like Forever

Many of the things men hate about women most involve us waiting indeterminate amounts of time. When guys are super hungry and they’re waiting for their girlfriend to finish getting ready, minutes feel like hours.

The prospect of leaving “soon” is long lost, and we know we’re going to be ravenous by the time we are finally able to eat. Meanwhile we watch them do all kinds of things to their face that we barely understand with an insane variety of different products. There is no consistency to how long this routine will take. We know that “I’m almost done” doesn’t translate to a realistic timeframe.

Searching for Somewhere to Eat

woman holding fork and knife

When we ask you what you want to eat and you say that you’re literally fine with anything, for some reason, we are still surprised when you say you’re not in the mood for the first three suggestions we toss out.

We should have learned that “anywhere” means keep naming places until eventually you say you settle on going there. Meanwhile we’re already on our way to go eat but don’t yet know where we’re going.

Asking Us What We’re Thinking

The mind of a man is not a mysterious enigma that you should wonder about all the time and attempt to decipher. By no means am I implying that all men are dimwitted, but we are fairly simple creatures with simple desires.

If we are staring off and you ask us what we’re thinking about, don’t expect to hear something profound. So far you’ve probably only gotten answers like, “I’m thinking about what I’m going to do after work tomorrow,” or something like that, right?

If we were thinking about something you should be concerned about, we probably wouldn’t just blurt it out, especially if it’s critical of you. A couple laying in bed together and the girl asks the boy what he’s thinking has turned into a cliché over time that we as guys find funny when it actually happens.

It can be kind of cute though depending on the way you say it. Coming from that angle is not so bad, so if you must ask, by all means say it in a cutesy way, not in a super serious sounding way.


woman whispering in her mans ear

Celebrity gossip doesn’t bother us much, but when it’s about people we know, we don’t always like it. A little bit of gossip here and there is normal, but some people get really excited for it, and as guys we see that as kind of nosey.

Guys occasionally engage in gossip too, but usually just when it’s something really compelling to talk about. Everything else goes in “the vault.”

Soap Operas

Men typically don’t like drama, so it’s only natural that we hate soap operas. The acting is usually not so great in these kind of daily dramas either. We understand that many women loves soaps and we accept the fact that some of these shows are extremely popular and successful, but we think they’re terrible and never, ever watch them.

Sex and the City is obviously far better than any daily soap opera, but we don’t watch that either.

Screaming During Sex

woman screaming

Moaning is just fine and it’s always good to give feedback to your partner to let them know what you like and don’t like, but we do have neighbors and they can totally hear it if you are full-on screaming.

Not only do we not want to disturb our neighbors, it’s kind of embarrassing and can even be bothersome to us if it’s too much. Please keep the noise in the bedroom restricted to a medium if possible.

Not Trusting Our Long-Time Female Friends

We want you to like our friends, especially the female ones whose intentions you might have your reservations about. If we have been just friends for that long, that’s a friendship that we value. If you can trust us with them or at least talking to them regularly, that’s a big plus.

There are many other things that men hate about women, such as using their phones too much, getting mad about what position you left the toilet seat in when you left the bathroom, or getting mad at us for getting mad at you because you did something to make us mad.

The list of things men hate about women could go on and on. Even so, we don’t actually hate women—at least the vast majority of men don’t. The reason for that is that there are far more things that we love about women than things that we hate. We can only hope that you feel the same way about us!

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