Do Opposites Attract? 10 Reasons Why We Say Yes!

There have been many studies done to solve the age-old question: Do opposites attract? Here are 10 reasons why we think that opposites really DO attract.

You may have found yourself in relationship after relationship with individuals who dress similarly, nearly act the same, and even have similar looks.

Maybe you’ve made it a point to look for someone just like you so you know exactly what you’re getting. The question is: how well has it worked for you so far?

Chances are, probably not very well. You come to the point to ask yourself: do opposites attract? It may seem like one big disaster to even go there, but if you dig a little deeper and evaluate why it can possibly work, you’ll see it all makes perfect sense.

Do opposites attract? We’ve come up with 10 highly motivation points as to why you should give it a go. Who knows, you may even find yourself so infatuated with your polar opposite that you never have to ask yourself this question again!

1. They add a special kind of value to your life

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It’s highly impossible to be great at everything we try. You may be one of those people who surely seem to do everything well, but we can guarantee that there will be a few aspects of your life that could do with some improving.

Things that you may not even be able to fulfill. The good news is, it’s okay. There’s a reason why we’re all a little bit different. There’s surely a reason why you will find individuals who are the complete opposite of you.

By dating someone who different, you open the doors for that person to compliment you in ways that you perhaps need. They’ll complement your weaknesses and add a special kind of value to your life that only someone who’s different from you can. Do opposites attract? We like to think so.

2. You’ll avoid getting bored relatively soon

Dating someone who’s exactly like you will give you a heap of security, but you’ll find yourself getting bored after a while. It’s similar to dating someone who knows exactly what you like, when you like it, and for how long.

It makes things extremely convenient due to the fact that you never have to teach them anything, but the boredom factor will kick in soon.

Besides, love isn’t supposed to be boring. I’m sure you don’t want to be like one of those couples who fit each other like a glove in a negative kind of way. You’ve seen them. They’re bored to death with each other, but they’ve been together for so long that breaking up really isn’t an option.

3. They can make us who we’ve always wanted to be

Perhaps you want to become more of an outgoing person, but you need the motivation to get dressed on a Friday evening – in anything but your pajamas!

Naturally, we are more attracted to individuals who represent qualities we, ourselves, wish we had more of. Similar to having someone’s ‘vibe’ rub off on you, being attracted to someone with opposite qualities happens naturally. Be careful, though, not to attract those who will suck the life out of you. They also exist.

4. It has a lot to do with protecting your genes

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If we had to speak in primal terms, being attracted to someone with opposite qualities has a lot to do with your genetics and the preservation thereof.

Chemically, your brain can spot someone who’s different to you before you even know what’s going on. There’s a reason why you can rarely smell your own scent – unless you try really hard and have a really bad odor.

In short, it protects you from dating someone who may have similar genes to you, which can cause all types of health problems if you were to conceive. So if you want to ensure the health and well-being of future generations, find someone who’s your polar opposite. It helps.

5. You’ll learn to communicate more effectively

Individuals who are wired different tend to communicate in different ways. Depending on how your brain works and how you grew up, you may find yourself dating someone who has poor communication skills while it’s your most favorite thing to do.

This difference will teach you to communicate in different ways, with practice of course. If communication isn’t your strong point, this will provide a great incentive to make learning part of your daily life.

Remember, being able to communicate with your partner is an important factor in the success of your relationship. It can make or break what you’ve built.

6. Becoming more sympathetic will play a role

Do opposites attract? It’s a great time to find out if you plan on becoming more sympathetic. You’ll be able to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – instead of trying on your own on a daily basis.

It gives you a better understanding of how to deal with certain individuals without thinking they’re not as ‘special’ as you. Sympathy will get you far in life, so why not start by dating someone who’s your opposite.

7. They add excitement to our lives

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Whether you want to admit it or not, we all want excitement in our relationships. What better way to get that than by dating someone’s who’s different to what you would normally expect. However, there’s a healthy level of excitement and a very dangerous aspect that can easily be confused.

Date anyone who helps you grow by introducing new aspects to your life. Stay away from anyone who constantly has you on edge. They’re both exciting, but only one is beneficial to your life.

8. You’ll find yourself fighting less

Have you ever been in a relationship where you fight so often due to your similarities? Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a bond between mother and daughter, being the same is never a good thing – especially if you want to create a healthy experience. It may seem frightening to date someone who’s different, but you’ll find yourself fighting less over big things.

Sure, you fight about little, idiotic things that are easily solvable by talking it out, but you’ll avoid those major issues which require a therapist.

9. Patience will become second nature

There will be times when you need to be patient with your better half. If you’re used to dating someone just like you, you most likely have never had to maintain this level of care in a relationship before.

Don’t worry. It’s a good thing. It’ll teach you to appreciate the smaller things in life and avoid rushing. We’re all so busy trying to rush through life that we forget to smell the roses.

Don’t be afraid to smell the roses with someone.

10. You’ll have a better understand of others

By combining all of the above-mentioned aspects of dating someone who’s the complete opposite of you, you’ll find yourself having a better understanding of other people around you.

You’ll have more patience, more empathy, sympathy, and even better communication skills. You’ll even be protecting your genes. So as far as growth is concerned, finding out if opposites do attract is all worth it in the end.

Truth is, no one wants to be alone or with someone who doesn’t add a spark to your life. It doesn’t have to be anything major or life-altering. Just someone who can justify the question: do opposites attract?

At the end of the day, the ultimate answer remains within you – whether you’re more comfortable with someone who doesn’t surprise you, or who adds daily excitement to your life.

Regardless of who you end up with, the most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that love and respect need to be the two main driving forces in your relationship. Without those, you may as well stay away from anyone else and date yourself for a while.

What do you think? Do opposites really attract?

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