How To Save A Relationship And Bring The Spark Back

Are you in a relationship that might need some saving? Relationships are far from perfect but every once in awhile it’s time for a check up.

Want to find new ways of communicating with your partner that will help strengthen the relationship and keep it going strong? Look no further, you can be your own relationship guru and figure out the dos and don’ts and find out if your relationship is really worth saving.

Relationships these days start really fast with all of the technology at our fingertips. A single guy or gal could log into Tinder or Bumble and right away have multiple options.

With so many options one could easily find themselves in a relationship. Well just as fast as that relationship starts to bloom it could also fade away without the proper communication, love, and respect. When it comes to saving a relationship it’s important for one to look on the inside of out and focus on what is really important.

Once you have passed the honeymoon period and the veil is off is when some people start to have some issues in relationships. Flaws, quirks, communication difficulties, and life tend to get in the way of the picture romance.

When looking back at all of your instas and facebook posts you smile at all the fond memories you have created. But many relationships fail not because the people in them aren’t right for each other, but because they fail to put in the effort.

Remember how you put so much energy in the beginning? How you dressed up and tried. Well, ladies, if you know this is the guy you want to be with for the rest of your days, then a little effort needs to be put in place. So… how? How to save a relationship that is heading south?

How do you keep the two of you together when things are already starting to fall apart? The answer isn’t so simple but the only thing you need to do to give your relationship a chance of making it is this: You need to try. You need to try to make it work by being honest, genuine and give all you gotta make it work. It’s really that simple.

Are the reasons you’re together worth saving?

how to save a relationship

Go back to the infancy of your relationship and ask yourself: What is it about this person that I liked? What made it so they made smile, laugh, dance, swoon.

What drew me in? What about their personality did I find enjoyable? What about them physically made them so darn cute. What made them so amazing? And are they still?

Going over the reasons you came together reminds you of the reasons to stay together, and this strengthens your already-existing foundation.

Remember how that person made you feel. Ask them how they made you feel. It’s such a nice thing to bring up all of the things that made both of you fall in love with each other in the first place.

When you talk to your partner about this ask them what they think is important to work on, honesty is important, try to be open to constructive criticism and self-improvement.

If you say things in a nice helpful way it will make it so your partner isn’t thinking they’re being attacked, but more that you love them and want to work on the relationship. It really will get you far and start a new path and a new way of communicating for the relationship.

The main way to save your relationship – communicate

how to save a relationship

Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to communicate? The right way is asking your partner a relevant question, listening to their response, then offering your opinion.

The wrong way is overwhelming your partner with your anger, fear, and opinion soon as they walk in from a particularly long workday. When couples engage in this kind of behavior towards each other one of them will feel upset and will normally shut down.

It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it’s just that you aren’t understanding each other the right way. That’s where communication comes into play and can truly save your relationship.

If you’re looking to practice effective speech try talking to your partner about something they find interesting. Try to ask them questions that matter to them.

Once you’ve listened to what they have to say, offer your side of the story and viola! Communication at its best. Try to stay away from heavy conversations in stressful times, and especially in the heat of emotion, this always is difficult because your loved one is already stressed.

When a stressful time like this occurs take a break, and breath, and talk about it at another time when it’s more peaceful.

Want to save the future? Cherish old memories

how to save a relationship

In high school, I used to make scrapbooks of my boyfriend and I. It was nice to have a visual memory of all of the things we used to do together. Today we have Facebook and social media to look back at the past.

One way of getting to heart flowing is to look at old memories that are visual. Looking at them together couple is a fun way for you both to share a laugh and reconnect to some old memories.

When was the last time you did something special together? Life has a tendency to get in the way. When this happens couples tend to just go with the routine and do their own thing.

Some couples might even live together and have separate Netflix accounts. Even though having your own interests is important it’s also important to spend quality time together.

If you want to save your relationship, perhaps you two have a favorite restaurant you haven’t visited in ages, or you can even go back to the place where you first fell in love.

Those strong memories are part of what bond you together. When you’re in a physical space where you have powerful memories of strong attachment can reignite passion.

Another tip is to try something new! The excitement of something new produces serotonin and dopamine in our brains. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary; even going on a walk and holding hands is a new adventure and it creates a safe space and a new memory.

The important thing is that you stop talking about all the things you could do together and be present minded and focused on what you and your partner can do right now.

In the end, if it’s worth saving, you will do your best to save it

how to save a relationship

While it’s important to never remain in a relationship that jeopardizes our well-being, all relationships will require our earnest effort and compliance with our partner’s needs.

If you think that your relationship is unhealthy and you’re experiencing things that you think are disturbing your overall wellness, it’s important to seek help with a professional.

Not giving up on someone and trying our very best to make it work are honorable tasks to undertake. If you want to save your relationship because you love them and want to make it work try these tips and watch the romance rekindle before your eyes.

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