Super Girly Things Men Like To Do As Well

Guys like to do some things that are considered “girly” whether they will admit it or not. Check out this list to find out what girly things guys enjoy that you may not know about.

You might be surprised to learn some of the girly things that guys like to do too. Guys might not always admit it, but we do have guilty pleasures that are considered “girly.”

Some of which are movies, bands or singers, talking about or doing certain things that girls happen to love. Some of these things aren’t even necessarily girly, but girls tend to do them or be interested in them more than guys. Whether they’re actually girly or not, guys love them and can’t help it.


man doing yoga

If you haven’t noticed, there are always a couple of guys in the yoga class. Not all guys are open to trying yoga, but those who are, they immediately understand why it’s so popular.

The unity of mind, body, and soul that a great yoga teacher can help you obtain, even if only for a few minutes, is extremely relieving. Yoga is just amazing and I think everyone should try it at least once.

Guys don’t do yoga as their main source of exercise because it doesn’t work out the upper body much.

This could be the reason why yoga is less popular among men. If you have any guy friends who have never tried it, drag them along and they will thank you later.

Romantic Comedies

There are plenty of romantic comedies that guys enjoy. Crazy. Stupid. Love. is the first movie that comes to mind when I think of romantic comedies that guys love. It offers some pretty good advice for dating, but other than that, the story comes together at the end in an unforgettable way.

Hitch is another great example. It has certain themes that are always fun, like having a first date with someone you really like. Guys can appreciate the excitement of meeting someone for the first time and having the night go perfectly. Romance or not, that is magical and seeing it in a movie allows us to experience it in a way too.

As for TV shows, Friends is an incredibly well done show that guys can really enjoy too. It focuses a lot on dating, and that’s not really “guy stuff,” but the jokes are funny and the show balances the drama and the jokes really well.

If you can remember, there is an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry’s new girlfriend gives him a lie detector test to find out if he watches Melrose Place and of course he fails. Shows about dating and relationships are a guilty pleasure for what might be the majority of guys.


man cooking

Most guys are pretty lazy when it comes to cooking, but every once in a while we put on our Emeril hat and start making all kinds of recipes. We like to imagine that we have the talent to open our own restaurant and create all our own recipes from scratch but that we simply choose not to because our efforts are needed elsewhere.

The reality is, you’d probably be better off doing the actual cooking yourself and letting the guy chop the vegetables and clean up after if he isn’t used to cooking. Otherwise, the results from an inexperienced would-be chef could be disastrous.


Many guys pluck their eyebrows (usually just in between and maybe a bit off the edges) and tweeze out or shave off other unwanted hair. This includes trimming or shaving armpits, arms, legs, private areas, just about anywhere else you can think of that someone might groom.

Some guys even enjoy tanning, dying their hair, getting manicures, or other forms of maintaining a well-groomed appearance. There is something satisfying about taking care of yourself with meticulous care, and that goes for guys too. The only difference is that men call it “man-scaping.”

Cute Things

man cuddling a puppy

When you see a little puppy and you think it’s the most precious, most adorable thing in the world, we’re right there with you. We love cute animals, little kids, or anything else that makes you go awwwww.

Guys don’t express it as freely as girls do because it’s not manly to have a meltdown of cuteness when you see a group of kittens playing or something heart-warming like that.

We try to suppress it so that we can hold our composure, but we want to drop down and hug the whole bunch of fuzzy fur balls too. Adorable cuteness is charming and no one can escape from it, no one!


Guys enjoy snuggling up close too. We like it when you put your head on our chest, we like spooning, and we like holding you in our arms. Cuddling on the couch and watching a movie is one of our favorite things in a relationship.

It’s very comforting and just feels so good. If you start rubbing our back, playing with our hair, or especially scratching us pretty much anywhere, that makes it all the more enjoyable for us.

Holding Hands

man and woman holding hands

When you’re out in public, we like it when you hold our hand and aren’t shy to show all of the people around you there you’re with us. That public display of affection reinforces our confidence in the relationship. Also, it just makes us feel good that you want to hold our hand, and the touch of your soft hand feels good on ours.

Texting and Talking on the Phone

Guys enjoying keeping in touch throughout the day, but only if they really like the girl they are texting. Oftentimes single guys will text multiple girls that they are attracted to, but some of them they won’t want to text as much as others.

They might be trying to stay relevant so that they can ask them to hang out again, but guys have their favorite girl to talk to and this is the one they want to text whenever they can, see what they’re doing, and just talk to because they like talking to them.

If a guy has a girlfriend, he will enjoy texting her when they’re apart. Missing her will make him want to flirt with her and have conversations via text throughout the day. Probably even more so, he’ll enjoy talking to her on the phone or even video chatting. Guys enjoy frequent attention from the opposite sex too.

Listening to R&B and Pop

man dancing

A lot of guys like Mariah Carey and other epic singers who sing soulfully about love and heartache. Pop stars like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber also have some really good songs that are popular enough for some of us to admit that we like them. We also like acoustic artists and slower, more mellow songs.


Guys like trying on and especially buying new clothes. It’s exciting to wear a new outfit for the first time. We like looking fresh and stylish and having new clothes in our closet. We also like picking out our outfits in the morning and feeling out a look for the day.

Wearing nice clothes gives us confidence, so naturally, we enjoy shopping for a brand new outfit to add to our collection or a new pair of shoes. We like having plenty of nice pairs of shoes. Clothes and shoes are not the only things we like shopping for, but they are definitely some of our favorites.

Even the toughest guys enjoy some of these so called girly things. Don’t be surprised to find that your boyfriend or guy friends enjoy other, even more, girly things than the ones on this list. Everyone has their guilty pleasures and there’s no reason to be ashamed of that. If you can find out what your boyfriend’s or guys friends’ guilty pleasures are then you can finally enjoy them together.

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