5 Creative Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

If you want to inject some lust into your relationship and tighten your bond, use these 5 creative ways to surprise your boyfriend.

Why is it important to surprise your boyfriend?

There are some relationships which always stay fresh, and the couple always seem as into each other as they were when they first got together. Ever wondered how these sorts of couples do it? It’s easy! These couples make an effort to keep the spice going in their relationships by always thinking outside of the box and adding splashed of spontaneity here and there – a last minute trip to the seaside at the weekend, or a surprise bubble-bath in the evening after work!

It is these little things, which maintain the intimate connection between them because they both know that they are thinking about each other.

Doing new things together and sharing experiences also makes them feel exactly like they did when they first started dating – giddy, excited, anticipating fun-times – all because they don’t know what to expect from their mini adventures.

How to keep the fire alive in your own relationship

There are many ways you can keep the fire burning in your relationship, and it doesn’t all have to revolve around the bedroom. Sometimes doing the ordinary and mundane things in life, but adding an injection of fun and unpredictability in with the familiar can make you both feel good and bring you closer together. So we have come up with 5 creative ways in which you can surprise your boyfriend and strengthen your bond…

#1 Initiate a food fight

pie in face

Okay, so it might seem a little bit juvenile, and there’s no guarantee he will find it amusing, some people are too stuffy to appreciate a messy bit of rough and tumble, but if you’ve got a laid-back boyfriend, and you’re both at home in your slacks, then why not eye him across the kitchen table with a cheeky glint in you eye and tease him by bending back your ice-cream loaded spoon? He will probably give you a look of  warning that says don’t you dare, that’s when you should lob it at him and dive for cover!

It’s going to be the last thing on earth he is expecting, and it is certainly a creative way to surprise him, have a good laugh, get a little bit messy and have a shower together afterwards.

#2 Warm his T-shirt on the radiator for him

Do something small and unpredictable to show your boyfriend that you care, like pop his T-shirt on the radiator on a cold winter morning before he gets up to get dressed. If you don’t mention it to him, and then let him discover it, he will instantly fall in love with you that little bit more! Everyone appreciates finding out they have a partner who is thinking about them first thing in the morning. It’s soppy, but true.

#3 Three sneaky little ways to show you’re always up for a bit of mischief

A guy will think he has died and gone to heaven once he discovers his girlfriend is a cheeky little minx. It’s every guy’s dream. Try one of these ideas to express the cheeky side of your personality…

  • When you are out together on a daytrip, towards the end of the day when you are heading back home, tell your boyfriend that you’ve been walking around all day with no knickers on! He won’t be able to wait to get you back, and the train journey home should be interesting!
  • Pinch his bum when he is least expecting it – Most effective when done in a public place with a poker face on. Ignore his reaction and then when he is least expecting it, do it again, this time with a sexy glint in your eye!
  • Tell him your cooking dinner in five minutes and to meet you in the kitchen. Then turn up wearing nothing but a frilly apron!

#4 Secretly book a hotel room for the night

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to spend a night in a swanky hotel!

Don’t tell him about the booking though, instead go for a relaxing stroll together, and then as you are passing the hotel mention that they have a wonderful roof terrace bar, and that you’d love to check it out! If you checked in earlier then you should already have the key to the room in your pocket, so while he thinks you’re both heading up to the roof, really you’ll be heading to your suite!

Surprises like this that are pre-planned and totally out of the ordinary will blow his mind!

Make sure you pack a couple of toothbrushes and a change of clothes for the morning, especially if either of you are going to work, and drop them off to the room beforehand.

#5 Random gifts are always a great surprise…

love letter

… but the real surprise is in how you deliver those gifts!

Get the best effect by popping his favourite bar of chocolate in his pocket without him know so that he finds it later just when he is starting to feel a bit peckish. Or write him a sexy love letter and slip it into his briefcase with a spray of your perfume. You could buy him a new aftershave and leave it in the bathroom cabinet for him to discover, or really go to town and create a treasure map marking all the places you have hidden his surprise random gifts with an X!

Share your own creative ideas…

Are you good at surprising your boyfriend? Or maybe he is good at surprising you? Inspire us with your spontaneous love stories in the comments section below!

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I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • i had once collected all good moments in the firm of pictures to form a collage , customizedca

  • once I surprised him by collecting moments from our lives in form of pictures to form a collage , a customized mug and a calender

  • I made a treasure hunt for my man last weekend and he loved it. I found this site called and followed the instructions online. I made up 5 very steamy videos with some pictures and some live action. By the time he found all the posts he could barely contain himself!!!
    I can’t wait until the weekend to try it again!