Relationship 101: How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You

How to tell if your crush likes you? If only there was some sort of magic trick to find out if the guy you like likes you back... Luckily, there are the signs!

Having a crush can be the most exciting thing ever, but it’s also super nerve-racking. So many thoughts and emotions are running through your head that it’s hard to know where to start.

Does he feel the same way? Is he going to ask you out? Should you suck it up and let him know how you feel? Would that be brave or a big mistake? Is there any possible way to figure this out?

While there’s never any guarantee that the guy you’re super into is into you too (unfortunately), you can still learn the truth pretty quickly. Like anything else in life, you just have to know what to look for.

Here’s how to tell if your crush likes you. And if he doesn’t, feel free to find someone who gets how totally awesome you really are!

1) Watch his body language

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Body language is so key when it comes to figuring out how someone feels about you. If he likes you, he’s going to want to get close to you. Well, as close as he can possibly get without being way too obvious.

We know, we know. You wish he would be more obvious. But since that’s not the way that it works, you want to watch this.

If you’re at the movies, does he lean towards you? Or cross his legs in your direction? If you’re hanging out at one of your apartments, whether with your friend group or just the two of you, does he sit as close to you as humanly possible?

Maybe he’s always got a reason to touch you. He’s just got to fix the hood of your sweatshirt or tuck your hair behind your ear.

Yeah, he just has to do that because he’s got a crush on you, too!

2) See what he remembers

When a guy likes you, he remembers literally everything about you. It’s really true. He’ll never forget a single thing, no matter how silly or small.

You might be shocked that he remembers your little sister’s name when you only told him once and that was two months ago, but because he’s so smitten, it’s practically imprinted in his brain.

If he’s not interested at all, he won’t remember anything. Seriously.

Think about how you feel about him. You probably can recall the most random of details about him and his life, right? You wouldn’t dream of forgetting anything at all because you care so much. And you think about him all the time. So there’s that.

You want to know that he’s thinking about you pretty often and that you’re often on his mind. So if you realize that he remembers a lot of the stuff that you’ve told him and the conversations that you’ve had, then that’s a really good sign.

3) See how random he is

When someone’s majorly into you, they’re going to get in touch about the most random of things. That means texting you at noon on a Tuesday to say that they just ate the best turkey sandwich of their life (yes, really!).

Or asking how your hang out with your best friend was last night. This guy could even ask how the latest episode of your favorite show is if you told him that you were watching it the last time you were texting.

If you ever feel like he’s getting in touch simply because he feels like talking to you, and if it really seems like there’s no other reason, then he definitely likes you as much as you like him (yay!).

4) Think about how often he contacts you

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The truth is that if a guy likes you, he’s going to let you know… but not in the most obvious way. And not in the way that you want. No, he’s not necessarily going to just come right out and tell you how he feels. If only!

But if a guy likes you, he will definitely contact you. A lot.

Think about how often this person gets in touch. Maybe he texts you on a regular basis – we’re talking morning, afternoon, evening. You get a “good morning” and a “good night” text pretty much every day.

And he’s always saying hey or asking how it’s going, even though you just texted about an hour earlier.

Yup, if he’s always in touch with you, then he’s got it bad. He just hasn’t worked up the courage to let you know (yet).

5) See if he flirts

There are two things that can happen with a guy that’s in your life: you can have a flirty vibe or you can have a sibling type thing going on.

If he treats you more like a little sister (even if you’re the same age) than a potential girlfriend, then you have your answer (unfortunately).

You can tell if he’s always messing up your hair, lightly punching you in the arm or generally treating you like one of the guys.

Sure, this can be really disappointing to realize if you really like him, but it’s better to know sooner rather than later so you have the best shot at moving on.

But if the object of your affection has a nickname for you, you two share inside jokes, and he seems to really enjoy your company, who knows? Signs seem to be pointing to yes, he’s got a crush, too.

6) See if he acts like you’re a couple

Sometimes you have a really close guy friend and you pretty much already act like a couple. People that you meet always think that the two of you are dating and they’re usually super shocked to find out that things are merely platonic.

If that’s happening, it’s probably for a reason. He probably likes you just as much as you like him, or strangers and friends alike wouldn’t be getting that vibe.

If you can relate to this, then don’t be shy about making your feelings known. Sure, it’s scary to put yourself out there, but isn’t it so much worse to never take the risk and never really know?

7) Ask around

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Sometimes the simplest thing to do is the best idea ever. Why not ask around and see if people know how he feels? You can go straight to the source (that would be his closest friend) or ask any mutual friend.

If you two are a part of the same friend group, then chances are everyone knows what’s going on and wants the two of you to just admit your feelings and start dating already.

This is also a super smart strategy because hey, if you learn that he’s just not feeling it, at least you didn’t have to ask him directly. It’s a total embarrassment-free zone.

8) Be a detective

If you can relate to the above signs and you really think that your crush feels the exact same way, then your final job is to be a detective. Once you’re pretty positive that your feelings are reciprocated, then you need to be completely sure that he’s in the right stage of his life to possibly be your boyfriend.

Find out if he really is single and looking for love… or if he’s pining over some ex-girlfriend. Watch how he talks about love – if he’s super cynical or he believes in romantic gestures and love. You will be surprised by how much you can learn and discover by just keeping your ears and eyes open.

9) Go with your gut

Your gut will always know what to do. It’s your BFF in all kinds of situations, whether you’re dealing with a stressful personal issue, a crisis at work, or any form of relationship or dating drama.

Go with your gut when it comes to this guy that you like so much. If you feel there’s no reason why he wouldn’t feel the same way, then you really should open up to him. It’s pretty rare that you would be getting a romantic vibe from him and be totally and completely wrong. After all, you’re a pretty amazing person!

But if you’re just really unsure and would rather play it by ear, then sit back and see what happens. If he’s really into you and it’s truly meant to be, then chances are he’s going to get tired of being just friends and he’ll let you know he feels before you know it.

Having a crush is definitely a magical and exciting experience… but it’s also pretty stressful too! But if you can relate to any of these signs, then it’s totally and completely possible that your feelings have been turned and you’re one step closer to turning your crush into your boyfriend.

Do you have a crush on someone in your life? Does he exhibit any of these signs? If you think that guys show how they feel in other ways, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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