Winter Date Ideas – How To Have A Magical Winter

Use this ultimate winter date ideas list with your special man and enjoy a winter wonderland. We'll show you how to keep things exciting, romantic and fun!

Enjoy the winter time and all it has to offer you and your lovely man. Take advantage of the winter season and all the perks it provides you with, by following our ultimate bucket list of winter date ideas.

By checking off all these date ideas off of the ultimate winter date bucket list, you will be guaranteed to have the best, most magical winter with your special someone.

After all, winter is a time for fun, romance, and wildly epic moments and memories (but don’t forget, you can always make that occur in every season).

Share A Hot Drink

Couple drinking hot cocoa

This item on the bucket list is a classic and timeless one. Everyone loves to curl up and cuddle with their special someone on a cold winter day with a hot drink.

This could be a hot glass of apple cider, tea, coffee, or even a pumpkin spice latte. There is something that is timeless about hot drinks in the winter, and it is also very romantic when you do this with your partner.

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a hot drink next to the fireplace in winter. Here are some hot drink recipes to take you through fall and winter!


There is something magical, satisfying, and romantic about going on a big adventurous hike with your partner. There is this vibe of accomplishment that you both feel, and also share in together.

Plus, you both get to be a team by carrying any gear, food, or water together. Not to mention the emotional bonding hiking provides as you both support and help each other out on your nature walk.

For those less adventurous, you can go for a romantic walk through a park and if you’re lucky, enjoy the snow. Additionally, the magical winter colors will be sure to blow you both away as you enjoy the cool crisp air.


Couple enjoying outdoor jacuzzi

Yes, going for a swim in an indoor pool while it is snowing outside is such a magical experience. And if you’re lucky to find a super warm outdoor pool, then your date will be most amazing ever.

Imagine it, you and your special someone going for a dip in some warm water in your bathing suits…..(or skinny dipping). Either way, both of those options are tons of fun and are very memorable and sexy.

After you both jump in, you hold each other, kiss, and wrap your legs around your partner. Hold them close, talk, laugh and enjoy the moment.

Road Trip

Plan an epic road trip with your partner and set out for a weekend on the road stopping off at places you both want to explore and see. Make it the ultimate road trip with great snacks, locations, views, music, conversation, and romance.

As well, don’t forget to make it amazing by doing different activities with your partner while you experience the beauty of winter in nature or cities.

Amusement Parks

Couple having fun at a amusement park

Roller coasters, teacup rides, pirate ships, merry go rounds, go-carts, twister rides, and so much more. Not only are all of these activities fun when you do them on your own or with friends, but with your boyfriend or girlfriend, they will be even better and romantic!

You and your partner will bond, laugh, scream, and enjoy the atmosphere and fun that the winter time and Christmas can provide.

Ice skating

What better way to enjoy winter than to go ice skating? It can be so romantic, especially in the evening when they turn on all those beautiful Christmas lights.

Doesn’t matter if you two are not that skilled on ice. You can hold onto each other, or skate while holding each other’s hand. This date idea is very romantic and it can really put you in a holiday mood.

Snowball Fight

Building a snowman or even having a snowball fight can be so fun. Snow falling? Take advantage of this and go outside to join in a traditional snowball fight. Make it a contest. The winner gets a special request granted.


Couple enjoying cozy movie night

For this item on the ultimate winter date bucket list, there are different ways to check this one off.

The first way is to do a movie marathon together. For this option, you and your partner would chill out in pajamas while curling up all day cuddling together with snacks and a massive movie series. This way, you will be warm and comfy on a very cool and chilly day.

The other way to do this item on the list is to go to the movie theaters and make a night of it. You can share popcorn, enjoy seeing the film on the big screen, and can curl up together.

No matter which option you do, you will both have fun and will have plenty of opportunities to fool around and get frisky while also bonding.

Fire Pits

Curl up while looking at the stars with your partner. Make your own campfire, or just use a fire pit. Either way, there is something so romantic about just sitting by the fire with the person you love.

If you want, you can even go ahead and roast some marshmallows, make smores, cook some hot dogs, or even pop some popcorn. This is a perfect way to stay warm and enjoy a nice winter night.

Enjoy the winter, enjoy each other, and also be sure to complete the ultimate winter date bucket list. If you can think of anything else to add to this winter date bucket list, feel free to suggest it!

Take a look at more fun winter activities you must do with your man.

Dress to Impress

During the winter, you and your significant other might be scrambling for date ideas to keep the romance alive, but the cold temperatures might be keeping them at bay.

One way to keep the fire going is with your outfits! Whether you’re going for a hot date or a warm night in, these winter date outfits will keep your romance hot.

Of course, when looking at winter clothes that will make him sweat, it is also very important to realize that it’s not only the clothes, it’s also the person who is wearing them. Your man should be interested in you even if you weren’t wearing any sexy clothes.

Enjoy with your guy and tell us more about great winter  date ideas.


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