7 Ways to Make Him Love Being With You

Here are seven great things to do or say that will make him feel great about himself and love being with you even more.

A lot of the time, making other people feel good is something that we take for granted or simply forget to think about. Everyone likes a sincere compliment and we all like to be told that we are good at something or that we look good today. It’s time to realize that it’s not just women who need to hear compliments—men crave this positive reinforcement, too!

Men are just as full of insecurities as women. If you make just few adjustments to what you say and do around your lover, it’s just possible that you could make his day.

Check out our seven cool things to do or say to make him feel wanted and extra special in your company.

1. What do you think?

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Ask for his opinion or advice. Asking for your man’s advice about something will confirm that you value his opinion. It will give him the opportunity to tell you how he feels about a subject, so you will learn more about him and his opinions too.

Don’t forget that you are not always going to see things the same way, so remember that sometimes it’s okay to agree to disagree.

2. Can you help me?

Again, this is about value. Most people will open up to the question, ‘Can you help me?’ with answers like, “Of course”, or “I’ll certainly try”. Asking your man for help in something will give him an opportunity to show you what he can do and, of course, it will give you an opportunity to show your appreciation.

Whether it’s opening a jar or changing a flat tyre, if you need his help, just ask him. As long as you are realistic in your expectations, it can be a real win-win; you get something done and he feels good about it.

3. Comment on his physique and looks.

Don’t we all want to know that we have stunning this or that—beautiful legs, a sexy walk, a beautiful smile? Men are no different.

If there is something about him that you really like, tell him. Tell him that you love his broad shoulders, or how you love it when he wraps his strong arms around you. You can tell him that he looks good in that suit, shirt, trousers or whatever—it will do wonders for his ego!

4. Is he a great lover?

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Women may worry about how they look naked, but men have concerns and anxieties about the way they perform in bed, particularly when it comes to satisfying a woman’s needs.

So, if you are loving what he does to you, don’t just lie back and take it: make a noise—a big noise—moan and groan and show your appreciation. Better still, offer a little dirty talk about the way he makes you feel. This is encouragement, pure and simple, and will help to build your man’s confidence in what he is doing and believe me: he will just get better and better.

5. Most people like to talk.

Most people are happy to talk and some are good talkers, while others are not so sure of themselves. Sometimes, being a good listener is just as important or even more important, so try to ask lots of open-ended questions. Then, listen to the answers.

This is not a green light to interrogate your lover; but rather a suggestion to use gentle phrases that begin with who, why, what when or where because these will help him to give fuller answers to your questions.

Most people tend to relax when talking about something that they know something about and, of course, everyone knows something about themselves. Remember to listen to the answers. It’s not a contest, so it’s okay to be interested in what he has to say.

6. It’s not all about you.

It’s true he loves to kiss you and touch you and quite possibly his main aim is to make you feel good, but it’s not all about you.

Touching and kissing your lover is just as important. When you are in bed, show him your inner passion; tell him that you love making him feel good and you just love touching and kissing his body. Whisper that hearing his sexy reaction is such an aphrodisiac.

7. Find out what he likes about himself.

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Whatever it is, presumably you like it too so tell him you love men with long hair, short hair or no hair—just like his. If he tells you that his favorite feature is his long legs, tell him that that is just what attracted you to him in the first place.

If there are other physical aspects about him that you like, you can add those too. For example, tell him how you love his legs as well as his broad shoulders.

So, remember: just like you, your partner needs to hear that you think he’s attractive, intelligent, a great conversationalist and a terrific lover—you just have to find the right way to tell him.

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