35 Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend

We never want question if our boyfriend is cheating, but sometimes we become unsure. Read on to learn the signs of a cheating boyfriend, to learn if he is.

Being in a serious relationship can be great, there are plenty of things to love about it. You can cuddle up and sleep with that special person, you can go out on dates, talk about anything, watch movies together, laugh, and do many other things together.

However, there are still the few things that come up in relationships which can derail that love and bliss fast. The other person can lose feelings despite you loving them so much, or your boyfriend may start cheating, to name a few. Many women fear both of those or at least one of those scenarios. Most women also admit to being unsure of if their boyfriend is cheating because they don’t know what to look for.

Of course, this is an issue, how do you know if that special someone is cheating? Especially, when you just want to deny your thoughts and stay with your boyfriend. However, you deserve better, and to not be cheated on. You also deserve to find out the truth. Read on to learn about the signs of a cheating boyfriend.

#1 He Tells You He Isn’t Ready For A Relationship

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Even early on in the beginning of being together, he may say this. This is a big warning sign, because what you two do together, looks like a relationship, and you both act like you are in a relationship. However, he still doesn’t want to commit to you because he is just playing the field.

#2 He Puts His Phone On Airplane Mode

This is a major sign your boyfriend is cheating on you because when he does this, he won’t get any notifications for any app. Meaning, you won’t actually be able to accidently see something he doesn’t want you to see if he gets any messages/notifications.

#3 His Phone Is The Fifth Limb

Even when he gets up to use the bathroom or order more food, he takes his phone, so you won’t go on it.

#4 He Won’t Post About You

We live in a society of people who revolve around the use of social media. He should make a post about you, considering he posts about everything else. If he doesn’t, it means he’s hiding you from others who know what he’s doing or to prevent people from finding out later on.

#5 Female Friends

He has more female friends than anyone you know, and you can never ever meet them.

#6 He Goes M.I.A

He won’t text you sometimes for days on end, or he won’t tell you where he’s going.

#7 He Gives You Just Enough Attention

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He will give you just enough attention to satisfy you, or keep you around. However, he won’t give you enough attention to progress your relationship.

This sign of a cheating boyfriend is one they mess up. They end up not giving enough attention to the point where we actually do notice and it does cause issues within our heads, and even for them if we bring it up.

#8 No Meeting Up

You can never just meet up because he is always busy.

#9 He Manipulates You

When you mention any issues, thoughts about how he is off, or how he is not around, he turns it around on you and calls you crazy while making you feel bad.

#10 No Sex Life

Your once thriving sex life is gone because he won’t initiate and he rejects you and your attempts.

#11 Bad Communication

He is bad at responding and communicating with you, which leaves you sad and worried.

#12 Cancelations

He plans to do things, but he then bails for some lame reason, or for no reason.

#13 No Commitment

A sign of a cheating boyfriend, is when it’s Friday and you are trying to make plans for Saturday but he can’t commit. In fact, he can never commit to any plans, and if he does it is a rare occasion.

#14 Endless Lies

He seems to lie to you even when it is nothing to lie about. Chances are you will catch him quite often with the smallest and most worthless of lies.

#15 He Follows Sexy Women

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All most all of the women he follows on Instagram are sexy, almost naked women, that he either knows or doesn’t.

#16 Numbers Without Names

On his phone, he will have lots of conversation threads with no contact names, just their phone numbers.

#17: He Won’t Let You Meet His Family

Even after being in a relationship for a long time, he refuses to let you meet his family. He does this by using reasons that once seemed valid or still do.

#18 Double-Meaning Text Messages

The few texts you may see, are ones that seem alarming to you. However, he finds a way to make the messages sound normal and unalarming.

#19 Swipe Left

He shows up on your friend’s Tinder with a photo you just took of him on your last beach or gym date.

#20 Time To Panic

When you check his phone to see the time on his lock screen, he panics or reaches for his phone.

#21 Lock Screen/ Profile Photos

You were once his lock screen on his phone or his profile photo, but for no reason, he has changed it.

#22 Questions Lead To Chaos

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When you ask him what’s going on? Why is he off? Or why he isn’t putting effort into your relationship? He ends up turning it around on you or becoming very angry, defensive, or just dismissive.

#23 Online But No Response

You know he is online, or on his phone, but he won’t respond to you.

#24 Appearance Matters

He all of a sudden has started dressing better or styling his hair differently when he goes out without you.

#25 Better Hygiene

All of a sudden your boyfriend is wearing aftershave or clone and is cleaning up a lot better, but not for when he is with you.

#26 He’s Out All Day And Night

He is suddenly a lot busier and isn’t telling you what he is doing and where he is going. This too is a big sign of a cheating boyfriend; he may even give lame excuses for his absence.

#27 No Growth In The Relationship

He stops adding to the relationship and stops any further progression of it. He may even act like he is distancing himself from you.

#28 You Are His Secret

He hides you from his friends, family, and co-workers. He acts like you are in a committed relationship, but really, no one knows you are his girlfriend.

#29 Random Tantrums

Randomly he seems much tenser and starts to lash out even when there is no cause too.

#30 Privacy Please

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He decides he needs more space and privacy, which goes against everything you guys have said and done in the past.

#31 Signs Of Sexual Activity

A definite sign of a cheating boyfriend is when he comes home smelling of women’s perfume, with some lipstick stains, random marks on him, and looking more satisfied than usual.

#32 Wining and Dining

He is spending a lot of money on dinners out, food, clothes, or just items that don’t involve you.

#33 He Is Only Physically With You

When you guys are together he pays no attention to you, even if you made a recent change to your look. He also may be there in person, but he is mentally somewhere else and acts like he doesn’t want to be with you.

#34 Other Women Are What He Talks About

A big warning sign of a cheating boyfriend is when he starts talking about one of his female friends or co-workers more often than he ever used to.

#35 He May Be Overly Nice Or Overly Mean

He may try to overcompensate as he feels guilty for what he has done (not that he has stopped). He may even start acting very nice, caring, and like the perfect boyfriend.

On the other hand, he may treat you horribly because of what he has done. He may even think you are doing the same thing he is. In his mind, he is getting away with cheating, so maybe you could be doing that as well.

A big sign of a cheating boyfriend, which is an umbrella sign to most of the other signs, is that his behavior will take an 180-degree twist. No one wants to be cheated on, which means you may not want to call your boyfriend out on the signs mentioned above. However, no one deserves to be cheated on, and you can do much better than him if he is willing to cheat.

If you can think of any more signs of a cheating boyfriend, feel free to share! As well, if these signs do match your boyfriend, I am truly sorry.


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