8 Secret Insecurities That Your Man May Have

You would think that girls are the only ones who have problems with their body, simply because we’re just so much more vocal about it, but that is definitely not true! Men have insecurities too. Usually, secret ones!

Don’t think that you’re the only one checking yourself out in the mirror thinking “Hmm… Something’s not quite right here.” Your guy is probably doing the same thing, just as often. Everybody faces certain body issues, no matter what gender, especially these days when standards for beauty are so high up with the seemingly perfect celebrities we see in the media. So, just as you’re wishing that J Lo bum, and Gisele’s long legs, he’s probably checking out some guys’ abs and comparing them to his.

Secret Insecurity No. 1: His Love Carpet

man showing his chest hair

The “love carpet,” and basically any excess hair they might have, no matter where on their body, sure gives lots of guys a headache! They know it’s not appealing! Just imagine having to deal with the awkward stares when at the beach or at the pool! It can’t be pleasant, even if they aren’t self-aware about it. Lots of metrosexuals these days even chose to go through the excruciating pain of getting their legs waxed, just imagine what the poor men with chest or back hair have to go through!

If your guy is struggling with some extra fuzz here and there don’t make it even worse by gawking at it yourself. Either show him you don’t have a problem with it by saying you find it masculine or something, or help him find a way to get rid of it if he’s willing to do so. These days there are so many options when it comes to hair removal.

Secret Insecurity No. 2: His Height

Short men are at disadvantage with most girls’ right from the start, and the worst thing is that there is really nothing to do about it (unless they’re so desperate to gain a couple of inches that they would undergo a painful surgery). It’s probably extra difficult to even grow up being a little nugget.  Kids can be mean and teasing is inevitable, so being self-conscious about his height is something that he’s been dealing with since forever. And it doesn’t get better.

Imagine how much more confidence it takes for all the short guys out there to come up and try to talk to a taller lady, when everybody knows that almost every girl listing qualities she likes in a man usually starts with ‘tall!’. Still, you know what they say guys who lack in height usually know how to compensate for it in many other ways!

Secret Insecurity No. 3: His Hair

Okay, most men take their hair for granted. Until, they become aware that at some point it’s not all going to be there, and they all start dreading all the phases leading up to that moment. Bring up the subject of hair loss and see your man get extremely touchy, especially if his father is now balding at the speed of light. It’s not that nice to look at the old man and see your future hair-wise.

So don’t torture them with it, don’t look at his receding hair line with that look on your face, he knows it’s happening. Instead, why not make it easier on him – say you like how tough he looks when he has a buzz cut!

Secret Insecurity No. 4: His Abs

He gets all the girls go nuts over a juicy six pack, and obviously wants to be that guy with the killer abs! That’s why he hits the gym all the time! He wants to feel like a Greek God when he takes that T-shirt off at the beach. But getting there in the gym is one thing and getting comfortable in our own skin is another – guys obsess about their abs, just as much as we obsess about cellulite, or stretch marks! That should give you an idea of how much of an issue it is for them. Spare them the sight of you drooling over Chaning Tatum’s hot body, it’s kind of a slap in the face, since, you know, he’s probably never gonna get there.

Secret Insecurity No. 5: His Facial Hair

man shaving his beard

When it comes to facial hair it’s never quite enough what they have. This one goes back to their teen years when they desperately tried to grow just about anything on their face, but more often couldn’t. This problem remained the same in the later years of their lives for many of those men. The lack of facial hair stayed a huge thorn in their eyes. If they only knew how much most of us girls appreciate a nice clean shave maybe they’d give it a rest already.

Secret Insecurity No. 6: His Weight

It’s tough to find a happy medium between too thin and too buff. A little excess fat on their belly can make them wear a T-Shirt on the beach for as long as it’s there. Keeping fit is not easy and don’t they know it? If he stops with the work-out program for a couple of weeks he’ll start seeing his body start to sag. You or anyone else probably won’t see any change so quickly, but he will. And he will be insecure about it. Besides, a muffin top looks disastrous no matter the gender.

Secret Insecurity No. 7: The General

guy holding cucumbers

I mean, his penis. Most men are insecure about it no matter the size, the length, the girth… Even though everybody generally agrees it’s all about the performance it’s still a huge body issue for most men. The fact that they compare it with one another, in the gym showers for example, definitely doesn’t help, and checking out some other guys gear can be pretty stressing depending on what you’ve got to work with.

Secret Insecurity No. 8: Money

businessman taking cash from atm machine

Or lack thereof to be more exact. This one is the only one that doesn’t have anything to do with his looks, but it’s a major insecurity to all those men who are still struggling financially. You can’t blame them, money has become a huge factor in the male-female game. Although I can personally claim I could care less whether he’s got it or not, I’d also bet that many girls do put money in the attraction equation. Without it he feels like his game is substantially slimmer, and so his score.

So, to conclude – next time you see a cocky stud doing his thing, try and look beneath the surface, some of these could be torturing him as well. The thing is, we’re all human, we’re imperfect, and we all wish we could be more than we are. The cure for any of these really isn’t working out harder, getting a hair transplant or whatever, but accepting yourself for who you are inside and out, so others can accept you too.

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