Top 10 Benefits Of Being Single In Your Late 20s

Do you find yourself being envious of others who are in long-lasting relationships? I’m here to remind you of the benefits of being single in your late 20’s.

It’s no surprise that you’re noticing happy couples more often than not – especially when you’re not in a relationship yourself but desperately want to be.

Perhaps ‘desperate’ is a strong word to use. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself hating the word ‘desperate’ for various reasons.

One, you’re only desperate if you can’t seem to live without someone by your side – in which case is not true by any means. Two, ‘desperate’ is an extremely off-putting word for anyone who’s been painfully independent for a while.

Lastly, even if in your deepest being, you’re experiencing some level desperate, you may never under any circumstances reveal that to anyone.

That is if you ever hope to not be single again! Remember, there’s a big difference between being desperate and being hopeful.

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There’s nothing wrong with hoping that you’ll find someone worthy of spending your time with. However, it’s a very dangerous place to be in when you’re desperate not to be alone.

However, if you find yourself single and you’re questioning how beneficial it is for you at this stage in your life, especially if you’re in your late 20’s, then keep reading.

1. You actually have the time to get to know yourself

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It’s important to take a breather in between partners to really get to know yourself. It’s best if you take this break in your late 20’s as this will be the time that you grow more than you can ever image – especially if you have no distractions.

Finding benefits of being single in your late 20’s really start with having the opportunity to date yourself. There’s nothing more valuable that you can bring to a relationship than portraying the person that you really are, instead of a fake who aspires to be that.

2. You’re able to concentrate on your career

It’s in your late 20’s that you really excel in your chosen career path. You’re still trying to find your feet after college, so as much as it’s important to focus on yourself then, the chances of you getting promoted are pretty slim.

However, you’re more likely to reach your fullest potential in your late 20’s due to individuals respecting you more – giving you the opportunity to strive in your career. Even more so if you’re single and your boss knows it, sadly.

3. You have the added benefit of spending money on yourself

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Face it, when you’re in a relationship, you’re constantly spending money on dates and gifts. It comes with the territory. However, it’s money you could be spending on other things.

I’m by no means saying you should be stingy, but it’s tough if you don’t have the money, to begin with. One of the benefits of being single is the fact that you can spend money that you would’ve spent on expensive dates, on buying things you really need and want.

4. You never have to worry about losing precious sleep

It is comforting to have someone there, but you rarely get to sleep in over the weekends. You may also want to go to bed early after a long week. When you’re in a relationship, you can’t exactly do that.

The older you get, the less you want to party anyway, so getting enough sleep becomes a top priority. You don’t have to feel guilty about sleeping in. Your time is your own – which means more beauty sleep for you!

5. You’re able to realize what exactly it is that you’re looking for

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The older you get, the more you realize the mistakes you made when you were head over heels in love with an ex. You can’t believe the poor choices you made and hope to never make them again.

It’s one of the benefits of being single in your late 20’s – you’ve had the opportunity to realize what you enjoy in someone and what you want to avoid at all costs. You learn exactly what it is that you’re looking for through previous experience.

6. You don’t have to go out on a Friday evening if you don’t want to

You can stay in with a pizza, some wine, definitely a good amount of chocolate, consuming all of that whilst in your pajamas with no one to judge.

It’s a little bit of heaven. You don’t have to please anyone by going out on a Friday night if you don’t want to – simply enjoying your own company with your favorite movie.

7. You’re fully in control of your own life

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You’ve had a chance to live a little bit – experience things you may not have had the chance to if you were in a relationship right now. This gives you the opportunity to be in complete control of your life – ensuring that no one dictates what you do when and for how long.

You get to choose when you’re ready to share your space with someone without being vulnerable to anyone invading it without you giving permission. You’ve become your own person with your own preferences.

8. You can become the woman/man you’ve always wanted to be

You’ll never stop growing and evolving. No one stays the same. It’s a good thing. However, being single in your late 20’s allows you to evolve into the person you’ve always wanted to be – combining your newly found preferences and what you’re willing to tolerate in your life.

It’s a great space to be in, knowing that you’ll be exactly who you want to be if you do find yourself bumping into ‘the one’.

9. You have the opportunity to get all the crazy stuff out of your system

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This is the time to do all the things you can’t do when you’re in a relationship. One of the benefits of being single is having the opportunity to experiment and discover what it is that you like and don’t like.

Things you may never have been able to bring up within a relationship. You can date as much as you want, with as many partners as you’d prefer, doing who knows what. You have the opportunity to get all the crazy stuff out of the way in a sensible way.

10. You won’t find yourself settling just for the sake of being in a relationship

The older you get, the more you’re looking for ‘the one’ – especially if you want to have a family. You wouldn’t have children with just anyone, right?

However, you also get to the stage where you’ll be okay if you end up being single, having to do the parent thing on your own. Just because you’re in your late 20’s doesn’t mean you have to settle just for the sake of not being alone.

You want to find the right person, which means you won’t drop your standards. In fact, you become inevitably aware of why you won’t settle.

The great news is, by having this mentality, you no longer attract those who don’t fulfill your needs. You stop looking, which usually means that love tends to find you. Love that happens is the best kind of love to find.

Trust me when I say, the longer you’re single, the more you appreciate the time spent with those who are important to you. You no longer find yourself throwing away your time as if it’s an old, worn-out panties (admit it, we all have at least one pair of those).

However, it’s time to throw it out if you do harbor one pair somewhere in your closet. Just like it’s time to get rid of people who take up your time without adding anything valuable to it.

To be honest, the benefits of being single in your late 20’s outweigh the disadvantages. Being single in your late 20’s doesn’t mean you have to be lonely or miserable. Take your time finding the right person to spend your time with. Date with a purpose or don’t date at all. It’s as simple as that.

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