10 Signs He Adores You

Have you found the perfect man? Are your friends jealous of your fabulous relationship? Does your mom make him his favorite meal when you go to visit? In case you didn’t see them before, here are 10 signs he adores you.

Sometimes, ladies, we find ourselves a keeper! Sure, he might not be perfect, he leaves the toilet seat up and he hasn’t eaten a vegetable since he was three years old, but he’s still a keeper.

How can you tell? Because he adores you. Here’s how you know he adores you (and that it’s okay to overlook his lack of ability to put the cap back on the toothpaste).

#1 He is a Gentleman

Guys who adore their women are true gentlemen to them. Around his guy friends he’ll burp, fart, and use foul language. Around his girl friends (those who are his pals) he will act the same. However, around you he wears a clean shirt, uses a napkin, and opens the car door.

#2 Your Parents Love Him

You’re probably asking how your parents fit into the picture, but this is a key sign that he adores you. My mother has never (I mean never) liked any guy I’ve ever dated. My dad was a little less opinionated, but he also had a baseball bat.

Parents won’t lie to you. If they think he’s scum, you’ll never get a moment’s peace. They see how he treats you and they judge with a very biased opinion. So if your parents love your guy, then it’s a sure sign your guy adores you.

#3 He Always Picks Up the Check

signs he adores you

As I mentioned before, if your man adores you he will not ask you to pay. Men have very fragile egos and it’s important to them to prove to you they can be the breadwinners. If your guy makes every effort to work hard and prove to you he is a hard working man, then he adores you.

#4 He Puts Your Needs Before His Own

If a man truly adores you, he will put his needs before yours. This is on a couple of different levels. For example, your choice of dinner is more important, your feelings come first (if you’re not comfortable with him hanging out with his ex, he’ll stop), and your orgasm is absolutely necessary.

#5 You Come Before His Friends

Any guy who adore you will make sure you come before his friends. If he makes plans with you, and then his friends invite him over to watch the game, he’s going to choose you.

This might seem like it should be expected, but to be honest, most men don’t really think about these things. The guys are a huge part of any man’s life, and saying no to them, in order to hang out with you, is just begging for a good teasing. If he tells them he’d rather be with you, then he definitely adores you.

#6 He Tries New Things

Men are set in their ways. If they don’t like something, they don’t do it. If they can’t dance, they don’t try. There are many men who are afraid of trying new things, not because they’re scared, but because the don’t want to make a fool of themselves.

If your guy is willing to try new things (anything from sushi to parachuting), then you can rest assured, he adores you. This guy is more than willing to make a fool of himself, in front of you, simply because you want to try something new with him.

He gets to be with you. That is worth making a fool of himself on the dance floor.

#7 He is Caring

A guy who adores you will be more than happy to show it. He asks about your day and truly listens when you talk. He encourages you to succeed and takes care of you when you’re sick. He offers to bring you chocolate when you’re PMSing.

When I told my ex I had cramps, he said “okay, see in you a week”. Seriously.

If he’ll sit through your monthly crazy, then he adores you.

#8 He Can’t Go a Day Without Hearing From You

signs he adores you

I’m on the verge of going out with a guy now who I hardly ever hear from. We’ll hopefully have our first official date next week. However, we haven’t gotten to the point where he texts me once a day or we ask about work. Every now and again we text and say hi.

How he acts after our date is how I’ll determine if he’s worth perusing. Constant contact is the key.

Any guy who adores you will feel the desire to hear from you every day. It’ll make him crazy when you don’t call or text and he’ll sit by the phone hoping to hear from you. When you don’t contact him, he’ll contact you. He has no choice, his heart can’t take your absence.

#9 He Sits Through Something He Hates Because It’s Something You Love

You really want to see that new French film, but he’s just not into it. He has that look on his face. You know the look, it says “Please let me stay home, I’d rather poke my eye out with a pencil than watch that movie.”

What he says is, “Of course, I’d love to see that film with you!”

He adores you.

#10 He Remembers Everything

One of the best signs that he adores you is that he remembers everything you tell him. Your birthday? He’s on it. Your favorite flower? He knows. He is like a walking encyclopedia of all the things you love, and he tries his best to make sure you know it. Sentences often start with, “I remember you telling me…” He wants you to know he pays attention.

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Remember, being adored is a wonderful feeling. Knowing that someone sees the good in you and loves you despite your flaws is priceless.

He adores you not because he wants something from you, but because he sees something in you that makes him happy. When someone adores you, you know that you are special, and that is a beautiful feeling.

Men aren’t as easy with their emotions as we are and if you see these signs, then you can be sure he adores you and can’t get you off his mind. So tell us, have you noticed some of these signs that can tell he adores you?

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