7 Ways You Mislead Him to Think You Are Into Something You’re Not

Does your guy think you’re the biggest Steelers fan on the planet? Are you wondering why he keeps handing you a fishing pole and saying “I bet you can’t wait for the big day!” while grinning ear to ear? Here are 7 ways you mislead him to think you are into something you really aren’t.

Men are easily confused, ladies. They really don’t know when we’re being polite in order to spare their feelings, and they definitely don’t understand why we would pretend to like something we really don’t. But we all do it, don’t we? We all have something we’ve put up with for his sake, when really we were screaming inside.

Ladies, let me tell you, that kind of thing can get you into a whole world of trouble. Here are the top 7 ways you mislead him to think you are into something he loves.

#1 You Get Excited


If you’re guy keeps talking about his current video game score, and you watch him play or ask him how the game’s going, he’s going to wrongfully assume you want to play too. Then, he’s going to hand you the controller. Next thing you know, you’re shooting zombies (badly) and trying to come up with an excuse to get out of this situation.

Ladies, while it’s great that you appreciate what he’s into, it is not necessary to get all hyped up about it. Sure, you can ask him what the score was…when he brings it up, but you definitely don’t want to ask about his video game every time you see him, and you don’t want to spend hours watching him play (he’ll think you’re studying his moves so you can get a high score when it’s your turn). Be casually interested in his boy games, just don’t be overly excited.

#2 You Wear a Jersey

If you’re wearing a Steeler’s jersey and cooking wings and nachos in preparations for the big day, then there’s a chance your guy thinks you, too, are a sports fan. Don’t mislead him if you aren’t. Men take their sports seriously, so it’s best to show casual interest (“Oh, there’s a game today? Awesome! I hope the Steeler’s win, baby, I’m going to the mall. Kiss!”)

#3 You Read 50 Shades of Grey


If you don’t want your guy mislead into thinking you’re into kinky sex, then don’t let him see you reading what’s globally known as kinky erotica. Seriously, men have no filter in their brains when it comes to erotic novels, they automatically assume you’re reading whips and chains and they definitely don’t understand there’s a plot to the books. Hide it and read it on the bus if you aren’t into anything more than missionary sex, because reading about kinky sex will make him think you want to play games in the bedroom.

#4 You Went With Him Once and Loved It

Did your man take you camping and you pretended to love every second of fishing and peeing in the woods? Did he take you hunting and you came home proudly displaying the rabbit he killed? If so, then you might have mislead him into thinking you’re into the great outdoors.

Anytime a guy takes you somewhere, and you joyfully brag about it and tell him how cool it was, then he’s going to take you again. Do you know why? Because he wants to share it with you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten stuck playing nerd games, hiking, or at the bar playing pool with a guy because I over-exaggerated the first time we went. Trust me, if it isn’t your thing, then the best thing to do is thank him, say you had a good time but you weren’t comfortable with all the bugs, beer, dead animals, etc. He’ll hesitate to take you next time.

#5 You Never Tell Him No

woman no

No matter what the situation is, ladies, if you never tell him “no”, then he’s going to assume it’s okay. Men do not read between the lines. They don’t understand when you heave a sigh and roll your eyes that you’re annoyed at his behavior. Guys have to actually be told “no” in order to stop their behavior.

If he takes you out partying every weekend and you hate it, but you don’t complain, then he’s going to think you’re into drinking and partying. On the other hand, if he goes out every weekend with the guys, and you never tell him you would rather he spend a weekend with you, then he’s going to continue to go out with the guys. Don’t be a “yes” girl, you have to speak your mind.

#6 You Encourage His Behavior

If you tell your guy to go out and have a good time with his friends, or you tell him it’s okay of he had lunch with his ex-girlfriend, then you’re only encouraging his behavior and that will mislead to think you are into his friends or are not at all the jealous type.

Sure, you might not be the jealous type, but what woman wants her guy being a friend to his ex (or the cute single girl he works with)? You might not mind if he goes out with the guys once in a while, but what about his no good loser friend who always bums money from him and eats all your food? Do you really want to encourage him to hang out with that guy?

#7 You Said You Had a Great Time

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On the other hand, ladies, if you lie to your guy and say you had a great time, then he’s going to assume you want to do it again. Why wouldn’t he? If he told you he loved shoe shopping, wouldn’t you assume it’s okay to take him every week to the mall?

Don’t exaggerate, and don’t lie to your guy. Be honest about your likes and dislikes so you don’t mislead him into thinking you’re into something he loves but you don’t. It really is okay to have outside interests in a relationship, and you want him to love you for you (not the fake you).

So tell me, is there something you pretend to love for your man?

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